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Somerset based illustrator ✧ Conjuring my sketches into lampshades, notebooks and more ✧ Generally daydreaming my world into life...


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Lovely picture I had to share from @newtherose of one of my lampshades in a happy new home 💛 Any Bristol folk can pick one up from my stall tomorrow at the #bristolharboursidemarket #headtotheharbour
Very wholesome day spent volunteering at the #Catcott nature reserve.  Burning scrub from the watery marshlands on this massive bonfire 🍁🍂🔥 Now I’m having a well-deserved lie down with my cat
Happy birthday to my little kitty cat 🐈 I thought I would take this opportunity to post some evidence of him ruining my nice shots 🐱💛 #uhtred
I always try to make people smile with even the teeniest order... ✨ #shopsmall #makemesmile
Hidden in the hedgerow 💛 #hedgerowmagic
Delivered another #Mendip lampshade today to a local village- dweller... I like to take deliveries in person to any fellow Somerset types - any excuse to explore nooks and corners of my lovely new homeland! 💛
Nicest place to draw - by the fireplace 🍃 Had a lovely day foraging for pretties with @instaholl Found a lovely patch of #sloes which I have bletting in the freezer waiting to become sloe gin!  All this nature around me feeding nicely into my latest botanical-inspired collection #nightgarden
Some amazing autumn colours coming out 🍁 🍂 🍃 Had a wonderful time yesterday at #appleday over at Burrow Hill Cider Farm.  Walking around the countryside drinking free apple brandy... doesn’t get more autumnal than that! #peakautumn
More moths appearing to join my new collection... 🌒🦋 #nightgarden #mothlife
A beautiful crisp day - took an early morning walk along the ridge of the Poldens - the lovely thing about this is area is being raised above two very flat landscapes, so you get vistas on both sides 💛getting to know my new neighbourhood #poldenhills
Sorry for the radio silence of late... We’ve just made a very big move from the thriving metropolis that is Wells (haha) to a beautiful little village called Catcott in Somerset.  Looking forward to exploring the Somerset Levels, which are just stunning in this low morning sunlight.  Not going to lie, I am bricking it so any locals please wave hello! 👋 Watch this space I will certainly be updating everyone during this very exciting and inspirational experience #Catcott #somersetlevels
Dropped these off to one happy customer in Bristol - designed with her favourite view of Bristol 💛 I’ve decided to put these lampshades up in my shop for all the Bristol lovers - I know you’re out there! I’m temporarily back in the city myself for one final stint before we move in to our new house next week...Nice to see a bit of the Bristol again before I go full on countryside!#bristollovers