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Then FBI Director Robert Mueller testifying under oath on Capitol Hill in 2007. After being nominated for FBI Director by President George W. Bush in 2001, Mueller was confirmed by the U.S. Senate, 98-0, for a ten-year term. The U.S. Senate confirmed Mueller again in 2011 for a two-year extension, 100-0. His current position as special counsel does not require Senate confirmation. Don’t listen to Minus; he likes to tweet out misinformation and lies. 😎 #throwshadethenvote #TheTruthSquad
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Quick trip but fortifying. Sometimes ya just gotta unplug to recharge. 
And there’s nothing like being under a great big star lit sky surrounded by rocks to remind me how infinitesimal I am in the grand scheme of things. How little I actually require. -How nice it is to be reminded what is essential. (We’ll see how quickly this all fades once I am thrust back into Presidential tweets, deadly fires, abandoned animals -ad infinitum but, damn, it sure was nice while it lasted.) 🙏🏽🌎🌄🌅
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San Diego Comic Con
Idk when.
He was, still is, a big f**king deal. He contributed so much and stoked the imagination of so many. 
I am glad I got to meet him and spend a lil time here and there w him. Again, Rest in power! -What a legend.
Rest in power ya legend.
All supplies will be auto-delivered to the 19040 Vanowen drop-off in Reseda. ANYONE CAN DONATE FROM OUT OF STATE / OUT OF COUNTRY. 😍
As of today, 75,000 homes have been evacuated, that’s an estimated 250k people who need shelter and essentials. The fire is only 10% contained with more high winds expected tonight. 
Please give what you can and share this link far and wide. 
Thank you @kristaallenxo for your generous heart and helpful list. 🔥🔥🔥 #woolseyfire
I am so happy my Favorite band and all it’s members are ok. 😊
I love their message too. Good people. Good hearts! . I LOVE California! .
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Thank you everyone for the beautiful messages and for checking on us . Thankfully we  are all safe and our familes are all safe. Please keep California in your thoughts and send as much positive energy and love  as you can to all those who have lost friends or family members. And to the many whom have lost their homes.  WE ❤️ U
This stray puppy was found wandering into my community. I don’t know if he’s microchipped yet but I will take him to the vet after the long weekend. He’s sweet as can be, sleeps in the crate without complaint, cries when he needs to go out. He’s kinda perfect. Think he’s a lil Chihuahua, Jack Russell Terrier and maybe some Italian Grey Hound? I will be fostering him until he can find a loving forever home. ( I am not allowed to have more than 2 pets where I live so I will need to place him soon )
So, if he’s not microchipped and needs placement, can you all help me source a good home? He’s so special and has won my heart. 
Ps. I don’t believe he’s a victim of the fires 
#rescue #adoptdontshop
#POTUS fail

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Words on his FB page. 
Ian Long, 28
Mass murderer 
No more 💭 and 🙏🏽