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“If you’re smiling and laughing through a workout, you’re not doing it right” “I ate like crap, now I have to punish myself in this workout”
Working out should be a chore, or something you feel like you HAVE to do. It should be something you enjoy! There are so many different kinds of ways to get a workout in, there’s something for everybody!! For me, I love body building style workouts, HIIT, and yoga! Find a healthy lifestyle you love, and you’ll be more likely to stick with it 💕
The best investment is investing in yourself💭💪🏼
Quick AB burner to finish off a workout! 
Do each of these 30x with 3-4 sets
20 second break in between!!
Hope everyone has had a good weekend! 
Sunday’s for me are spent half the day being lazy(morning), and the other half being super productive doing errands and cleaning and geeeem.
What are your Sunday’s dedicated to? Let me know!
{Swipe right + save for full body circuit}

What’s the biggest room in the world? The Room for Improvement! YOU can ALWAYS improve. ✨
ALWAYS try to GROW. Self growth is one of the most amazing things we do throughout our lives. To become better, wiser, kinder then we once were. ***peep the left pic, lol remember that one time I worked out against dr recommendations when I had fractured ribs???? Well now that side pops out more lolol. Will I ever learn? Probs not😇
Get ready to SWEAT💦💦💦
This may be one of the hardest circuits I’ve made. You should be a complete puddle, looking like death on the ground, questioning life itself. 😂
If this comes easy to you, you A, didn’t use enough weight, B, didn’t push yourself enough, or C, you’re a psycho maniac that is questionably good at cardio and should seek help. 
Do 10 reps of each. 
Repeat 3X 
30 sec. break 
Honestly good luck, I’m sorry if u die😅
Treat your body like a temple. You have one body, one life. Use it well, and it will do you wonders.
Happy Thursday! 
Not a gym pic, but a school pic in the cruddy college bathroom #rachet
Being a student, and working two jobs can be really difficult. Then adding the gym, social media, and a social life? Is there even enough time in the day?
I have to find balance. I can’t go out every night my friends ask, and sometimes I’m just way to exhausted to go to the gym. Sometimes I don’t study as much as I should, and I go MIA  on social media now and then. 
Even if you’re not a super busy-body like myself, you still need to find balance in your life. Whether it be eating habits, relationships, traveling, etc. without balance, certain parts of your life will suffer, causing you to feel down, or stressed.😟
Some things that help me keep this balance that I have in my life are: ✨keeping a planner ✨compromising specific study time per day
✨listening to my body
✨not being the “yes (wo)man” to going out all the time
✨knowing what my long term goals are!!!
I hope you all find the balance you need in your lives. I swear it will truly help you with your happiness and your goals💗
Save for leg workout!! I’ve been having really great workouts this past week. Not that the ones I was having before sucked, these have been just on some next level sheeet, and I’ve been pushing myself harder then I ever have. (Literally almost puked today)
I really hope you all are crushing your goals and killing it this week! 
If you guys have any questions or advise, dm me! I’d love to help😊
Yesterday I decided to show you guys what I typically eat I’m a day! I’ve been having a lot more people dm me on how to lose weight around mid-section. There really is no magic way to lose weight from one specific area, unfortunately. 
My biggest advise when it comes to getting a flat stomach is definitely, what you bring to the table, literally.
Started my morning off with cream of wheat, with chocolate protein and a hunk of pb😋
Second meal, is stir fry. All veggies no meat. With lentils!
Snack: unsalted rice cake with some local honey(my fav way to fill my sweet tooth) 
Meal 3: egg whites with orange bell peppers, and mini veggie patties
Meal 4: chx salad with avocado and onions. ✨
My meals range from 3-5 based on size, substance, And how many snacks I have throughout the day. If I’m out and about I always have protein bars in my car just Incase I need something on the go. You should be CONSTANTLY fueling your body. Waiting to eat for more then 5 hours can put your body in a CATABOLIC STATE. (Meaning you’re storing fat)
I don’t count my macros, I intuitively eat. I listen to my body and do what works for ME. Everyone is different and everyone reacts differently. If you have never done this before, I would say stick with tracking your macros until you understand your body. 
Dm me if you guys ever have any questions I love to help!!
Wow I’m just really excited that I PR’d to 205!! The last time I PR’d it was 185, so I was so surprised when I jumped to the 200’s.
I guess I should get mad more often, because then I pull amazing weight! *noted* 
Sorry I got nothing informational today, I was just really excited to share with you guys!😊
Bad days build better ones
Happy Monday All!! Its a new week to kick butt! Hope you all have set some intentions and new goals to crush this week. 💪🏼💪🏼
Some of my intentions/goals that made this morning were to study for my A&P exam even though it’s sprang breakkk this week. 🤓
An intention I set for the week is to keep having positive energy. I have to say 2018 has been very kind to me, and I can’t say I’ve really had a “bad day”. I do get stressed between work, school, and trying to keep up with Instagram and fitness. BUT I’m trying to keep a positive attitude and not get stressed as much. Things always work out in the end. 
Is anyone else dreading this snowstorm tonight into tomorrow?? ❄️Make sure you get your workouts in early today so you can be safe during the storm! And if you can’t get out try some at home workouts! I will try to post a quick at home workout video either tonight or tomorrow morning to help you guys with some ideas! 😊💪🏼