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Somerset based illustrator ✧ Conjuring my sketches into lampshades, notebooks and more ✧ Generally daydreaming my world into life...


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Hi everyone - I’m doing another giveaway for my newsletter subscribers 😊 I’ve got a secret new product in the works and I’ve decided to give one away for free to one lucky person! All you need to do is sign up before my stall on Sunday when all will be revealed... *clue: it is small and portable* Link in bio
Sunshine, and the occasional torrential downpour, made for in interesting weekend - a treat to take my studio outdoors for once!  But more than once I had to run and take all this stuff inside 🌧 Here’s my #regency collection practicing posing for my stall next Sunday @theharboursidemarket
Fairy circle at Milton Lodge!  As a break from making lampshades for my stall next Sunday, @oshea34 took me for a secret walk to an undisclosed location... Milton Lodge gardens was where we ended up.  I can’t believe we have missed this place - utterly enchanting, in every sense ✨🍄✨
Perfect morning making lampshades on the lawn... #springdays
Regency fabrics arrived too... Now I am dusting off that sewing machine!  Very excited to play 💛#regency
Lampshade before it’s a lampshade... busy making some more Seafarer lamps to go with the others at my Harbourside stall.  This is after the fabric is backed on to the flexible drum-shade material but before I roll the edges onto the frames #lampshademaking
Getting to work on some #nautical lampshades next using my Seafarer patterns! 🌊 And maybe something else new too... #ideasbrewing #spoonflower
My #dragonflies pattern in action. Lots more lampshade making to go...
My latest fabric order brings all my patterns together at last!  It’s my biggest order yet, so looking forward to making lots of lampshades this week... Here’s the fabrics from my Orangerie range 🌿
⏩⏩Swipe ⏩⏩ to see my whole landscape drawing (Been wanting to do a panoramic post like this for ages! 😊) #mendips
Progress being made on my new landscape #tor #mendips
Sewing little labels for little lamps... #marchmeetthemaker