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Eating healthier has given me so much more energy. I used to need a coffee a day and pre before my workouts. Now all I need is some fruit throughout the day and I feel great! Don't forget to do the basics, sometimes they work better then the caffeine and stimulants were used to taking nowadays
Quad transformation 😳🤗
May 2017 on right - Today (August) good things take time. Don't give up you got this guys!
Be confident at whatever stage you are at in life. One of the hardest things is to be confident. Not to look confident, but to feel confident.  After many years of struggling with how I felt about myself and how I looked, I can finally say I am confident in whatever I do and how I look. 
It make take a while, but you will get there. You just have to believe in yourself and your self worth. Once you have come to the realization what flaws you may or may not have, or what other people say about you will no longer have an effect on you. It won't bother you because you know that nothing that other people say or think changes who you are and how great you are!!
Just chugging along.
We all get stressed every now and then. Find something that helps relieve your stress. Holding in stress is extremely unhealthy! For me it's the gym, for you it could be reading a book, taking a run, art, driving,etc. don't forget that there's more then just physical health. Take care of your entire being. You have one life here, so make yourself as happy, joyful, and full as you can!!
We all have busy lives, we all have work, and we all get tired. Sometimes we have to push ourselves past what we're comfortable with in order to get the results we want. I started a new serving job a few weeks back, and let me tell you... I am exhausted. I'm not used to working and getting home at 2 am.
There are plenty of times I don't want to go to the gym,but I push myself to do it anyways.
Challenge yourself so you can change yourself, whether in the gym, school,or personal growth
Smoothie bowls give me life 👅
Shoulder workout powered by @lululemon 😋
Slowly but surely shrinkinn zee waist 👌🏽 🤙🏼
Who said vegan food is gross???? 👅👅
Nothing sweeter then seeing some results from all your hard work
Death by stairmaster
Got in a half hour of cardio right after work. Stay motivated  everyone, and have a good weekend:)