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Taking vanity room to a whole new level! 💄
Ps. Wow! do my feet hurt today. 😩
@paulmitchelledu donated $100,000 to @thirstproject last night! It was my honor and privilege to be invited to share in that gift. 
Pictured above is founder, @sethmaxwell1 
Supporter @garrettclayton1 
Super supporter @joeyjsf 
What a wonderful night to see so many people doing good in the world. AND for people these benefactors will never meet in person. ❤️amazing!
Always seeking the beauty in things
#mcm on a Sunday 
I worked w Terry on two Expendables movies and I can say this man walks the walk. 
It’s refreshing to witness. 
He speaks his truth, shares his personal experiences and inspires hope at a time when integrity proves lacking.
Might I add, he’s funnyAF too. 💯
@albertipopaj @toptiermediamarketing 
Nearest and dearest
“Fierce, Funny and Feminist” -Had to get my own photo op w all things Holly.
Via @mrbrainwash 
#music #musicismymedicine 
#musiclover #musicart #art
Him: Wiz is where it’s at 
Me: Wiz me! 
#nomnomnom 🤤
#tbt #Baywatch 
I was 24 and @jeremyjacksonfitness was 13 at the time. 
When I showed up at the audition there were young ladies there likely in training bras and head gear; I was certain I was not what they were looking for. 
I went to the desk and spoke to the casting assistant basically explaining that it would appear I am not right for the part and I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. She asked me to wait, I did... I was encouraged to audition anyway. Fern, the casting director and executives cast me in the room. 
From that appearance Wendy Greene, an agent at Irv Schecter ( at the time ) called me at home ( how did she get my number? ) to tell me she wanted to rep me. I went with her and was booked on Malibu Shores then Buffy shortly after.
Public service announcement: 
#Repost @kamalaharris with @get_repost
Californians, you have less than one week to get registered to vote in time for the primary in just three weeks. Don’t miss your chance to have your voice heard — use the link in my bio to get registered.
What’s in the way, is the way
Sure.  @docovin