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Here's how the plates go in use #pozeyourpokeplates #7elevenmy #pokeplates #pokemon #pokemoncentersingapore
Cuckoo purifies water ,safe for consumption everyday,leaving best minerals to our body.Secondly,it is convenient,replacing old traditional ways ,which is boiling water in the kettle.With cuckoo,hot & cold beverages are ready anytime .It is always time saving &efficient  #mylifewithcuckoo @cuckoo_my
A cup of noodle + Good day milk makes a perfect combination?@gooddaymilkmy
#cheerstoagooddaycontest #gooddaymilkfest2019
Chinese style stir fry .Anyone?#maggigorengmystail @maggi.malaysia
1.Heat wok &put in oil
2.Put in sawi & tofu
3.Add in noodles 
4.Stir fry well together & is ready to be served!
Let's try #acelabskoreanmask @huinee_1026 @guan.gsk @kellylynn225
Lake view during recent visit to @hangzhou_china .Taken by olympus digital camera.Edited using adobe lightroom
Let's pose#thegardensmallmy #TGMRaya2019
Early morning hiking at Broga Hill with mum & dad.Had breakfast at Semenyih morning market
Throwback.visit to the three kingdom city in Wuxi Province China
A visit to Rantau town,surprisingly found delicious food around
1.Wholemeal bread
3.visit to market
4.big bun
Enjoy winter with plum blossom @hangzhou_china 👓@pottglasses
Visit to Shanghai Bund,mostly visited place