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When I say I killed arms today, I mean I KILLED them. Haven't had such a good workout like that for a while. 
Tomorrow, classes start back up, meaning I'm going to have to juggle my time even more!! But I will figure it out... I hope haha. 😅
Did some shoulders today, and finally starting to get actual shoulder pumps again! Nothing feels better then seeing results, it really becomes addicting
Persistence is key 🗝
Super happy today!!! Yesterday I bought a car! So I  definitely had a great workout today. Just want it to be Tuesday so I can pick up my car 😭😍. Also it's starting to feel like fall, so there's another thing to be happy for 👻
Finally starting to show definition 😊
Slightly panicking, because my waitressing job is making me lose a plethora amount of muscle from all the cardio!! Does anyone know some helpful pointers to keep muscle when you're work involves CONSTANT running around??? Help a girl outttt😅
Completely lost my voice this weekend from working so much. I legit sound like a dying cow 😂. Did some leggies tonight. Now to get some well earned rest 😴✌🏼
Been playing with my meals, and found out I love figs! This is Ezekiel toast, Greek yogurt, blueberries, fig, and agave. 👅👅
It's been great having today and yesterday off from working. I've finally have had time to sleep (yay!), meal prep, clean, watch greys anatomy on repeat, and go to the gym without feeling exhausted. Now I'm ready to work again! Putting in as many hours as I can before school starts again 😅😅
What's on my plate?
Ground chicken, zucchini, carrots, topped off with kimchi.
This is a burst of flavor in your mouth!
Eating healthier has given me so much more energy. I used to need a coffee a day and pre before my workouts. Now all I need is some fruit throughout the day and I feel great! Don't forget to do the basics, sometimes they work better then the caffeine and stimulants were used to taking nowadays
Quad transformation 😳🤗