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This movie is everything I’ve ever wanted and is the most visually beautiful thing I’ve seen SINCE THE OG BLADERUNNER DONT @ ME ABOUT IT. Run don’t walk to see this bananas masterpiece. Unless you’re epileptic. Definitely don’t then in all seriousness
Found in my yard. 🍀?
I finally hold in my hands the wonderful collection of essays from @scarcurtis that I was honored to contribute to. Every piece is special and I can’t wait to inhale them all in the warm light of sisterhood. My essay is about womanhood and fear through the eyes of my amazing, extra paranoid(and not wrong) mother. I made her hold the book in front of a tree and told her to “APPEAR PROUD”. It took a few times but she got there. Thanks, Mom. The book is available on Amazon and in bookstores now. Share and enjoy! @feminists
She finally destroyed the last not-destroyed thing on her list! Now she sleeps the sleep of kings
Vote.org to register! Be ready!
If you haven’t registered to vote, the time is NOW! It only takes two minutes! Get in there! You deserve to be represented and to use your voice.
Listen not to name drop but @jennifer.garner told me I was on a sandwich and boy was I surprised. Thanks @celebsonsandwiches! And look I’m not gonna tell an artist what to create but Jen deserves sandwichdom, don’t you think? Who do I talk to about this? She likes peanut butter and honey on wheat. Not to overstep. Or name drop. I know @jennifer.garner personally though
Wow @sensible.lemons thank you so much for this HEXCELLENT ARTWORK 🐾🕸🖤
Gird your loins! Season 2 of @bigmouthnetflix is ready to watch!
do you have some sort of businesswoman special
Max Dennison
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