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whoever you are, be a good one ▼
documenting moments and moods to watch back when I’m old and wrinkly
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Namastay in Cali a little while longer 🌸
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happy Easter weekend 🌺
chase your dreams, wake up smiling, be who you are while you work on who you want to be, never take a moment for granted, never take your people for granted, realize you are exactly where you need to be and never forget that we’re all out here trying to figure it out and enjoy our lives no matter who we are, where we’re from or what we do. 
Stop your scroll and breathe. 
Here we all are on this giant rock orbiting a fireball in outer space with an ozone layer keeping us all alive and thriving, everything that we do today, no matter how minuscule, is merely a miracle.
ready for a roady 🚘
we’ve got the car stocked with coffee, Khalid on shuffle and the sweetest lil dumpling @bentleynicholson snoozing away in the back seat.
Life is short, reminder to soak and simmer in all the simple things that make your heart swell.
I hope you take a second this morning to breathe. To slow down. To anchor yourself to the simplicity of being.
Life can get fast, fierce and forthcoming and we have everything in us to run wild with the winds of time but to do so mindfully we must first remember why we’re even running in the first place.
☕️☕️☕️ happy Monday, I also hope you’re heavily caffeinated
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current mood: last dance - @stlucia 🎶
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I’ve teamed up with @lululemon to support their new running line, trying on all my favs and sharing my post run yoga flow in today’s bonus Fit Friday ✨ before my day even begins, (consisting mostly of sitting, scrolling and sharing) I try to make a move and break a sweat to do some good for my soul 💦 how do you move? 
@magiclinks #thesweatlife #ad
If you're looking for some ways to get festive & floral while counting down the days until the first heat wave of summer...
Here’s 25 things to do 🌸 Spring edition 
1. Spring Clean 
2. Revamp your look 
3. Buy yourself some flowers 
4. Get some fresh air 
5. Read something new 
6. Listen to new music (I post a new @spotify playlist every Monday✨)
7. Declutter your space 
8. Let go of old habits 
9. Start some healthy new ones 
10. Paint your nails a pastel colour 
11. Bake something new & fresh (note to self: bake coffee cake) 
12. Try a new coffee spot 
13. Go for a bike ride
14. Have a spring photo shoot with friends
15. Hit up the local library to read, write or work 
16. Get brunch (specifically in brunch pants) 
17. Try a new yoga or workout class 
18. Update your skin care routine
19. Make yourself a budget plan for summer 
20. Listen to a guided meditation 
21. Complete one of your long procrastinated tasks 
22. Open up the windows and burn some new soy candles 
23. Buy yourself a spring closet staple (personally obsessed with jackets) 
24. Start a new journal (i.e. dream journal... my dreams have been whack) 
25. Make a summer game plan

How many can you get to before summer 2019?
📸: @arthurtparra
same game new season ✨
these next few days are full of deadlines and crunch times mixed in with a little movement to keep the momentum of flow and focus. 
I find if you split up hour work intervals with a few minutes of stretching, walking, running or even dancing, you’d be surprised at the difference it makes come time to sit back and concentrate. 
Whatever it is you’re working on/going for, a daily dose of “you got this” is being sent your way ☕️
outfit: @lululemon
springs things 🌸
I’ve been MIA this last week with a bunch of behind the scenes things and just so happened to dip into another mini pocket of overwhelm but one quick stroll through a greenhouse full of sweet air mixed with any souls desire of shrubbery and I’m suddenly feeling ready for the calendar full of spring GYSTing and the adventures that await me.
A reminder to never underestimate the power of plants 🌱
📷 : @arthurtparra
Adding some new touches for spring (videos coming very soon)✨ It’s no secret that New York holds a special place in my soul, even more so given it’s my new favourite mini-escape with a certain favourite person of mine.
Where’s your favourite place in the world?
If you head over to @mapiful, you can have it printed and planted on your wall - blooming joy in your place and tying memories to your space 🌸 also you can use KALYN10 for a 10% discount 🖤🖤🖤
ok Monday let’s do this ☕️☕️☕️