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My face on Monday after our 17th apartment/ house showing. This past weekend was a lot of energy, but I’m so excited to say we have a place to live and are officially moving to San Diego in 10 days!

What a great reminder that dreams and visions can take time to manifest. And that so much happens behind the scenes / beneath the surface before the sudden burst of movement and blooming.

PS: Philip calls this my “power red” shirt. It was helpful to bring that energy and vibrancy to keep me present and connected to myself and what I needed after outputting so much energy. See also sleeping for 11 hours once we got back to Oakland!

Eeee San Diego here we come! 🌴🌞🌊
A quick reminder that we actually thrive in some chaos and uncertainty, with space to flow and pivot and follow our whims and imaginations.

You don’t have to control everything in order to succeed. What if surrender is actually the solution right now?

Just a thought. Now go be the magical wonderful stardust creature you are! ✨🌌✨
Haven’t been online much the past week. We are close, so close, to finalizing our move to San Diego.

It finally feels real and I couldn’t be happier, even as I process just how much has changed and is changing in my life over the past few months, even as more and more gets stripped away to reveal myself underneath it all.

Some things in life look exactly the same but feel completely different, because of who I am when I show up to them.

Some things look completely different but feel the same, as I continue to choose more and more what’s right for me, rather than what I’ve taken on as mine.

Being present in the day to day creates space for so much more.

Allowing space and cocooning during this transition is a gift and a kindness.

Allowing changes to occur without crazy drama is also a gift and a kindness.

So here’s a sunset, a reminder to breathe, enjoy the beauty of it all, and allow space for whatever you are going through 🙏🏼💗
This is the magic time, about a month out from a retreat, where all the little sparks of inspiration and themes I’ve been playing. With for months begin to manifest into tangible, powerful workshops and flow together to create a space for transformation, expansion, joy, expression, and integration.

Finalizing the schedule and creating content for Camp Fireheart has me feeling all sorts of feels.

I get goosebumps imagining certain aspects unfolding.
I feel wholeness and roots intertwining, deepening as I tune into the energy we will be creating.
I feel immense joy to be able to bring my gifts and the gifts of others together for such a powerful, whole self experience.
I feel a little bit of sadness knowing this is my last retreat for at least a year, and
I feel resonance within for trusting myself with that choice.

There are only a couple of spots left for Camp Fireheart 2018- 4 days filled with art, creative expression, nature connection, body movement, soul sparking, resilience building, laughter and so much heart.

Is one of these spots yours?

There are extended payment plans available, and as it is my last retreat for the foreseeable future, I am happy to work with you to make joining us a possibility.

We gather a few weeks after the autumnal equinox-
A time to celebrate your harvest, how far you’ve come.
A time to honor the parts of you that are ready to be seen and shared.
A time to acknowledge the earth and the ways in which we go through our own seasonal shifts and cycles.
A time to gather in community, to fortify for the winter ahead and to tell our stories.
Your voice is a valuable part of this experience.
Your unique expression adds so much to our world.
Come join us in this space and be a part of it.

PM me for details or click through the link in my profile ❤️
A reminder: Integration is an essential part of the equation.

Give your body time to process what your mind and emotions have already moved through.

Allow yourself space to fully soak in and receive amidst all the visioning and action taking.

Slow down in order to reset, refocus, and reorient toward your joy and dreams.

Give yourself the space to feel safe and have spaciousness every step of the way.

Integration might mean a nap- it did for me today.
It might mean taking yourself out to celebrate and acknowledge how far you’ve come.
It might mean taking a break from consuming information and focusing on creation.
It might mean a salt bath or a massage.

Integration happens on all levels- mind, body, and energy.

Where might you be requiring some integration today? 💖🙏🏼
It’s been an introspective, emotional, foundation rocking kind of week.
This summer was intense, heartbreaking, expansive, and joyful.
Visions set in motion years ago, revisited at the beginning of this year, are being realized and created.
At this time next month I’ll be living in San Diego with my partner in love, in magic, and in adventure. (We move so soon!)
My business has never felt more aligned or more alive. Deepening with long time clients, welcoming in new clients, and finalizing details for Camp Fireheart.
And with every new development, every new milestone hit, every exciting update or step forward- the gut wrenching, heart shattering truth that I can’t call my mom and tell her all about it.
For most of the past year it felt like I was holding my breath. Knowing she was dying, wondering how much time we had. There was very little space to dream, to think long term. I made plans cautiously and with a question mark, dreading the day it would happen.
Turning 30 a few weeks ago without her, every bone in my body ached. Ached with longing. With desire. To be physically connected to she who gave me life. To reconnect with the earth, with my spirit, with the dreams that have called to me, that I’ve set aside.
In equal parts grief, joy, fear, and hope I’ve been inward. Going deep into myself to relearn, rewire, and reactivate the connection to all that is meant for me.
Daring to dream.
Daring to feel it all.
Daring to choose a full and joyful life.
Daring to miss my mom and allowing her to be present in my life, even when it hurts.
Daring to double down on self-care and nourishment.
Daring to completely fall apart.
Daring to show up anyway.
The only way forward is through. The only way through is to face it all, to face yourself.
Give yourself the gift of time and space.
Give yourself the gift of grieving.
Give yourself the gift of joy.
Give yourself the gift of honoring just how far you’ve come.
There is space here for all of you. 🙏🏼
PS: Magical journal was a bday gift from @nadiamunla. This image was also part of the inspiration for my tattoo last year- how amazing is that?!
A small reminder on a big topic.

When you start unwinding your achievements from your deservingness, your goals from your worthiness, your efficiency from your enoughness- that’s when real magic and possibilities begin.

It’s a practice every day to claim our worthiness in a society that profits from us believing we have to DO in order to be worth anything.

It’s a practice every day to tune into the wisdom of your body, your instincts, your intuition and act from the inherent worth within. Especially when you constantly receive messages to seek truth outside yourself and that tell you the answers to all your problems are in the next course, the next product, the next achievement.

You deserve to go for and receive your dreams. You are enough to experience joy right now. You are worth the choices that make your life awesome.

As a recovering perfectionist and former achievement junkie, I know what it’s like to feel like if you can just get to that one milestone, figure out that one thing (your body, your relationship, your bank account, your morning routine), or hack that mindset technique, THEN you’ll be truly deserving of happiness.


Worthiness, joy, visibility, using your voice- these are all at the core of the work I do with my clients. When you have the tools and the trust in yourself to stop waiting for what you truly desire you step up to claim it- from a place that is grounded, embodied, whole, and free.

From there? Anything is possible. DM me for more info on doing this work together.

And ask yourself— “if I really believed I was worth it, right now, what would I choose in this moment?”
Hi! I hope you have a kick ass Friday filled with the exact flavor of yummy soul and body nourishment you need! 🙌🏼🌿💃🏼💞🎉🌟
Came across this photo from Camp Fireheart last year and can’t stop smiling- my heart is filled with love for these women!
This was after a small group workshop where each woman tuned into the voice of her creative muse and made a painting from embodying that energy.
There were no rules other than “trust the colors you are drawn to” and “there’s no such thing as a bad painting”.
I can’t wait to bring this back, and there are more layers of depth we will be exploring this year around embodiment, creativity, and expression.
There are only 6 spots left for Camp this year- is one of them yours?  Join us for a 4 day, soul nourishing and body loving retreat in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas.
Click through the link in my profile for all the details and to register!
#campfireheart #embodiedcreativity
I’ve played music my whole life. Piano. Viola. Flute. Piccolo. Guitar. Rhythms, notes, chord progressions, composition- it always just made sense to me. I loved playing. I loved performing. Sometimes I even loved practicing. Well, I liked the results of practicing. 😂🤷‍♀️ Creating music filled my well and lit up my soul before I even know what that meant.

When I got my Diana/Artemis tattoo last year, I knew she was partly coming into my life to point me in the direction of my heart and to make it very clear what in my life needed to go, what needed to come in, and what needed to be treasured.

When I turned 25, in preparation of selling my stuff to live a nomadic life, I also sold my flute, my piccolo, and my guitar. I hadn’t been playing them regularly, I didn’t know what use they would be to me, and in total transparency I got a lot of money for them that was super helpful at the time.

Earlier this year it became clear to me that, along with other things I’ll be talking about more in the future, music needed to come back into my life in a big way- for no real reason other than it brings me joy and fuels my creative nature.

At 30 I’ve finally set aside the belief that if I’m not the best at something or not planning to become a professional at it, it’s not worth it. And I’m embracing, on much deeper levels than ever before, that “it brings me joy” and “it fuels my creative nature” are literally some of the BEST reasons for doing things.

So, in listening to my heart, I got a ukelele (isn’t she beautiful?). And while I’m years out of practice, it’s amazing how much ease I feel in strumming chords and how much joy I have in playing songs I love really terribly.

Lots of joy tears. Lots of spontaneously kissing my ukelele and saying thank you. And an excitement to work at something that isn’t for anybody else but me.

It’s never too late to try something new. It’s never to late to return to something you love. It’s never too late to choose joy.

You have full permission to have fun. To do it messily. To do it JUST FOR YOU.

What are you ready to choose?
When I started tracking my cycles, the moon, and my flow of energy over the course of months and years, the whole game changed for me. I learned how to schedule things when I would have the right energy for them, and learned to give myself a lot of permission to not be go go go all the time.

And then entered Ellen. The first time she shared The Frequency Method with me, I thought it was pretty cool. “Ooh another astrology thing, but different!” And then I started working with the method. Next level game changer. Ellen has created a system that has helped me SO much in understanding how I show up differently in my life, my work, and my romantic relationship, how the cycles of my life play out over months and years, and the best ways for me to embrace all of who I am.

No more fighting my nature or trying to fit into a productivity system that doesn’t work for me! Now I know how to work with myself to create space and growth and magic and peace and joy from a very grounded place.

And I can’t wait for you to experience her magic and method at Camp Fireheart!!! We will be going live on FB today at 12p pacific on my personal page. (Http://Facebook.com/kate.marolt) Come join me and @ellenercolini for a conversation about honoring your energy, gaining confidence, and creating with joy!
A reminder that we live in a society that profits on us believing we should be doing it on our own. A society that conditions us to believe we have to do all be all and have all- and that it’s weak to ask for help or support. A society that tells us all the ways we aren’t good enough, and all the ways we should be doing better to fix that.
Time to unsubscribe.
And time to remember you are doing great, you are doing enough, and you are amazing.
You’ve got this!!! 👊🏼🔥🌟
Thanks @bunnymichael for your wisdom.