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let the endless batches of cookies commence 🍪
Do you guys have your trees up yet?
no one else I’d rather try tequilas and hot sauces with. 
my ♥️ is very full and happy
Going home to having to cook and non-limitless wine is heartbreaking. That said I’ll be reuniting with Bentley and filming this weekend so expect the first video back very soon. 🖤
I sea you 🌊
3 things I’ve learned this vacation:
1. There’s no such thing as too much guacamole or a wrong time for a pina colada.
2. Wear sunscreen when playing daily rounds of beach volleyball.
3. You should document living, not live to document. This is the first trip I’ve been on that I wasn’t curating insta worthy pics or vlogging every move or meal and it reminded me how nice is it to actually live in the moment instead of constantly stressing over trying to capture it. My whole life I’ve wanted to save and cherish every waking second, but finding a balance between living and sharing is always a work in progress.
the last and final youtober video is now live 🖤💀
Now if you need me, I’ll be over here chanting “om”, sipping detox tea and getting my tropical zen on.
Hello Halloween 🍂💀
You’ve finally arrived.
the angel in me is ready for Christmas but the devil in me wishes it was Halloween year round. 👹 
This get ready with me is up on my channel. Only one day left ♥️
Who wore it better: Ben Affleck or Bentley?
taking dog mom to a completely new level. 
Happy Halloween weekend, expect pictures of Bentley in mini costumes on all fronts
reminiscing back on the glory days of duck faces and too thin eyebrows... Reacting to my old videos is now live on my channel and it’s cringe city 🙂🖤
dead girl walking.. or sitting. 💀 the newest #youtober video is now live, have you seen it? Only 5 days left 🍂