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Somerset based illustrator ✧ Conjuring my sketches into lampshades, notebooks and more ✧ Generally daydreaming my world into life...


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Spotting possible #witchmarkings in Wells Cathedral... would be very interested to know that meaning of some of these secret symbols - once they are pointed out to you, you start seeing them scratched in everywhere! #medievalgraffiti
Looking forward to seeing my kitty cat again! 🐈 #siberiancat #siberianforestkitten #siberianforestcat 💛💛💛
💛 #Tuscany
Italian holiday - San Gimignano - Liam enjoying playing Assassins Creed 2 in his mind... turns out that you do actually come here in the game and have a sword fight
Parcelling up a big box of lovelies for my latest stockist ✨I am trying now not to use any plastic packaging so I have made these new designs for my notebook sets, what do you think?  Also using reams and reams of tissue paper!  #plasticfree #itcanbedone
My latest lampshade soaking in the sun on this beautiful day... This design is very close to my heart as it’s the view I associate with coming home.  I’ve not lived in Somerset long but I’ve already learned to love it and its ever-present Tor #loveforsomerset
I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m an incurable romantic. No - of course, you don’t need flowers in your hotel room, nor this book full of adorable cottage pictures - but hey why not?! 💛💐 #lifesfordreaming
What’s this, purple?  Yes - I am happy to make my doorknobs in whatever colour you so desire.  This photo was taken by a v lovely customer who wanted some cabinet pulls to match her curtains.  Stylish thinking!  And am happy to oblige... (There’s definite pluses to being a one-woman-band) #smallbusinesslove
Another lovely beach from Cornwall... I am determined to walk the whole coast to coast route one summer
Drawing from my trip in Cornwall... Miss it already 💛 This was just before we embarked on a bracing four hour walk along the North Cornish coastal path. This church near Tintagel dropped straight off into the sea. It housed a memorial to a 14 year old cabin boy lost at sea in 1893.  Apparently they call it the ‘shipwreck coast‘ around there - with good reason - 200 vessels wrecked on that stretch of coast alone
How the tide rushes in
And covers footprints in the sand
As my hope's erased and carried
Out of my hand

How the tides ebb and flow
As driftwood’s tossed upon the shore
And my heart's cast aside
And lost evermore

Yet though the ocean with waves unending
Covers the earth
Yet is there loss after all?

For what e'er drifts from one place
Is with the tide to another brought
And there's naught lost beyond recall
Which cannot be found
If sought

#lovecornwall 💛
Beautiful way to wake up this morning - glamping and morning dew!