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when you crave companionship but run from love when you get it 汳Å沛シ窶坂凰ク鞘擘ク#happymadeupholidayofforcedlove #ilovemyself #iloveyoutoo
And that窶冱 a wrap on the first leg of WITNESS: THE TOUR! 笨費ク There's no I in TEAM but there is an 汨 in WITNESS, and I have to thank my incredible crew for making it all happen! 泗交沛シ And thank YOU 汞コ汞ク+汞ィ汞ヲ for coming out and making this first leg awesome! Catch up on everything you missed with @xfinity X1. 汨 you all soon!
One month until dreams come true on 沁、 沍#AmericanIdol! 沍溟沁、Start planning your premiere party for Sunday March 11th! 沚ソ
沍クHey Seoul sisters and brothers 沍ク So excited to announce that I窶冦 coming to the Gocheok Dome on April 6! Tickets on sale February 20 at 12pm local 汞ー汞キ汞ー汞キ汞ー汞キ
Feeling like a Glamazon on the cover of @glamourmag 汳沛シ窶坂凰ク: @rickhenryla 汳: @manthony783 汳沛サ: @elzanailsmiami 泱: @cleowade 沒キ: @emmasummerton
3 years ago I was given the opportunity to make over 120 million people smile 泗 I will never forget the feeling before I took the stage... somewhere between what possibly felt like giving birth or the edge of death, neither I窶况e known but could imagine... it窶冱 intense and beautiful. I am eternally grateful for every day I get to use my gift and that you all continue to press play. Big shout out to my good friends @lennykravitz and @missymisdemeanorelliott for bringing INCREDIBLE style and sparkle to the stage that night. 笶、ク Enjoy the special moment @justintimberlake #superbowlxlix #2015 #leftshark #updatetamratoldmethewrongtimecomeforhernotforme
汨ゥ沛シ笨 沁・笨 汞ィ汞ヲ笨披シク MONDAY & TUESDAY (link in bio!)