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Unique jewelries in sterling silver and 18k gold with a touch of sea and nature and handmade from the heart. 🌎 SHIPPING! Delivery time 10-30 days.


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☆AMY☆ lavender and drop amethyst in 18k gold. Very easy to fall in love with on a Wednesday morning. Also available in silver. Have a great solig dag everyone! 💜
☆LILITH AMULET☆ in silver, also available in gold! A seven days a week favourite! More new pictures are going into the shop today along with new rings so keep your eyes open! Have a great Monday friends! ♀️💕
☆THE COLOURS☆ tonight on öjn. 💙💕💙
☆NEW RINGS☆ is on their way to the shop! And the fun part is that you can mix those tiny rings and turn them into a big ring! Rings that gives you several options are the best rings if you ask me. (And yes, a ring with a stone is going in between these two!) 💍
☆FRIDAY☆ and a KRISTINA VICTORY necklace for my brother and sister in law who is running a marathon in Berlin this weekend! Tjoho! 💪 (Me = 🙄 nä om man skulle ta och plantera om tomatplantorna kanske? Wienerbröd på det?)
☆AQUAMARINE RING☆ in the making. How I love these waterish stones! I have five of them and they capture every color of the sea - from storm to calm.
☆LAST DAY WITH TICTAIL☆ since they are closing their platform at midnight. (NOOOO! I love Tictail! 😭) That means that I, and all of my Tictail colleagues, need to find a new platform for our webshops! So don't be worried if you can't reach my website www.kajsaolbjorns.se for a couple of days now - I'm working as fast as I can and I'm almost there!  Med betoning på almost. 
Meanwhile, you can still shop until you drop helped by the pictures on my Instagram! Find what you like and send your orders to info@kajsaolbjorns.se and I will help you from there! 
Och så vill jag passa på att tacka sommartid som valde att infalla på samma sista dag som Tictail stänger ner vilket ger mig en timme mindre att hinna klart på. Tack.
☆TWO LILITH SQUARE ROUND☆ Thursday morning and two cups of coffee will hopefully jumpstart this day! 👊
☆LILITH TINY☆ earrings and necklace in silver. Also available in 18k gold and one of my absolute every day favorites! ♀️
☆SAVANNA SILVER☆ is in the shop for all of you turquoise lovers out there! I'm obsessed with these beautys at the moment and have a pile of stones on the working bench that are going to be lovelylovelylovely new jewelries! 💙 Send me a DM if you are looking for a new ring, earrings or necklace!
☆GOOD MORNING COMBO☆ in a beautiful silver and 18k golden mix with a sparkling orange carnelian in the middle!! I really need this fägring today since I'm going to the dentist to DRA UT MIN VISDOMSTAND! Hjälp. 😱 I'm SO not a dentist person. I'm more like a chips and dip person who loves jewelries.
☆SUPER COMBO☆ with SAVANNA DROP, KRISTINA VICTORY big, KRISTINA VICTORY small and KRISTINA plain. And yes, my friend Kristina is very satisfied with this collection! 👈