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After a good workout it's always nice to have a good hardy dinner -  big salad with veggies, lentils, potatoes and a cashew "ranch" dressing.
Handmade organic mylks made in small batches to retain their flavor and quality - Strawberry Almond, Turmeric Almond, and Matcha Hemp Mylk.
Our fresh Turmeric Ginger Lattes are so good! But have you tried it with a shot of organic espresso? 🤤 Mind blowing!
Birthday cake 😍 to celebrate that we are turning 1! 🎉 Join us this Saturday at the shop for a Pop-Up with two more women owned businesses - @sydnie_morgann and @buhlaixe. Aaaand we will be giving away mini cookie dough balls to the first 50 people! 😋
Love me some Pecan Maple Bars 😋 All raw, organic, gf and refined sugar free. 🌿
My lunch was 👌!! Huge acai bowl with peanut butter and a cookie dough ball. Had to share it with my boys. All organic, gf vegan, and always plant-based baby!🌿
What are you doing for Easter? I'm heading out into nature for the weekend and am so excited to go hiking with my boys! BTW, we will be getting more @keepnaturewild stickers in a couple days.
We will be closed for Easter Sunday. Grab some sweets this week to share with family. We have huge Pecan and Coconut Karma Apples. 😋 All organic, vegan, gluten and refined sugar free. 🌿
Happy Monday! I love Mondays, because they are a great day to get back into your routine or start a new healthy habit like eating more fruit and veggies. The Global Bruden of Disease Study completed in 2010, one of the largest analysis of risk factors for death and disease in history noted that the worst aspect of the American diet is not eating enough fruit. Which is crazy because it's natures candy! ❤
Happy Saturday! Who is enjoying festival season?! Which festival are you attending today - @vegoutevents , @coachella , @countrythunder , etc.??
Avocado Toast - Hip Hip Hooray! 😁
Lots of fresh juices at the shop today. Hydrate while getting those veggies in. 🌿 Always organic, raw and cold-pressed.