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The future "Tigers" 🐯
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Happy happy happy 🎂. It's kind of a late wish but we needed a new picture so I had to wait 😄 love you and may this year bring you all the happiness ever @karanjohar
It's official ... new release date July 14th ! 2 days before my birthday , sorry had to get that in 😄

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Prep for those days when you can't find a chair . 🤔please do it at the gym it's very fun 🎉@yasminkarachiwala @rezaparkview
With my two lovelies ❤❤
#Repost @officialhumansofbombay ・・・
“I grew up watching my brothers and uncles working in the police force. When the time came to pick a profession, I chose to be a police constable myself because I wanted to be able to protect myself and others without being dependent on anyone.  Today however, I feel like because of a few incidents, we’re misunderstood on the whole.  Everyone thinks we’re lazy, corrupt and that if they dial an emergency number it’s useless -- but let me tell you that I’ve attended to those emergency calls myself.  I drive this van during the night slot, and if any woman in the locality I’ve been assigned calls 103, I will be there within a few minutes. Next time, trust in us and dial any emergency number…we won’t let you down.”
On a dark desert highway .... well it's not really a highway , and it's not really dark , but it's a desert 🌵
A thug .. a tiger .. and a 🐱#tigerzindahai #thugsofhindostan
My most favourite memory of my childhood was always dancing with my mother . To the strongest woman I know ..... what would the world be without you ... ❤️#happymothersday