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over caffeinated soccer mom to my dog
documenting life via jpg/mp4 so I can watch it back when I’m old & senile
⚡️Toronto, ON


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another day, another coffee ☕️ today’s cafe: @pageone_cafe 
location: Toronto
order: decaf almond milk latte 🖤
review: 5 points for quality almond milk, 3 points for the cute latte design, 5 points for wicked art and cool retro typewriters = 13/10 
I’m having way too much fun with this 📷
eat my dust is the motto for the rest of this week seeing as there’s about a million things to do and minimal moments to do them. 
Pass the french press plz ☕️☕️☕️
*juices once*.
“Yeah, big juice gal now.”
“Forks are so last week”
“I got my juicer in the trunk.”
“Want fresh pressed mimosas?”
my life cleanse coffee chronicle vlog is now LIVE 🌿
digging the fact that the trees have leaves again and I can leave my apartment without a freaking parka!! 🍃
I feel like bra tops are becoming my summer obsession seeing as they’re both cute annnnd spicy - two of my fav things 🌶
currently wearing: @lasenza 
#LSZsexy #lasenza #ad
he didn’t offer to pay, but lucky for me he’s a cheap date 🍿
one thing I know for sure - there ain’t nothing a little sunshine, fresh orange juice and a coffee can’t fix ☀️
Between stretching and snacking with you guys in one week to channeling dreamy Carson & Grey vibes as I paint in the finishing colours to Catcher, this summer is kicking off with a very soothing boom 🌸
this is very contradicting to my current juice cleanse but a motto I strongly stand by 🍦
A life update vlog went live kicking off a new series on my channel.  As my life continues to be strung together by cups of coffee (and now juice), the coffee chronicles are going to be the newest and truest glance inside the life of a city gal with a hippie soul and her 5lb puppy.
Let the adventures begin 📷
“where the sun will boldly bear down its blaze upon a given philosophical subject – the moon softly enfolds our attention – illumining our psyche in a gossamer glow that is more open to esoteric impressions.” 🌿 
adopted a new leafy friend, meet Luna 🌙
this is giving me some serious Italy wanderlust... just sayin’✈️ Should I make my next blog post recipe sweet or savoury? 🍕
P.S a new video and a new Coffee Talk episode are out, happiest of Monday’s to you
happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there (fur baby mamas included) 🌸 
If I’m this obsessed with my dog, I truly fear for my future children.
one of my old childhood besties made fun of me for wearing high waist jeans that went up to my belly button and sat on my waist like a comfortable Sunday afternoon, baggy tshirt all tucked inside . 
little did she know I was just 10 years ahead of the times, k👖
swipe to see my next fashion prediction 🌻
we decided within an hour of hanging out that we’re doing a Chicago summer road trip so we can get some authentic deep dish 🍕
talking all things pizza and summer plans in today’s blog post - from my fav vegan recipes (classic pepperoni + sun dried tomato & “chicken”) to rosé and road trips ☀️