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Bad days build better ones
Happy Monday All!! Its a new week to kick butt! Hope you all have set some intentions and new goals to crush this week. 💪🏼💪🏼
Some of my intentions/goals that made this morning were to study for my A&P exam even though it’s sprang breakkk this week. 🤓
An intention I set for the week is to keep having positive energy. I have to say 2018 has been very kind to me, and I can’t say I’ve really had a “bad day”. I do get stressed between work, school, and trying to keep up with Instagram and fitness. BUT I’m trying to keep a positive attitude and not get stressed as much. Things always work out in the end. 
Is anyone else dreading this snowstorm tonight into tomorrow?? ❄️Make sure you get your workouts in early today so you can be safe during the storm! And if you can’t get out try some at home workouts! I will try to post a quick at home workout video either tonight or tomorrow morning to help you guys with some ideas! 😊💪🏼
{BOOKMARK FOR WORKOUT} here’s a killer full body burner circuit to finish off your day at the gym! ▪️5 min cardio
▪️sumo squat to deadlift variation ▪️single arm kettleball swings
▪️stability kettle ball sit ups
▪️plank with shoulder touches
Do these 4x/1 min each with 30 sec. breaks in between
Beware: you WILL be a puddle after💧💪🏼
So today I lost power. And I’m on the struggle bus to battle city. Every single thing I do in the morning apparently requires electricity! (Yay). I tried to make my oats till I realized I couldn’t use the microwave or stove top. Couldn’t take a hot shower. Couldn’t binge watch Netflix. 
It’s funny how much we take for granted of all the little everyday things we do in life. It put in perspective how nice I actually have it. So here I am using all things in the fridge (before it all goes bad) in leggings sweater and my fluffy slippers, raggedy af bc I couldn’t shower, looking outside the window. I took this moment to think of three things I am grateful for. ▪️having parents that let me live rent free to help me save for my future
▪️not having electricity, making me more aware with myself and those around me
▪️having the day off from work and school and being able to have a me day

Take a few minutes to think of your life and some things you’re grateful for! And if you’re up to it comment what those things are below! I’d love to know 😊💗
Are you getting closer to your goals? If not listen up!
So here we are a few months into the “new year”, you had ideas and goals set aside that you wanted to crush. But now here we are, it’s already March and you haven’t moved forward with anything. You feel discouraged and upset with yourself, and that life got in the way again. 
It’s never too late to start something. You just have to want it and go after it. 
Somethings that have helped me get to where I am with my goals: ▪️have an overall goal of which you want to get to
▪️break up my goal into smaller goals
▪️take the first step..just do it! It honestly the hardest part. Thinking of something and acting on it, are two very different things.
▪️motivate yourself not just by others. It’s one thing for someone to motivate you by the things they say or what they do. But if you aren’t motivated by yourself, then what are you doing?!
You should love yourself and want to be the best version of yourself! That itself should be your motivation to get where you want to be, not because Jessica on instagram has the life you want!!
▪️don’t have a one track mind. Keep your life well rounded. You’re happiest with a well balanced life.
▪️meditate! Every day I take anywhere from 1-10 mins and think about my day, my gratitude, and what I am working towards. It’s a great way to keep your spirits up and not lose track of how far you’ve come!!
▪️lastly, love with where you are at. You are amazing no matter where you are on your journey. Keep that in mind before you start breaking yourself down💗
Slowly getting back where I want to be. Don’t get discouraged of how much you have left to get to your goals, but be excited for how far you’ve already come!!💪🏼
Nothing great is made in a day. Embrace the process and fall in love with it 💗
Sippin’ on some amino’s 😎
Why are amino acids important?
They are the building blocks of protein!
They also synthesize with protein, enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, mental stabilization and so much more.
By drinking aminos as your inter-workout will help with muscle repair while you’re tearing your muscles during a workout (don’t worry this is a good thing). This will help to be less sore after workouts.
Because bcaa’s (branch chain amino acids) have the power to repair and synthesize muscle tissue, it also plays a large role with the fat in our body.
The more muscle in our bodies helps us metabolize fat so much easier.
For those of you doing intense training, it is key for you to use bcaa’s. This is because they help maintain hormonal levels. When doing intense training it is very easy for hormones to change in our bodies.
Improve strength and development with training ▪️
Enhance performance and decrease fatigue ▪️
Improve insulin and glucose levels
5 bean chili was definitely a winner for last nights meal. Swipe left to see what’s in it and try it yourself!
Sometimes it’s hard to eat healthy throughout the week, because we get busy and life gets in the way. So it’s nice to prep some meals and make a big batch of something you like to make it a little easier for you to stay on track!
Be your own motivation💪🏼
Happy Monday all! 
Hope you all are doing what you love and pushing yourselves to your fullest potential. Here’s to a new week!
Nothing like some late night leggies to finish your day. 
Had one of my best leg workouts ever! I love love love having good hard workouts, they just make me feel so great afterwards😊
Abs can make an appearance anytime now 🕓🙄