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Transforming into a role for me isn’t just mental, it’s physical as well. I’ve been training for my part as KC on #TheILand and I’m going to film parts of my workout to share the physical preparation of the character with you guys. What questions do you have for me? 💪🏼❤️🏝
How will you self-help today? 
Something I would add to this list that always helps me disconnect from fear and reconnect with soul is to help others. Even if it’s a simple gesture, supporting someone else’s life will undoubtedly bring a sense of peace and optimism. 🌟
Going to miss this walk to the beach 🏝 Thank you @sublimesamana for creating a home away from home.
Introducing ... the latest Fall accessory: the #BoxPurse 👜 📦 where fashion meets function. #TheILand
If not for you
Babe, I couldn't even find the door
I couldn't even see the floor
I'd be sad and blue, if not for you
If not for you
Babe, the night would see me wide awake
The day would surely have to break
It would not be new, if not for you
If not for you, my sky would fall
Rain would gather, too
Without your love I'd be nowhere at all
I'd be lost, if not for you
If not for you
The winter would hold no spring
Couldn't hear a robin sing
I just wouldn't have a clue, if not for you.
👉🏻 #WorldKindnessDay 🌎💞
I have always had an enormous amount of respect for our veterans and those serving in the military - filming THE LONG ROAD HOME truly personalized the experiences of our troops and their families in a profound way. To our Veterans, those currently serving and their families: Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice; to protect our country and to allow us to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. 🇺🇸
I have been thinking so much about those affected by the California wildfires. I was born in this beautiful state - learned to climb trees there - ride a bike - swim - gallop a horse - and it ultimately allowed me to reach out to my dreams and hold on tight. California has a deeply precious place in my heart.
This is a devastating moment for those who have lost their homes, loved ones, animals, precious & irreplaceable items.
Through this difficult time - please remember - this is not the end. A moment of indescribable pain for so many - but it is not the end. Trust - you will rise and you will thrive again. Life awaits.
*(if you are reading this and are interested in helping those affected by the California wildfires, I have included links to the organizations that inspired me to donate in my story. Every bit counts and can make a huge difference in someone’s life.)*
... redhead in bed 🍓😴
#MOOD 📝 💭#TheILand
Introducing some of the lovely ladies from #TheILand 🏝
And it’s this one’s birthday! Michelle ... our belle 💘 Happy Birthday @michelle20milla we smile THIS BIG because we love ya 🥰 (can you tell we have no fun?!) xx
Please watch this incredible video directed by two of my favorite people @airmia22 @celiarowlsonhall 💥‼️🗽 I dare you to not be inspired by this remarkable young man, who also wrote the speech @jman_07_activist 📩🇺🇸 #VOTE