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Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer.
Chasing light all around the Houston area!
Now booking weddings for 2018.


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More of these two 沽
I don窶冲 post many black and whites but when I do, you get Mr. & Mrs. West 沽
A mothers love is seriously the best kinda love! 笶、ク
Just finished watching 窶廨oodbye Christopher Robbin窶 and I窶冦 all in my feels haha! I love the story behind the novel 窶弩innie The Pooh窶. Y窶兮ll should go watch it! Also, I窶冦 obsessed with old fashion/ vintage things! If anyone wants to take a trip to go get ice cream and do a photo shoot in a library or record store, shoot me a email! Let窶冱 do it! 笶、ク条沽
Y窶兮ll would have never guessed it was super cold and windy AND construction going on in the background..... but this family pulled through and I窶冦 obsessing 沽
I窶冦 giving away a free photo session to one lucky winner! Here窶冱 how to enter:
-Repost/share this photo
-Hashtag #katiecarnoskiphotography
-Follow my page @katiecarnoskiphotography -Like this photo 
And that窶冱 it! Winner will be announced Friday! 沽
Photographer friends, who else gets tied up in between light and airy & dark and moody? 沽ゥ笶、ク
Trying new edits 洟
Totally different edit but my little candy girl LOVED the SNOW!!!! 笶ク鞘ク条沽
Who else is obsessed with their dog? 泗愚沛シ窶坂凰ク
It窶冱 delivery day 沁解沁Å沒ク
All the goals 沽 golden hour was on point yesterday! I was obsessed with everything about her and her soon to be baby girl! 汳