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Had to share a lovely trip on Sunday to the #catcottnaturereserve 🦢 Never occurred to me that the bird hides are a perfect place to paint.  You get to be outside but still nice and snug with a little table for all your paints.  Such peace and quiet while I spent the morning here, joined only occasionally by middle-aged men with huge zoom cameras also seeking solitude #birdwatching #enpleinair
Progression... #greenman #ashtoncourt #oilpaintingart
New WIP going on in my garage studio. Now that it’s summery enough I can set myself up in here and be toasty and warm. I particularly like listening to the rain pattering on the plastic roof 🌧 Painting a green man we discovered on a walk, slightly bigger canvas this time so is taking longer 🎨🌳🍃 I seem to be coming across the Green Man a lot lately.  I am feeling very mixed at the moment, thinking about birth and death and everything in between and the green man feels like the perfect symbol for this time #greenman #ashtoncourt
#Sweetpeas This one I made just for myself 💐
My latest painting - irises - for a gift.  I’m painting people’s favourite flowers, the idea being to combine painting with my other new obsession which is gardening 🌱🌼🌱 I’ve got so much stuff growing in my garage!  I want to paint my own favourite flower next which is Sweet Peas #irises #flowerpainting
Beginnings of a flower picture... #flowerpainting
Think this one is finished with - finally!  The last few I did I finished over a weekend but this one I’ve been dipping on and out of for weeks.  This view is pieced together from a few of my favourite trees I see every day on the way in to work. Trees have been a bit of an obsession for me over this winter. They looks so wriggly and sculptural when they’re all bare.  Not for long though... #oilpaintings #somersetlevels #nakedtrees
Progress being made on my latest painting... This one is taking a long time.  That normally means something is wrong - probably something right at the start like the composition - but I don’t mind.  It’s like learning a new language and every painting I’m making is helping me to find my voice #wip #paintingprocess #somersetart
Here’s one of my first oil paintings from this year which I made to go in our kitchen. I wanted to try painting something from real life rather than a photograph, so I picked out our funnest looking veg - namely a pumpkin leftover from halloween, they always seems to last forever for some reason - and set up this little still life for myself.  It took me a couple of afternoons in the garage and it’s a good job I was using an overhead light for this, which I wanted, or else it would have been really difficult keeping hold of the natural daylight..! Another reason winter sucks (as if we need one) #rollonsummersun #oilpaintings
Hello everyone 👋 Just thought I would give you a little update from my art holiday now that we are well and truly into 2019 for better or worse.  Here is my little me space I’ve set up in the new house... I’ve got to admit I am loving this time I’ve given myself.  But I don’t want to leave you all with no word and vanish into the dark!  So I’m going to post up a few of my paintings as I go along... Thanks for all your support 💛💛💛 More soon xxx
To start off 2019 I’ve decided to take break and exercise my dormant artist muscle for a while 🎨 I’m suddenly feeling the need to explore creating for the pure love of creating... I may do some painting. Or maybe writing.  Or perhaps something I’ve never tried before.
My only rule is there are no rules! ✨🖌🖼📚🎼
Sometimes the best way to see things is to take a step back, and a deep breath.... Happy new year everyone 💛 #newyear2019
Come and visit me at my Harbourside stall today if you are looking for some pretty notebooks for stocking-fillers or a big lampshade-shaped main pressie! 💛 I’ll be doing some super discounts today 👍👍👍