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over caffeinated soccer mom to my dog documenting life via pixels so I can watch it back when I’m old & senile
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freezing my buns off so I can toast them under some soon-to-be tropical sun ☀️ the latest fitness Friday was my running routine, but for those of you who prefer to move a little slower this friday will be all about the yogas 〰️
weekend warm and fuzzies ✨
if you’re looking to kill time between now and the livestream (yes Bentley will be in attendance) this vlog went up yesterday, linked in my bio 🖤 also, yes we’re holding hands
in my natural cozy af habitat
my favourite little cinnamon sugared teddy bear 🧸
some holiday spice can be nice ❤️
the newest fitness Friday video is uppp 🖤 *reaches for my veggie burg and fries*
merry everything and a happy always✨
I have a feeling 2019 will be a big 🛫 mood. 
My long-term dreamy, northern lights, Iceland trip has officially found its way onto my birthday agenda and into a countdown on my phone + I unboxed my new suitcase in yesterday’s vlog completing the entire vision - where else should we go in 2019? (seeing as I plan on bringing you along digitally as per usual)
may your final chapter of 2018 be full of magic and mulled wines ✨ captured by: @mke11y 📸
8 year old me would have been so about this hat
baby it’s ❄️❄️❄️ outside