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over caffeinated soccer mom to my dog
documenting life via pixels so I can watch it back when I’m old & senile
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alright, I held out longer than usual this year but I’m officially ready for crisp weather and thick knits damnit. 
throwing it way back to my old school blog posts while I start out the beginning seedlings of #youtober2018 🎃⚡️🧡🌻🖤🍂.
I’m also now thinking of bringing this style of posts back to the blog, hand up if you remember them 🖖🏼
officially moving into a little dream home/loft on the water with my fellow Bach Monday, wine Wednesday, and simmer Sunday sister 🖤🖤🖤 @larissa_newberry .
invitations to our Friendsgiving dinners and Halloween parties will be making their rounds in due time but until then PREPARE FOR MOVING AND DECORATING VLOGS ⚡️
this weekend my book is getting delivered, I’m celebrating the solar eclipse/new moon over cocktails in true fashion and I plan on prancing my way back and forth through the Toronto vegan festival - stuffing my face in tow🌙.
Would you like a vlog of all of the above?
snapped by the very talented @iamtongue 📷
Catcher • available for print and ebook ⚡️.
••• When a boy with grey eyes tells you it’s not your time to die, do you listen? Ever since the day her baby brother Axel died, Carson has been dreaming of the same boy—the one who told her it wasn’t her time to go when her family’s lift crashed through a bridge railing and sank to the bottom of a river, shattering her life forever. Trapped by the new divide between her and her parents, and by their drastic measures to shelter the only child they have left, Carson escapes into her dreams every night, floating among the clouds with the grey-eyed boy who saved her. Until her eighteenth birthday—when fate sends her family home up in flames, leaving her waking world flipped upside down. Suddenly, Carson finds herself on the other side of the country in the big city of Terigon, alone for the first time in her life and dropped into the only waking dream she’s ever had: to attend Yorker Specialty School. But sinister forces are at work beneath the surface of her world, and as the grey-eyed boy slips away from her dreams—only to be replaced by nightmares of flame—Carson finds herself engulfed by a world of deathly secrets and haunting shadows . . . one that makes her the key player in the ultimate game of fates.
Cover Photo 📷 @iamtongue 
Cover Art ☁️ @zoealexandriah
I’ve always loved pretty words — verbs and vowels strung together to create a feeling that laces through us with understanding and appreciation for the differences amongst us all yet the similarities of what we feel and go through. 
I’ve always loved to write pretty words — even when I didn’t realize it was what I was doing. It’s always been a means of expression and the only way I know how to truly describe all my inner feels. 
In pushing out of my comfort zone and attempting to dip my toe in as many of life’s ponds as possible while I circle the sun, I figure why not start releasing more of said pretty wordings. 
I posted a poem called mountain crown to my blog if you’d like to dabble in a side of my writing I never thought would leave the privacy of my notebook pages ✨ link is in my bio.
📷 by @annakovaphotography — this girl is an artist and made me look like a mountain fairy
thank you for laying my soul down, allowing my bones to rest in seas of trees while my mind floated in clouds of wonder, awoken three weeks later by a fire kindled from star dust and mountain ash. 
I’m officially Sunday GYSTing back at home and while I’m ready to get back into the swing of things, start editing all this footage together and look forward to whatever life is bringing next, this trip will never be forgotten ⚡️
calling all dreamers ☁️.
I’m selecting a few early readers for Catcher to review before next weeks release! You’ll be getting the ebook right away + I’ll be sending you a copy of the physical book after it’s release with a little blurb written to you from me. 
Comment anything dreamy below for a chance to be chosen 🖤🖤🖤 (note: ima need some speedy readers) 
photo // @weheartit
into the mountains part one is now live 🌞🌞🌞
this tattoo will forever remind me of cuddling Bentley in a tent under the moon, high altitude flow by doing yoga in the mountains and finding peace and contentment by calling a cease fire with my shadow self — all while finishing up a dreamy novel 🌙
I filmed another Rosé Ramble about my new tat, letting go of thy ego and all the spiritual hippieness of this trip — coming to your eyeballs Friday🌺
Calling for Drogon, Rhaegal, Viserion and Bentley 🐉.
Finished up the last of my solo part to this journey and officially joining fam for the rest of my west coast days.  It’s bittersweet to watch this trip fade into a memory after all the pockets of bliss it brought 🖤 I think I’ve found my favourite place on earth right in my own backyard 🏔.
the first vlog will be up Monday
all of my recent updates on all the things are waiting for you, via castle and a glass of rosé, live now on my channel!
🖤 it’s byoraf - bring yo own robe and fries
insert dialogue where Mufasa tells Simba that everywhere the light touches will one day be his 🦁
outfit: @lululemon