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Fredrick lives here now. #dontmakeitweird #southsidebestside
Here's to all those amazing Latin classes (and that one head-nod of solidarity @jessicahatesit got from Norman Reedus).
Super spooky 🕷
Look at my cute-ass, little teacup. ☕️
Bruh, it's 98 degrees out. Like, are you sure?
Death is weird.
I love my yard so much. 
Can't wait until my baby chickens show up and start running amuck all over it. 🐥
Friendly reminder that I am a pretty, beplaided princess.
Pretty but stressful. Scary sci-fi buildings giving me panic attacks. My brain needs to chill.
'Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.' — Lemony Snicket
Have you ever had one of those moments, looking up at a skyscraper, when you realize you've fallen into a science fiction novel and there's no way THAT is real and you're going to be sick? Yeah. Time for tea, pain au chocolat, and a short read.
When you go for the walk but stay for the daisy chains
Is my yard even real?