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best boy
my makeup is vey mediocre but i’m still looking pretty ok
after this post i will be avoiding instagram for the next couple of days to spare myself from the sadness of seeing all the tattoo artists i love post pics from the convention that i will not be attending  this year bc i didn’t save up any money🙄
check out the link to my store in my bio and treat urself to one of these cute shirts i made !!! 👽✨
as seen on my story like a week ago
i feel like an animal crossing player every time i wear this hat lol
my hat is covered in animal hair and i tried to edit it off but got impatient so here’s me in a hat covered in rabbit/dog/cat hair
my whole feed is basically all selfies now... not sorry about it lol
wishing i was watching twilight instead of getting ready for work 🙄
already posted this on my second account but whatever lol
a hoodie under a leather jacket is the best look e v e r don’t @ me
2018 ✨