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Me: *only has one class today*
Also me: *dresses as extra as she possibly could for 50°F weather*
The sun was out today for the first time in a while, so AJ and I had to make the best of the sunshine! We ate vegan burgers today and I feel goooood!! Totally getting thrift shop + teddy bear vibes from my outfit today!! 🐻✨💫⭐️✨
Y’all know how much I love teddy jackets??! WELL... This jacket is so so soft- just as soft as my teddy, but makes me feel so refined and ~sophisticated~ especially thanks to how it’s made! This was literally $30 from Amazon but it makes me feel like a million dollars whoops 🤓 
Additionally, I have a new YouTube video today!! Vlogged my first time celebrating something on Halloween and it was a blast!! (Confirmed: Everything is so much more fun as an adult! Well... except the rent + bills thing but hey it’s all part of growin’ up 😤👍🏼) Still have never trick or treated in my life and didn’t carve my first pumpkin until I was 16!!
Finally, I have the bestest and most talented friend in the worldddd 😭💛 (@ajmckeee) capturing all my best angles!! #founditonamazon
Growing up, I thought I’d have to blend in with everyone around me if I wanted to have friends and be accepted. But, how boring would that be if everyone had the same mannerisms, language, culture and beliefs?! So many people grow through their adolescence thinking the way I did when I was younger. It wasn’t till a few instances in high school that I realized… hey. My calling isn’t to be just like everyone else. Staying authentically ourself can be difficult- but once we learn to distance ourselves from criticism and conversations from others about us and surround ourselves with good supportive friends, it truly makes all the difference. #SplitFrom the rest of the pack. You are called for even greater.
Get your own by going here: http://bit.ly/SoleFuryChamps
#ChampsSoleFury, #SplitFrom #sponsored
The weather dropped to the 40’s today and it even snowed at my house this morning! 😳 The main thing keeping me together this week is the thanksgiving festivities right around the corner. I am so ready to eat good!! Also, I found out that COSTCO ROTISSERIE CHICKENS ARE ONLY $5 EACH AND THAT MADE MY ENTIRE DAY. THEY LITERALLY LOSE 40 MIL IN PROFITS ANNUALLY BECAUSE OF THAT AND WOW- Costco is definitely the Lord’s store. God bless Costco- and bless Costco for keeping my stomach content. 🙂👍🏼
Thinking of the warmer days and my baby marshmallow nails... Houston is dropping to the 30’s tomorrow and Wednesday!! For me, the perfect weather has got to be in the 60-70’s range. (Also explains why I’m so obsessed with LA weather... or well.. LA in general 😩) What is your ideal temperature?!
Water resistant. Wind proof. Lightweight. Lined. Fleece pockets. So much attention to detail it’s insane!! Get your own puffer at bit.ly/ULTRAseason ✨💫✨
Feels good to be... “back.” HEHE. 
While I was backstage, I saw this elevator again and it reminded me of some good memories. I’m still learning to cope with death. X’s concert was the first time I picked up my camera, and I’ve grown so much since I was here at House of Blues last year. Mentally, spiritually, emotionally... it’s been such an amazing journey that I can only give credit to God for. With that being said, I wished I expressed my gratitude more when he was alive. But, I’m talking about this as an advocate for you guys to tell your friends what you need to tell them while you get the chance to. Don’t live your life regretting anything. Say what you need to say, spend time with those you want to spend time with. Life is just too short. Thank you, Lord, for this year of tremendous growth.
Just a general reflection of these past two years. 🤗💛💫✨ Junior year, I had an emotionally abusive and mentally exhausting relationship, (and despite it being high school, a toxic relationship is still a toxic relationship and the pains of it were very very real to me.) Around this time a year ago, there was a group of individuals who made a google document about me filled with VERY unkind words and hatred, and spread it through my entire high school. Throughout my senior year of high school (and even before it began), there were people who would tell each other to dislike my Youtube videos every time I posted a new one. I used to have a very small backbone, so these things hurt me- I’ll be honest about that!! My junior-senior high school experience wasn’t the best. I truly felt like I had nobody, no friends, and that no matter what I did as a person, everyone saw me as a villain. Additionally, around this upcoming December last year, my dad had a work accident, got electrocuted by a main power-line, and fell 15+ ft onto hard concrete right after. 
But, I don’t look back at ANY of these circumstances with anger... why?! That horrid relationship taught me self love. It taught me to regain my self confidence, and to never put my self worth and happiness determined on another’s viewpoint of me, which so many of us unconsciously do. It taught me that we can dwell on the what-ifs or the mistakes, or simply move on and understand that not everything needs an answer. The cyber bullying helped me grow a backbone. It allowed me to teach myself that no matter what words people can try to use to define you, YOU know who you are at the end of the day- and how relieving it is knowing that God understands your heart more than any person on this Earth could ever. .....
I’ll finish the rest of this and the journey with my dad in the comments. My heart is just so full of love and happiness. 💛💫✨
Drip or drown 🌊
I have a big heart towards this fanny pack right now, thank u
My mom tried her best at taking this photo for me!! I appreciate her efforts. 😂😂 Had the greatest time opening up my surprise package from @abercrombie today!! 🤩💛✨💫 I’ve been wanting to open up this box since last night, but held off the temptation of peeking until today to show you guys as well!! It’s Ultra Season, meaning it’s time to pull out those awesome A&F Ultra Puffers!!! It’s lightweight, water repelling and windproof... I can attest to the warmth of this puffer jacket- I was sweating in my room despite keeping my room freezing cold!! I can’t wait to style these two pieces. Abercrombie... thank you for givin’ your girl so much lovin’ 💫✨💫
Happy halloween with the spookiest thing of all- CARBS!! 😱🤤
It took me about 30 minutes to untangle all my necklaces LOL. Catching up with my babe @ajmckeee- love you to death 💛💫✨
Bacon egg + cheese sandwich and a matcha gold croissant 🥐 💛
Servin’ some teddy bear realness 🐻 Thinking of going completely silver lately... this might just have to be my Christmas present to myself this year! 〰️ Spending the day reminiscing and editing my DHTM ‘18 DAY ONE video... excited to upload it and share it with you guys when I’m finished! ✨