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"Working hard every day to
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It was too beautiful to not go outside. ☀️
#bobsburgers just so happened to be at #barlouie yesterday. 💕
Adam’s not actually pissed off, he just refuses to take a normal picture ever. #husbandproblems
Hi I’m Kaitlyn and I suffer from binge eating disorder. I work hard every day to make better choices and to improve my relationship with food. But recovery is hard and every day is a new day of temptation. #nevergiveup #youarenotyoureatingdisorder #keepfighting #quotes
Happy happy Saturday. I’m so thankful of all the opportunities I have today. #appreciatethelittlethings #saturdaymood
Most amazing thing I’ve ever tasted!
Marriage isn’t easy but it’s so worth it. 💕
Nothing Leo loves more than fresh laundry. #mychildrenhavepaws 🐾🐾
Dear Snapchat, why do you think my hand is another face? #selfieproblems
Let’s be 110% real. I did NOT want to go to the gym. I made every excuse in the book. But guess where I am? Putting in work. Thankfully then I can relax in the hot tub. Happy Saturday everyone, make yourself proud!
Feeling amazing this morning. It’s been a hard week, but I’m focusing on the positive. My hubby and I joined a gym on Saturday and there have been a few times where Adam didn’t want to go. But guess what?! I went anyways. This is super unlike me, going to a busy gym and working out in front of strangers is not my kinda day. But I did it and I’m so proud of myself. Anyways, happy thursday! 💕💕
Send help! This week has been brutal. 😑