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“This is the face of consumerism.” 😂 That’s a “How I Met Your Mother” Reference. This does accurately display my son’s enthusiasm for Christmas shopping though 🎄

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OH MY GOSH, BY GOLLY! It’s time for mistletoe and holly 🎄😉
15 DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS! SAY WHAT? It’s going too fast for me now!
It’s Christmas time, and I’m feelin’ fine. No stress, worry or hustle and bustle.  This year I really wanted to relax and enjoy this season reflecting on the real reason. JESUS!
...and the stockings we’re hung over the TV with care, because there ain’t no fireplaces in Phoenix 😂

#southwestchristmas #stockings #imisssnow #washingtonstateofmind 
After spending my whole day cleaning, I really feel like crashing on the couch with the hubs and watching Christmas movies. BUT if I know my husband, he’ll be in his office studying for his Bible Institute Essay on the Resurrection.  Thanksfully God has blessed me TREMENDOUSLY with this handsome guy plus two others! 🎄#BOYMOMLIFE ISNT LONELY!

#homemakingbydesign #az #wandellboys
Jesus is the reason for the season. This little manger scene was given to me by my pastors wife @siscocharity and I adore it. 🎄♥️
What is your favorite Christmas Decoration?

#17daysuntilchristmas #mangerscene #christmas2017 #jesusisthereasonfortheseason
🎄This Christmas I want the Joy of a child. I want to see Christmas like it is the first time all over again. I want to find wonder in the lights and joy in singing Christmas songs. But most of all I want to be lost in awe at a manger scene, wondering why all these people are focused on that little baby. When we see Christmas as a small child would, we can’t help but ask “Why was Jesus Born”. It amazes me how many people celebrate Christmas, but have no idea what it means. Christmas is not about gifts and treats, it’s not about Santa. CHRISTmas is about Christ. Every time you write a date, you are acknowledging him. He is real. He came and changed the world as it was. He was God in the flesh who dwelt among men and lived a perfect life, so he could be a perfect sacrifice and die to take our sin away. He gave us the greatest gift we could ever have...Eternal life. The only thing we have to do is accept that, by sincerely asking forgiveness of our sin and believing Jesus died and rose again. There’s nothing you can do to earn heaven, it is only through what Jesus did for you. THAT is the true meaning of CHRISTmas. We’re celebrating his birth. Because had he not been born, he would not have died. There would be no hope for mankind. If you haven’t heard this before you can read more through the link in my bio.
🎄19 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS??? Say what google? I’ve always trusted you, but now I’m having doubts 😂 No way is it that close. Thankfully I have two gifts left to wrap. I feel wayyy ahead of the curb...or is it curve? Dang #mombrain 🤦🏻‍♀️ Speaking Of Gifts, if you don’t know what the greatest gift in the world is (which is also the reason behind why we celebrate Christmas) head to the link in my bio and click “THE GREATEST CHRISTMAS GIFT IN THE WORLD”🎄
⭐️What kid doesn’t love to snack throughout the day? I strive to have healthy snacks, because as they say “You are what you eat.” We got to try some new healthy snacks from Good Health @ghsnacks. My husband LOVES their veggie pretzels and the kids loved the mickey mouse shaped veggie chips😋. My personal favorite is the “Eat Your Vegetables” Sea Salt chips. I love chips but they usually are too hard for my teeth. So I love this brand because all their chips have the PERFECT CRUNCH. Swipe right to see more pics! (The baby tried feeding me)😂 #ad #wandellfamily #azmom #healthysnacksforkids #phx #healthyfamily #snacktime #organicad