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over caffeinated soccer mom to my dog
documenting life via jpg/mp4 so I can watch it back when I’m old and senile
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just a gal and her pup.
lately I’ve been drawn to all things green - drinks, plants, foods, earthy things 🌵🌱🍭
I found out this week the heart chakra is traditionally that of the green. It’s our personal connection to love, kindness, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and peace.  It helps to manifest the deepest desires of the heart, bringing them into the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual realms of life. (thank you @davidjimeditation for said wisdom) 
So, I’ve concluded that my latest impulse to grab at green things with greedy-kid-in-a-candy-store like hands is that maybe I’ve been opening up and exploring that chakra more recently in life 
or there’s also a good chance it’s because matcha is fun to say and adopting/naming plants (you’ll meet Bow and Billy in Sunday’s vlog) helps to cure my never ending puppy fever. 
one can never truly be sure.
seeester seeester 💕
from #trippinwithtarte in Hawaii to making cute @allthingskoze mugs / important business calls in our sweatpants, I’m happy to have you as my built in best friend and can’t wait to see what else life has in store for us - no pun intended. 
P.S consider this my official apology for ripping your backstreet boys poster down the middle of Brian’s face and I’ll forget you ever snapped my Britney Spears CD in half.
Happy Saturday 🍩 
Spending the afternoon Spring GYSTing this winter hibernation away whilst sipping joe from my new @allthingskoze mug in delightful excitement for all the things happening 
Tomorrow’s vlog starts a two part spring cleaning series on my channel so get ready to get your Feng shui on⚡️
follow me to Tennessee, my Nashville vlog is now LIVE ⚡️
also appreciation post to @gvadasz1 for happily crushing the multiple “babe can you get a pic of my outfit” requests
big Tuesday mood 🍩
rewarding the many adult things I must do today with the batches of sprinkled donuts I plan on baking tonight
I love me a good weekend getaway where the flowers are almost as fresh as the tacos and the boutiques are almost as cool as the music. 
I vlogged the whole trip, it’ll be up on Wednesday ⚡️
side note: hunted me down some vegan cowboy boots because when in Nashville
donut worry be happy 🍩 
Nashville has fed us well (about to bite down on a mushroom taco as I write this)
If you’re ready for the next video in the zodiac series my Pisces get ready with me just went LIVE ⚡️
your life is art ⚡️
NEW VIDEO ⚡️ if you want to come plan with me for March and creep on how I’ve been editing my Instagram pics lately, then grab a cup of joe and feel free to head on over 
in the meantime I’ll be changing into stretchy pants so I can dive into the celebratory vegan burgs on the menu tonight + all the sweet potato fries
a day in the life just went LIVEEE including multiple Bentley close ups and a post-multiple-mimosas life chat about the synergy of life ⚡️
I went to sit down and film the other day to find this creature sleeping exactly in the spot I needed. I’ve been trying my best to live by and through the belief of positive thinking and manifesting all that we desire but being human, I sometimes get stressed out, overwhelmed and pile heaps of pressure on and I was feeling that a lot these past few days. It took this singular moment to realize that as great as it is to be ambitious, life isn’t always about how many tasks you check off the list, how many grand ideas you bring to life or how together you keep everything; ultimately it’s about the love you share with the hearts beating on this planet at this very second and taking a moment to check yo self before life flashes by in an endless list of to-do’s and not-quite-there-yet’s. 
Trust that everything meant to be, will be, so we can put that pressure aside and beat along with the hearts that keep us growing and glowing