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Ollie is loving the new view! 🍁❄️
What a day! Crushed all my goals and I’m exhausted. 😴
As most of you know or you can probably guess, 2018 is the year of bettering myself. I’m focusing a lot on being “healthy.” ⁣
Healthy doesn't equal being skinny or losing massive amounts of weight. Healthy doesn’t mean constantly tracking and counting my calories. ⁣
Healthy means to me that I am making better choices every single day. I’m taking things slow and being kind to myself because losing weight and balancing your mental health is effing hard. ⁣I still have a long way to go but I’m proud of how far I’ve come! 🌺✨
Ollie is such a little explorer. It’s been almost a year since we adopted him and my heart is so full. 💙 ⁣
I couldn’t have chosen a better cat to join our little family. He’s literally Adam’s sidekick; they are constantly together. Not to mention, how absolutely wonderful he is with Leo. They are two peas in a pod. 🐱🐶⁣
Being a fur mom has given my life such purpose. Knowing that I have given my animals a loving home and wonderful memories is more than I could have ever hoped for.
One of my greatest challenges has been my attitude. I focus a lot on the negative and what could go wrong and it drives me bonkers. It’s a horrible and draining way to live. 😩 ⁣⁣
I feel consumed by stress on a regular basis. But I don’t want this to continue anymore. I’ve been working on keeping a grattitude journal and trying to find the light in the darkness. ✨⁣⁣
It’s not easy; it’s something I have to work on every single day. BUT I know in the end it’s so worth it. 💕
Fall is coming!!! I repeat, this is not a drill! 🎃 👻 🍁 🦇
I used to be so ashamed to share a picture of my whole body. It was my obsession to take a great photo from the chest up. But I’m not afraid anymore, this is me. 💕
The real secret to a happy life is surrounding yourself with people who get you. There’s no better feeling than being 100% you around someone! Love you lady!
There are no words that could truly sum up the love I have for this guy. Dogs have this powerful way of changing your life. Best thing I ever did was decide to rescue this guy! 🐾💕
#selfcaresunday is really important to me. I like starting off the week feeling mentally recharged. I spend a lot of time in my car and I promised when we got a new car that I was going to keep it in good shape. Making sure my car is clean and decluttered is now one of my favorite ways to relax!
Wake up and do something that scares you. Don’t fear failure; failing means you’re trying. ✨
#selfcaresunday something is so calming about being outside with my favorite guy. 🐶💕