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Visual journalist, loather of heavily altered imagery. I just want to tell the good stories. EAW XXX.
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Back in Missouri for two weeks to work on my Tattooed Gentleman project and to beginning the filming portion of his story. Here’s some pixels from today’s work.

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Photographed the Rams for the first time since the team and I both moved to LA in 2016. It also happened to be my first NFL game and the Rams first playoff game since moving back to LA. While I wasn’t hired to focus on the action, I tried to squeeze in sometime for myself, and I tried to make the work something I was happy with. Bummed the Rams didn’t win (and give me more games to photograph). So it goes. 
I think things turned out good, and I’m happy to start of the new year this way. Also had fun testing out my new GH5. Here’s a slimmed down selection of my favorites from the game.

Justin L. Stewart, All rights reserved ©2018
Long couple of days figuring out this fire coverage work. It can be pretty frustrating and exhausting. I’m a little short on words, but I wanted to share a picture from last night’s work.

Cars drive around Lake Casitas and away from the Thomas Fire as it crests nearby mountains north of Ventura, California Tuesday, December 5, 2017. The Thomas fire has already claimed over 50,000 acres. 
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Interesting day exploring my first car expo. Always nice to have some things already commercially lit for you... Was really surprised by all the VR and video games there. Hadn’t expected that. Here’s some of my favorite photos from the day.

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Spending a lot of time lately thinking about how other people are affecting the ways I make images. Pretty exhausted with trying to fit into other people’s visual boxes. I’m over giving other people such a grip on my style. These are my images. This is how I see and shape the world. This is my reality. Time to focus more on making my work fulfilling and appealing to myself. The past two months have really nailed home the fact that I am going to die and if I really want to live, I’ve got to stop looking to others for permission. Just do it. 
Pictured here, a mural on the side of the recently closed Palms Supermarket, slated to be demolished.

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Amilcar Bonilla, 41, wears a hat during the 6th game of the 2017 #WorldSeries with a pin from every @dodgers game he has attended that's given out pins. He attended his first game at the age of 15. The Dodgers beat the Houston Astros 3-1 in the 6th game, extending the series to seven games.

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An exhausting and crazy ride photographing the World Series in Los Angeles. Work days ending just before the sun came up and frantic notes and photographs trying not to miss moments. Hard to believe I got the opportunity to photograph a World Series for @espn. Can’t thank @kylegrillot enough for bringing me on to the assignment to assist.  Los Angeles Dodgers fans silently sit in their seats while others move to leave the stadium after the final out of the 9th inning. The Houston Astros beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 during the seventh game of the 2017 World Series to clinch the title of World Champions. 
Justin L. Stewart for @ESPN, All rights reserved ©2017

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There’s so much to unpack from this month mentally, but that’s for another time. I feel beyond lucky to have been asked to assist my friend @kylegrillot at the World Series the past couple days here in LA. It’s an opportunity I was blindsided by and still can’t quite wrap my head around. Let’s hope they stretch it to 7 games so I can sneak in a couple more opportunities...

Valente Quintero, 36, poses for a portrait before the start of the opening game of the 2017 World Series. He said he was sitting in the top deck of Dodger Stadium when Kirk Gibson hit the winning home run in the ninth inning of Game 1 of the 1988 Series. Justin L. Stewart for @espn 
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One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four... to rock and roll? Worked my first bid night ever last night. Needless to say, it was an experience. Thankful for all the hyped and crazy kids who, for the most part, cooperated with the work I had to do. It was a bit of a cat herding game at times.

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Cherry tomatoes are skewered onto toothpicks on a roast pig during a 4th of July celebration at Kentucky Lake in Kentucky, July 3, 2017. 
More photos from the roast and holiday up on the blog (justinstewartphotography.blogspot.com)

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The photo that ran in print for my @wsj assignment last week:
Nazneen Nathani, does her Zuhr prayer while at the Accenture office in El Segundo, CA Monday, July 17, 2017. Nathani has worked for the company for the last 14 years, the last two of which it has had the quiet room where employees may pray, relax, or breastfeed, amongst other things. Nathani said she was overwhelmed with gratitude the first time she used the space, both for the company giving workers such a space and for the colleagues who worked to attain the room.

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As often as not, I get really controlled video assignments that don't allow me to test myself creatively with how I'm filming. When I get those, I always stretch the opportunity and photograph for myself. Yesterday was one of those opportunities.

@floydmayweather wears a hat with the number 48 on it, representing the biggest fight of his career, and 48th fight, versus Manny Pacquiao, where Mayweather won and took home a $300 million from the fight. Talking to media after the first of four press conference before his fight against MMA fighter @thenotoriousmma, Mayweather spoke about adding a hat to celebrate a 50th win after August's fight.

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