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Professional chameleon. Laughter enthusiast. Thespian.Baker.Pun junkie.Mean right cross.Total nerd. #ScorchTrials #Shadowhunters


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✦ A V A N T E ✦ - - -
December cover story @avante_magazine by @dontbeafool ❦ - - - 
Low lights, laughter, dancing, and champagne... thank you friends for making this early birthday girl feel so loved... maybe somebody does like you when you’re 23...? 🍾♥️✨💃🏼 #whatsmyageagain
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“She sees in black and white,
thinks in greys, but loves in color” -JmStorm ❧ ✧ ➳
Ears to you, @MickeyMouse! 💛🖤♥️. Through November 17th, show us your Mickey ears or creative “ears” with #ShareYourEars and @Disney will donate $5 to @MakeAWishamerica for every public post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! 💛🖤♥️
Behind the scenes look at my training via @enews just before @peopleschoice! Thanks to @rudeenergy and @nunodesalles76 for kicking my ass into shape! 💥🥊
Oh what a night... I wish there was a way for me fully express how full of love and gratitude my heart is after #PCAs... The biggest congrats to @HarryShumJr (one of the most rare and special individuals), the entire @ShadowhuntersTV team, and YOU the #Shadowfam for making this possible. We’re a package deal. I am truly humbled to be surrounded by such beautiful people - both on screen and in the fandom. All my love, angels. #ShadowhuntersLegacy —
PS - Congrats to Harry and Shelby on their news! It made last night even more special!
A bit of diamonds, a bit of a dress, a #bitofaday... @Balmain & @TiffanyandCo for @PeoplesChoice.
#SHADOWFAM ♥️ By the angel! I cannot even begin to express the amount of love I have for this cast, for everyone involved in the show, and to YOU Angels the ones who made all this possible. Thank you thank you thank you! #shadowhunterslegacy #pcas
THANK YOU, ANGELS. I am continually humbled by your passion and forever grateful for your love. This is astounding, truly. #ShadowhuntersLegacy @peopleschoice #pcas @shadowhunterstv
Thrilled to join this cast! Can’t wait @charliedayofficial! #ELTONTO Thanks @deadline! https://deadline.com/2018/11/ben-affleck-torrance-brandon-wilson-katherine-mcnamara-el-tonto-charlie-day-casting-films-1202499204/
C A L L I N G◈A L L◈S Q U A R E S #CarreClub @hermes