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Tonight we premiere our students short films for Montana Institute for the Arts!!! 🎞❤️ #MIA
Meet the students I mentored for the film “Precious Metal.” These ladies rocked it - and I could not be more proud. ☺️
Tara Walker Lyons. The perfect name as Tara is a fierce lioness! 🦁 Tara was assigned position of DP - but when our team’s director had to exit because his wife had a baby the night before shooting, Tara stepped up to the plate and became the director as well as shooting the movie. 💪🏼 @tarawalkerlyons
Angela Martino. The smile that lights up the world! Angela is our producer on “Precious Metal” (and even has a small role in the picture). I watched Angela evolve from perhaps the shiest one in our class to coordinating & editing final picture! She’s headed to film school this fall and I know great things lie ahead. 😃 @angelamartinophotography
Lacey Cratsenberg. Lacey wrote the screenplay “Precious Metal” which the class voted one of the best scripts to be made into a film. A gifted actress, Lacey originally wrote a male star in her screenplay - until Michael and I assigned her the role of “Tommy.” Lacey SHINES as the star of her own screenplay 🌟 @hey_laceylou
Congrats Team! Remember - if you can dream it - you can make it. #gomia
Channeling a bit of a female Indiana Jones here don’t ya think? #WarriorsWay #tbt
Just found this gem ❤️ miss you @therealkrystenritter 😘
Summer nights ✨🌞
She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings. 👼🏼 - Ariana Dancu
We’ve all got layers 🌾🍃🌛✨🌪⚡️
Happy Friday from two happy pups 🐶🌾🐶
#tbt inspired by the incredible @hungvanngo 💄Critics Choice wearing @brockcollection ❤️
Instagram vs in real life w/ this mega babe ⬅️ (I ❤️ U in instagram world too though @adwoaaboah 💞 #wcw )
Class is in session 🧡 Day 1 of MIA
@montana_institute #GOMIA 📓
How’s everyone doin with this heat wave? ☀️🌡💦
Teamwork makes the dream work 🤝 We’ve gone #MIA @montana_institute