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SO excited for squash blossoms and decorative plant bundles!

Farmers market 💯💯💯 Happy Sunday!

Seriously though have you ever eaten fried squash blossoms? 🤩🤤
Because one assistant just wasn’t quite enough, I hired another one! She specializes in belly rubs, play, and relaxation.

We brought her home on Tuesday and she was fairly traumatized. It’s taken a couple of days, but she’s starting to come out of her shell and is a total love bug!!!! Welcome to our family miss Ruby! You are absolutely the little white fluff ball I’ve been dreaming of for so long ☺️💗
So often when we decide to set boundaries or make space in our lives we focus on what to stop, what to take away, what to clear out.

Necessary. And. Incomplete.

What I find so often with the women I work with is they (and me too sometimes) get so stuck in trying to get rid of something, they forget to ask what they would like to experience instead.

Asking questions like, “What would be fun or bring me joy? What can I add to my life that would increase my well being and connection to myself? What’s a really simple way to do that right away?” Can be soooo incredibly powerful and helpful.

Because when you know what you are bringing in and START DOING IT, even if you aren’t sure if you have the time / money / energy- there will be less space available for the stuff that sucks you dry.

It can be easy to get caught in the trap of waiting. Waiting for more time. Waiting for ______ to happen first. Waiting for the perfect set of circumstances.

I’ve been talking about learning to shoot arrows for years. We did an intro class at Camp Fireheart, and I promised myself I would do it again soon.

In the past I’ve made promises to myself like that and didn’t follow through. This time I did. Found a beginner’s workshop, recruited Philip, and surprise added Lauren and Noel at the last minute.

Not only was shooting arrows sooo fun and satisfying, but it ended up creating a whole experience filled with friends, laughter, play, and delicious food afterward. All from choosing something that I knew would be fun.

Adding things in doesn’t have to be high stakes. You don’t have to rearrange your entire life all the time.

What’s one thing you can choose or commit to today that will create joy for you? What are you willing to make space / time / energy for that will ADD to your life?

Let me know! 🏹🔥🎉💞
I hired an assistant. Her name is Willow. So far she’s doing an excellent job! 😂

This 8 month old snuggle bug came home with us yesterday and I’m already completely in love.

If you need me I’ll be cuddling our new kitty all day! ❤️🤩
One of these was a Halloween costume and one was just how I liked to dress as a child. You decide which is which. 😂🤷‍♀️
Tend your inner flame.

Add things into your life that fuel you- no matter how small or insignificant they seem.

Take a break when you need it.

This is a season for clearing away, cleaning up, and making the internal adjustments required to move forward into what you desire.

Allow yourself the space to dream.
Allow yourself the structures to flow.

Creating the life / body / work / relationship you want doesn’t have to be a pressurized series of major decisions and actions.

More often the sustainable path is the one that will get you there.
The path of daily noticing, the path of flame tending, the path of tiny choices and decisions bit by bit that, over time will create exactly what you are seeking and more.

What do you need to tend to today?
What parts of your soul, your body, your home, your life could use a little care and attention?
What can you choose that will add a little bit more {clarity: peace: space: excitement: fulfillment: joy} to your experience right away?
❤️ Candle: Goal Getter from @evilqueen
Waking up in the predawn for an hour of coffee and reading makes my heart sing with joy. Sometimes the little things make all the difference, and having the capacity to choose them for me, solely because it brings me joy, is a magic all in its own.
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PS: Who has read this book?? Can we please talk about it?
So often “busy” is worn as a badge. A badge of proof - this is why I’m so tired / flaky / struggling. Look - can’t you see I’m worthy? Isn’t it so obvious why I couldn’t possibly have time for anything fun or anything that doesn’t fit into my goals or my survival? Look at all these really good excuses I have! Don’t you dare tell me that more is possible.

The day before I leave for a retreat, especially one I’m leading, I often am quite busy. There’s a lot to do.

And, it is so essential to me to make time for “frivolous” things- the things that may not increase value in a societal or monetary way, but that fill me up and bring me joy.

Permission to create, to choose joy- especially in the midst of busy- is such a powerful thing.

Creating incredibly imperfect things and loving every second of it is also so powerful.

I got inspired to pull out my wood burning kit for the first time in 2+ years, and to create little tokens with messages on them for the Camp Fireheart participants.

Did it add more work to my day? Yes. Are there other things I “should have” gotten done instead? Maybe. But me taking the time to play, to have fun, to create - this is where the magic comes from. In giving myself permission to take a step back and to engage in an activity that makes me feel alive, that restores me- actually creates more space to take care of the rest of it.

And even if I work longer than I planned tonight, I feel amazing. I’m having fun. I’m staying connected to the joy- and that my loves is the whole damn point.

#choosejoy #fiercejoy #spacetocreate #canpfireheart
Really haven’t wanted to be on social media lately, so I haven’t. And also, this, because I’m fiercely seeking joy everywhere I can right now. [IMAGE READS: Every time I get to use a Harry Potter reference as a way to clarify a concept with my clients I get so excited. It happened THREE times today. And they all totally got the references. Umm I love my work and my clients SO FREAKING MUCH!!! ✨💞🦄 #magicnerds #joyinthelittlethings]
When a long time friend finds out you now live nearby and immediately comes over with flowers, wine, and a Star Wars gift bag filled with goodies... 😍 Feeling so special and loved! Thank you @thebettyrocker for being our first house guest and for being your fabulous magical self! ✨💗🙌🏼🔥
I’m loving the energy we are setting up our place with. Both sanctuary and open door. Clean, spacious, and cozy. Productive and peaceful. So full of love and joy.

There’s something so magical about moving into a new space. I can’t wait to see what we create here!
Quick reminder as we move into the last three months of the year: check in on where you get sucked in to drama, where you overextend yourself, and what the motivations behind those actions are.

What are you trying to prove, or what image of yourself are you trying to uphold?

What if you didn’t have to?

Stay in your lane and watch the magic unfold 🙌🏼✨
We might not have our stuff yet, but we have internet and a lot of natural light, so I’m calling it a win! Happy and officially a San Diego resident!!! 🙌🏼🌴🌞🌊