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➡️I help women to take their power back by achieving strong bodies & minds so they can become high achieving
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I always loved training lower body but over the years I have challenged my body with different variations of upper body exercises. Hope this workout challenges you too 😛
✅Pull Ups 4X12
✅Overhead Shoulder Press/Tricep Extension 4X12 ✅Incline (facedown) Bicep Curl 4X15
✅Plate Rotations 4X20
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Have you fallen off track with your fitness and nutrition this summer?

Do you feel that you are slowly taking steps backwards?

Have you completely given up on your weekly workouts to only say "I will wait until September"

Are you one of those people who completely ditch all their hard earned efforts of getting fit for summer and then it all goes out the window?

This is where I can help... Women who work with me keep up with their health and fitness goals over the summer and the one way we keep things fresh is by trying new workouts.

Not only do I have a fun workout to share but as well tips to keep you motivated until September:
✅Move Daily - keep active everyday even if you can not make it to the gym - hiking, swimming, cycling, golf...
✅Schedule Time For Yourself - make yourself a priority and schedule in your workouts each day.
✅Crowd out Processed Foods with fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fat.  Be sure to hydrate with 2-3 liters of water daily.
Complete each exercise as a circuit for 20 seconds with 10 seconds of rest and then repeat 4-6 times.💪🏻
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How achieving a fit body or losing weight won’t bring you more happiness. I share my story and how I help women to lose weight and love their bodies all along the way.
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There’s one thing standing in your way and it’s you. How do I know? Because I do it too! We all self-sabotage. Self-sabotage is that thing that we do that prevents us from reaching a goal or obtaining something we believe we really want.
Most experts suggest we do these things because of a deep rooted false belief. Subconsciously we must think that something negative will happen if we do this thing, achieve this goal, get the guy, etc.
But it’s also quite possible that we simply don’t have the skills or know how to make this thing happen. Either way we’re standing in our own way.
We have two choices…
1️⃣Address the deep rooted false belief of yourself .
2️⃣Go out and get the skills required to reach your goals .
There’s only one person standing in your way. And that is you! But the good news is that same person can make it happen.

You've got this! 
Coach Karen ❤️
What you can do today to help you flatten your tummy, decrease bloat and increase energy within 7 days!

#weightloss #flattummy #fatloss
Feel like you yo-yo your weight loss focus?
One week you’re super focused, make good choices and then the next you’re all over the place?

Before you do an entire lifestyle overhaul, I want you to ask yourself one question:


Consistency breeds results with anything.

If you are wanting to improve your health, body and fitness, do a mental check of where you need more consistency. And my biggest piece of advice is to do this in small increments. Too many changes all at once can be overwhelming and hard for you to integrate into a habitual routine.

So what's your focus for this next week?
Consistent water intake per day, cardio sessions per week, removing a food you know aggravates you, getting to the gym, going to sleep earlier, staying away from restaurant foods, taking your supplements etc. .

I could go on and on.

There are a lot of pieces that need to be in place for you to have lasting fitness results. 
It's better to be GREAT at a few things, than to be all out with everything, only to get burnt out and give up on the whole process.

What is your focus for the week? 
If you need more guidance and accountability message me and let's chat!

What a better way to start the week then with a leg workout 🏋️‍♂️ This Workout has a little more focus on the booty and hamstrings. Tag a friend 👭
Complete as a circuit with 45-60 seconds rest between circuits.
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💗Happiness is an inside job💜
Your life is happening right now. Stop delaying your happiness until you "get there". What About Being Happy NOW?⠀
Have you ever said to yourself, “I’ll be happy when…”? ⠀
That “when” could be for a lot of reasons. ⠀
When you lose weight. When you have your dream job. When you make a more money. When you meet your soulmate.⠀
So you push yourself down the path to your dreams, keeping your nose to the grindstone, never giving up until you “get there.” ⠀
But before you know what hit you, you’re feeling discouraged, burned out, and defeated. You lose yourself and your sense of happiness. ⠀
What if you allowed yourself to feel happy NOW instead of waiting until you got there?⠀
I’m not talking about telling yourself that it’s OK to fall short of your goals. ⠀
I’m not telling you to ever “settle” for what you don't deserve. ⠀
I’m suggesting that you allow yourself to feel amazing, inspired, and happy in THIS moment. No matter where you are on the road to your goal.⠀
Choosing to be more positive will bring in even more amazing things into your life. ⠀
You start becoming that new version of yourself on the outside because you’re already BEING her on the inside. ⠀
How do you that? By being present. In your mind, body, and spirit. Whether that is happiness, sadness, grief, loneliness etc....Presence is the path to happiness--and happiness is the pathway to everything you desire! ⠀
What are you striving for? Leave me a comment and tell me your big goal--and then do one thing today to start BEING the woman who you know you are!
It's so easy to look in the mirror and to pick ourselves apart.

We are ALL guilty of this at times.

It doesn't matter how big your booty is...
how far you are on your fitness journey...
or how "insta-famous" you are... We can all be our biggest critics.

And yes, Im guilty of that at times.

Although I've gained so much confidence over the past few years, I place ridiculously high standards for myself.

I must admit these past few months have been beyond challenging with all the temptations of summer!

I know that I have ate too much food and drank to much wine.
And some days I often feel ashamed for not putting in the effort I know I should be putting in

Who can relate?!
I've recently taken a step back to re-evaluate my intentions/goals and the direction that I want to take as I go through my own lifestyle journey. 
I recalled the YEARS of challenges that had dealt with in regards to my body and food. How hard I was on myself for so many years.
I felt I was never thin enough to wear a bikini
I felt that I was never fit enough 
I felt that I was always that I was not smart enough or pretty enough.

I felt that my thighs were too big and my shoulders were too small.

Today, I look back and I realize how foolish I was for ever thinking such things. 
For not having the respect and love towards myself to listen to what my body needed.

I have SO much to be grateful for, yet I allowed my insecurities to blind me of all my blessings especially my ability to take control of my own health and well being.
👉🏼Here's the thing, guys.
It all comes down to perspective.
If you ever find yourself picking your body apart, or being too hard on yourself ask yourself this: 
What are you focusing your attention on?

Are you focused on your stretch marks and cellulite?
Or are you focused on the curvaceous hips that most women would KILL to have?

Are you focussing on FEELING your best by moving daily and nourishing your body with healthy foods?

Or that stupid number on the scale? 
I encourage you to write down your blessings and what you are truly grateful for daily.
Read them.
Reflect on them.

Be grateful for where you are and where you are going. 💗
At my skinniest and leanest I STILL felt the most miserable 😩 ⠀
I spent most days counting calories, terrified of food, restricting, controlling, and health problems from over training....
I felt unlovable unless I was "perfect", undesirable if the scale didn't read a certain number, scared of what others would think if I fluctuated a couple pounds, I couldn't fully enjoy life and food and exercise controlled my life.
I am not saying that skinny people are miserable, what I am saying is that being at a desired body size does not insinuate happiness. No happiness, can be found outside of you - it comes from within.
It's your job to choose and create your happy now, regardless of the exterior circumstances. ⠀And choosing to love and accept your body for where it is at NOW is the first step.
I can promise you, dieting is not happiness! Dieting only adds fuel to insecurities, body shaming, cravings, and it is self destructive.

There is a better way to sustainable weight loss and FEELING your best most days!
It's what I have successfully used to transform myself and the women who I work with.
If you need support in your weight loss journey or simply taking that next step, message me today and let's chat. 💗
Let’s “HIIT” this short week off with a body weight, high intensity, no excuses workout! Can be done anywhere-no equipment or gym needed! .

40 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Repeat 6x’s!

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Recently I found myself feeling inadequate and a little down on myself. Not only do I have my own insecurities but as well sometimes following certain accounts on social media & getting too “caught up”because they seemed a little "too perfect". I think we can all relate. .

I had to remind myself that they too have lives outside of Instagram and the old saying goes: “you never know what goes on behind closed doors!" .

I’m THE FURTHEST FROM PERFECT a person could be!!!! And just like you I have struggled with trying to look and be a certain way in fear of what others may think. Not being or feeling enough. My hair is never done, (ask my clients), I don't wear makeup (unless I'm going out for dinner), I don’t add filters to my videos or "everyday" photos, and you can see that I can be a little "stun deer" in head lights or not hitting the right selfie pose. 🙈
Personally I’m a hot mess on most days.  I have made many mistakes, I have had too much wine at times, there are days when I  can’t seem to get my sh$t together, I take just as many steps back as I do forward sometimes, I don’t always like the way I look in pics, I beat myself up about things I’ve done, I hate how I over think, how I can be too sensitive.......but I'M TRYING! .

Everyone has something they don’t like about themselves, and compare it to someone else that they wish they had...from physical features, relationships to material things, etc... BUT - Don’t be fooled by social media!!! The amount of people who edit, make themselves skinnier, blur their faces to show perfect skin, crop and literally change themselves is overwhelming. We look at those pics and inadvertently compare ourselves to what we think is real, thus causing a blow to our self esteem. .

I know-it’s easier said then done....but TRY (that’s all we can do) to focus on your positive attributes. Remember, you don’t know what people have been through to get where they’re at, what they endure at home, work, where they’ve come from or how hard they worked for it! Take the energy you have when you compare yourself to someone else and use that to focus on bettering you! ❤️