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Today I picked up noodles my child threw on the floor. Some had been smushed and it really put the cherry on top of my already hard day. I feel exhausted and a little physically sick. But no matter how much I would love to take a personal day .... I have to take care of my kids. So now that my kids are asleep I’m taking this moment to post this picture of a delicate flower I found @beckman_mill ....After a day of noodle slingin’ kids and having my hair pulled by my 12 mo old. I need to think of the simple things in life and look forward to tomorrow

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When you know you need a diaper change....you run away from the one person who can help you 😂 I don’t understand my kids haha

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Exploring the outdoors just like every little boy should.

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I’m going to have that post of our trip to WI up soon. Here is a lovely picture of a giraffe we saw while at the @henryvilaszoo 
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M.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D is like standing in a corn field. It looks beautiful from afar but when you get close up you see the little critters climbing up your feet. 🐜🐛🕷=👶🏻👦🏼👦🏻 #momlifebelike #uniteinmotherhood
I love taking photos, but are always hesitant to share ones of myself. Is any other mom like that?
So I thought it would be fun to share 5 random facts about me. We play this game in our youth group and it’s always interesting and revealing.😂 •
1- I met my husband online. Thank GOD for the internet! 💻
2- I used to collect small unwanted ceramic figurines from thrift stores and garage sales as a child. 🕊
3- I was almost abducted when I was 8 riding my bike. 😧
4- I took 3 years of pottery and almost started a business @ 18 selling my handmade ceramics and pottery.
5- I was just about 5 or 6 when I heard a preacher on the TV talk about Jesus and what he did for me. I knew right then I was a sinner destined for hell. I asked my parents if I could pray and we did. I believe that is the happiest, most wonderful day in my entire life. Even surpassing my wedding day and the births of my sons.🙌🏼 WHAT’S ONE RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOU? 😊

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Oh how I’ve missed fall.🍁 Something about growing up in Washington made me love this season. I wish Arizona had more signs of the changing season. I love it when the air gets crisper and the ground crunches with each step I take. I adore the feeling of change.

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I love this time of year. Fall is the perfect transition into winter. I love the trees, the warm blankets, sweaters, warm mugs filled with liquid love and being surrounded by family.
*SIGH* I finally did his first birthday shoot. I think it’s really hitting me now that he is O.N.E and this is the first time in 3 years that I haven’t been pregnant during my youngest’s first b-day. Sounds silly but when you’ve been pregnant almost non stop for 3 years you get used to it!😂 Anyways enough about me! It’s all about Big Buddy Bro in the photo here looking all dashing and such. I just did a post of ALL 12 OF HIS MONTHLY BABY PHOTOS. They are so cute! I included stats of how he grew each month. We took them in the #babyflatlay style. Check out the link in my bio to see the post 📋so many handsome pics 📸
Sometimes when I take pictures, my boys do silly things. Like pretend they are invisible by laying down on their faces. Haha idk why but I love this photo and thought it was too silly not to share 😂
😍Okay okay....calm down Katherine. Man this photo makes my heart skip a beat. Handsome doesn’t even begin to describe this guy. 😁 So this wood watch he’s wearing is my 🎈birthday gift to him. He’s going to be 28 on Sat and I thought I would give him the gift of time 🕰 He’s in love with it! So much so he was willing for me to take some great photos to share with you!
It’s from @jordwatches and what’s great is I’ve partnered with them to create a contest to give ONE of you guys a chance to win a $100 gift code for a watch. What’s even better is everyone who participates also gets a $25 code toward their site! 😀 If you haven’t checked them out, you must! Every watch is simply beautiful! The one my husband is wearing is called Koa and Black. It has NO BATTERIES 🔋🔋because it has a self winding mechanism. This watch is see through, so you can see all the movements. It’s the type of timepiece you pass onto the next generation. 🌿
Check out the link in my bio to enter to win the contest / giveaway! It ends  Nov 5 at 11:59pm. It will make a great 🎄CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR YOUR HUBBY or even your dad! They also have ladies watches. I love the zebra wood and maple Fieldcrest series.
DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO WOULD LOVE A WOOD WATCH? Tag them below 👇🏼 #jordwatch #woodwatch #jordwatches
I’m dying guys! I know I have two others, but this could be my last baby! 😭 I’m putting together his 1st year slideshow and I’m wondering how I got here. I’ll be sharing first birthday photos soon. DO YOU GET SAPPY TOO WHEN YOUR BABY HITS A MILESTONE?

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