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Visual journalist, loather of heavily altered imagery. I just want to tell the good stories. EAW XXX.
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Been working a lot more with video than photo lately and this is me trying to figure out how to share work like that. It’s a frumpy process, but I guess it’s something. Here’s a clip from this last weekend when a few of us went camping out in Two Harbors, one of the Catalina islands, for @bondchelseabond’s belated b-day. 
I was just having fun with the flag and the bridge when this kid came and put his hand in the flag and I really enjoyed the moment of him feeling the energy of the wind through the movement of the flag.
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Busy life times. Been doing a lot of work that I can’t immediately share, and a fair amount of video work that I can’t figure out how to fit into my Instagram because I’m technologically impaired. Here’s a fun frame from last week when I spent the week in San Francisco working for Time Out and then on The Tattooed Gentleman documentary. 
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While covering the Limits Digital Art Battles for my client, I played with double exposures in a couple different ways as I tried to break up what otherwise became really redundant imagery. In making double exposures like this, I was thinking of those versus posters from sports of two competitors with their fists up at each other.

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Artist Quincy Sutton prepares his tablet for his upcoming match during the Limits Digital Art Battles 2018 World Grand Prix in Santa Monica, CA. Artists competed against against each other in 20 minute sketching bouts for a free trip to Japan to compete in the championship there.

Justin L. Stewart, All rights reserved ©2018  #JLSPhotoJ #Documentary #NoFilter #NikonD800 #EventPhotography #Esports #Art
I photographed a cool e-sport here in Los Angeles the other weekend called Digital Art Battles. My client was the Japanese startup trying to bring what’s apparently a large sport in Japan here to the states. 
The actual photographing got a bit repetitive after a few rounds of the tournament. People sitting in the same chairs, looking up at the large screen and down at their tablet. So, I decided to have some fun. I’d get my shots, and then I’d play with double exposures, putting the artists work beside them in a portrait so you could see what they were making. I haven’t played with digital multiple exposures a lot, and it’s definitely not something I’d regularly do, but having a client like this and static subjects like this gave me room to experiment and play - and that’s what makes this creative career something I love. You’re always learning and there’s always something new to play with.

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Watched one of the California Highway Patrol doing figure eights on his bike as they shutdown CA-90 for a few hours for the Nike Go LA 10K a week or two back. That vibe kind of resonated throughout the day. Here he is escorting the last of the racers, and us photographers, the wrong way off the 90 at the end of the race. Nothing fancy about this photo, but something about it seems to make me happy. 
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Baseball is back and to commemorate that, I put an edit of my World Series coverage for @ESPN from 2017 up on my website! You can find it under the stories section on my website (link on profile). Justin L. Stewart, All rights reserved ©2018

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A photo of a mural in Texas taken last October. Feels increasingly relevant.

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Found a rare #BirdOfParadise in Venice this evening.

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Back in Missouri for two weeks to work on my Tattooed Gentleman project and to beginning the filming portion of his story. Here’s some pixels from today’s work.

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Photographed the Rams for the first time since the team and I both moved to LA in 2016. It also happened to be my first NFL game and the Rams first playoff game since moving back to LA. While I wasn’t hired to focus on the action, I tried to squeeze in sometime for myself, and I tried to make the work something I was happy with. Bummed the Rams didn’t win (and give me more games to photograph). So it goes. 
I think things turned out good, and I’m happy to start of the new year this way. Also had fun testing out my new GH5. Here’s a slimmed down selection of my favorites from the game.

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Long couple of days figuring out this fire coverage work. It can be pretty frustrating and exhausting. I’m a little short on words, but I wanted to share a picture from last night’s work.

Cars drive around Lake Casitas and away from the Thomas Fire as it crests nearby mountains north of Ventura, California Tuesday, December 5, 2017. The Thomas fire has already claimed over 50,000 acres. 
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