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It’s there, in black and white.
I need this neon. 💯
I’ll tell you a secret... Someone I was very close with long ago, my hair stylist from the Buffy days actually, nicknamed me “Kitten”. So, whenever I see a kitty it almost always reminds me of her. Wherever you are T, this one’s for you! #meow
How it’s done. 
Don’t take us to the battlefield of love Darling, I’ll kill us both. 
#charmed #kyra #leo @briankrause21 
Via @charmed_movies_powerof3 ( TY for the capture! )
Many of you DM me about acting advise. So, I’m going to cover a huge chunk of your questions with this one post. •
If you want to act; be in class. Work your craft and read all you can about it like a 40hr a week job. 
If you don’t know where to study, here’s a suggestion, let me recommend my coach of a gazillion years, Iris Klein. 
Do yourself a favor and sign up for this course. •
Iris has been by my side as my coach in class, on set, for private lessons and has put me on tape. Basically, she covers it all. •
I’m not telling you this because this is an ad, I’m not telling you this because she will give me a hook-up, she’s not. I voluntarily posted this because I believe in her work ethic, her teaching skills and her method of teaching; with love. 
I’m also telling you this because I believe everyone deserves to follow their dreams. Let me be one more voice of encouragement.... Follow your dreams but get in class! 😊
Happy #Humpday 🍑
What does it take for you to feel good about your body? 
For me, It’s not about being skinny. Instead, It’s about a healthy capable body with good cardiovascular conditioning and strength. -Total fitness. •
I am so looking forward to getting back into the groove with @truckeefit at @fivestarfitnessla while minding my physical issues. •
If you’re like me and you’re starting over, I invite you to join me. Start today, tonight or maybe tomorrow morning. 
You aren’t alone. 💫
Business casual ♥️
Kermit is so wise
Via @truckeefit
In order to be successful one must be in action. 
Ps. The Office is a quality program. 😂
Monday, pfft!
An inspiring evening meeting, listening, and fundraising for the next 
US Senator of Texas, @BetoORourke !!!! 🇺🇸 -Finally someone to feel politically optimistic about! 
#grassroots #nopacmoney (political action committees) #Vote4Beto