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head maven at @mavenlyco 💁🏻 this is the highlight reel. 📽 #WomenWorkWorth podcast on iTunes 🎙


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Shoutout to @iso_kyle and @angieworldorder for making me feel like a former 'The Bachelor' contestant with a blossoming lifestyle blogging career. And big thanks to @laurenlaborde for making me sound like I know what I'm doing in @loyola_nola's magazine. Takes a village, y'all. 👌🏻
Got to celebrate all over again with the bride this weekend as we flipped through these great memories. 🎉 @gracegharrison
smile if you're ready for the weekend. 💦 cc: @sarahdeshaw
Ready for our activewear endorsement. 🏃🏻‍♀️👰🏻#fabletics #ad #bacheloretteparty #norts
The sun is shinin' and we're mastermindin'. 💁🏻 Ready to spend the week with @emilywellsdesign and @sarahdeshaw in this cute little city. 🌃 #girlsgetaway 📷 @sarahdeshaw
Already having #MCOBeachRetreat withdrawals. When are we going back @talliadeljou? 💃👙 @mavenlyco
It's long overdue, but can I brag on this human for one second? First, @mavenlyco is a demanding operation. It's coaching calls at 9PM for west coast clients, it's two weeks of traveling for workshops even when you have the flu, it's sacrificing the luxuries of life for the small wins in business, it's triple checking all of the documents I write because I 100% made a grammatical error, and it's knowing that even after all those sacrifices more are on the way. @talliadeljou gives and gives and then turns around and give some more all with this face and hand motion. She's the perfect balance of optimism and push back, and it makes her a dream to work with. She bought into @mavenlyco when it was a glorified website, and today she's signing 80+ certificates for a strengths training she's facilitating for professionals. You da real deal, T. 👍🏻
Dear @drumadics, you gave us the best subway dance party we could have asked for Saturday night. We were embarrassed we didn't have cash on us so let me know if you have a Venmo account. Thanks for the tunes. 👌🏻
The high school gang back together to watch Patrick #MarrySarie. 👰🏻👯
Name a podcast with more iconic custom apparel. I'll wait. 🕶 | #WomenWorkWorth
Okay, @ashley.beaudin. Here it goes. This is one of my biggest struggles when it comes to @mavenlyco. I'm notorious for forgetting important things and failing to let others know when new things are happening. Sometimes it's harmless, but I know it's a big weakness of mine, and I carry a great deal of guilt for it. Even though the domain name is one of our team's favorite stories, it's a reflection of an imperfection. Thankfully, our team is better than me and still makes the wheels turn despite my shortcomings. Grateful today we all have different imperfections. @imperfectbosses #theimperfectboss
Whenever I go facilitate a workshop in a new city, I always leave feeling like I robbed a bank and got away with it. I learn new tricks, meet stellar women, and have a blast doing it. Feels like I'm the one getting all the perks. And then just when you think you've taken every bit in and it can't get any better, you look in your bag to find the sweetest note from your host and partner in crime for the week, @emerrell09. 
It's little gestures like this that remind you why the long trips and late nights are the best. Thanks for showing me the best time @six_degrees_society + @coworkrs. I'm already excited to come back. 🗽🏙