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I did a podcast with @themichaelrosenbaum in which I sang a song from a musical I wrote as a child based on the movie Scream. Listen at your own risk. http://bit.ly/insdofyou
Tried to take a sexy @cadillac picture...........I think it's fair to say I nailed it.
Bouncing off all the walls with excitement that my directorial debut film is getting released in the US this Fall through the brilliant @orchfilms THE PARTY'S JUST BEGINNING!!
@thecosplaydog as Nebula
A little writing in Santa Barbara. This next one's a scary one. 👻
SMOKEY! Fun fact about me. Before I became an actress I worked in a theatre in London as an usher. The show was a Motown Tribute concert. It was pretty much the greatest job of all time. I got to listen to some of the best songs in history and I got paid for it. BUT. Part of my job was to tell people to sit down who were dancing because they were obstructing the view for others. I don't know if you've ever tried telling someone to NOT dance to 'Dancing in the streets' but it essentially makes you Satan. So it was particularly special to see the man himself Smokey Robinson and EVERYONE was up dancing.
When you get to talk about the film you made with one of your best friends in the world who is a complete scene stealer within said film, it's the greatest. Also love that she ain't parting with that bag, even during a Q&A. #racheljackson #scottishgirls #thepartysjustbeginning
Antman @marvel premiere! Who's got all the infinity stones now, daddy? #infinitydress
A wink and a fang
Taking a very cheesy stroll through London. That's my "there's a fry up waiting for me" face. #throwbacksunday