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I have seen the 10 yr challenge everywhere and it got me to thinking - what is the actual challenge? To look the same? Better? Different?
For me, it was to look back on a human in her 20’s (left photo) wide-eyed, & living in a ton of fear because I felt no control over my life. I had neither the experience nor the tools to really understand myself. I started out in this industry at 14 years old - quite by accident. Anyone who follows me from middle school or high school will tell you - I was (and still am) a normal kid from a small town. But I love telling stories and working in a community who literally work their asses off right up until the moment someone yells “ACTION!” in an attempt to make magic (which is what I believe great cinema is - magic). But that girl on the left was not prepared for the wacky / cruel / overwhelming attention fame can bring, and I truly did not know how to process any of it. I internalized the fear, did not communicate much, and certainly did not voice my extreme vulnerability, as I felt it was a weakness. Regardless of the road travelled, the 20’s can be weird and confusing. You are developing. This requires patience and self-care: both qualities I admittedly did not have at the time. I kind of barreled through the decade in an attempt to fake looking cool & confident (I wasn’t) + feel less pain.
Ok, so I am now 36 - and I often get asked from journalists (🙄) how do I feel about aging (as if this is a bad word - we need to work to change this perspective, but that’s a different post). How do I feel about evolving from fear and learning to live through love? AWESOME. Aware there are always growing pains in life, but what a miracle to be alive. The woman on the right feels grateful to create art in different ways, finds strength in vulnerability - and beyond anything else - she knows love is everything. Also, “cool & confident” to me now is goofy, kind, and honest.
So .... Go easy on your hearts now 20 yr olds - you’re not supposed to have it figured out. Find mentors, lean on those you trust who have more life experience. ❤️ Thanks for this challenge, here’s to the next 10. (I hear the 40’s are even better ;)
Anyone else feel this way in January?? 🤯
Rainy days in LA ☔️🤗
One of my all time favorite looks, last year at Critics’ Choice 🕊 #rg @hungvanngo 💋 xx
Often times people think Human Trafficking is a thing of the past or that it doesn’t happen where they live, yet there are an estimated 20.9 million people trapped in some form of slavery today. Today is #HumanTraffickingAwareness Day, and a reminder that there are faces behind the statistics.
Early days in la, photo shoot w/ @jameswhitefoto 👶🏼🌴 just trying to hang on ... 🙃 #tb
Jodie 💘 #wcw
Keep your 'lectric eye on me babe ❤️⚡️
Golden Globes today! 🏆✨ Here is a #tb moment from 3 yrs ago, right before Sophia and I were about to present on stage - and Tom Hanks helped us shake off the nerves because he is truly the kindest, funniest, most generous & loving person - just as you’d expect & more 💛 Good luck to all the nominees, shine, shine, shine ... (+ look for Mr. Hanks if you’re nervous 😉🌟)
The Boz w/ the birds & The Bease ... LET’S GO @dallascowboys 💙🌟👊🏼 #playoffs 🏈
#fbf Julia ✌🏻1990 #GoldenGlobes 🏆
Bye 👋🏼 Colorado 🏔💕🎿 I will be dreaming of this hot chocolate every day .... until next time 🙃😊
(btw it’s the #hautechocolate experience at the 4 Seasons Vail for those asking! 🍫✌🏼)
Especially want to thank Dream host @courtcoursey who never ceases to amaze me w/ his thoughtfulness, generosity & kindness.
You are a true original Court, WE ❤️ YOU XO