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We take turns annoying each other all day. She yanks out my hair, scratches me, drools all over me, and I give her tons of kisses. 😘 I love being her mama!
We celebrated my 21st birthday yesterday! 🌸 It was definitely not an uneventful day! I woke up sick with a sore throat feeling not so good, then while we were on the road our car broke down at an intersection, just dead stopped. Our plans were delayed but my hubby still spoiled me with a simple yet fun day together. Life is definitely a ride but it turned out great! Now me and baby E are home sick today just laying around. Thank you to all my family and friends that reached out wishing me a happy birthday. 💗
The weekend always seems to go by too fast! 😩 We enjoyed a fun birthday party for my niece turning 8 yesterday. Eliana got to go swimming for the first time! She loved it and splashed her little heart away. Yay for summertime ☀️🌊 Do you love the pool as much as we do?! ❤️
•5  m o n t h s • . 
As I was writing this I accidentally typed 4 months because I just can’t believe she is already 5 months old! My baby girl is getting so big. One thing that’s really starting to shine through this month is her personality, and how she’s becoming her own little person. She’s so animated, knows what she likes and dislikes, and makes the most darling facial expressions. She’s starting to laugh more, play more, learn more. I love watching her face light up with every new experience. I love how she giggles, how strong she is for such a tiny little body. She is so tough, but so sweet + loving. We could not have been more blessed with a beautiful baby girl! 💗
What a week! Baby E wasn’t feeling well and sickness hit her hard. She’s feeling so much better now and is finally her happy, smiley self again 💗
I don’t post enough about my handsome Instagram (and real life) hubby. I love him more than words could ever express. I adore his heart for God and the love he has for me and E. I absolutely love listening to him interact with our baby girl. It’s amazing how much more you can love your husband after he becomes a daddy 😍 I’m so grateful for his willingness to be by my side and help me.
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Happy 4 months to my sweet sweet girl. 💗🌷 You have been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love it when you smile and your cute little laugh. You are so smart and love it when mommy and daddy play with you. You love to people watch. You’ve started to grab things, and make the cutest noises. You have taught me so much these past 4 months, and I love being your momma. You are so precious and the light of our lives. So grateful for each day I get to spend with you, I wish time would slow down. 😭
Our garden excursion was definitely no walk in the park, and I was not prepared for a hike 😓 It was so beautiful out! I’m so glad we got to enjoy this warm weather 🌸💗
Today is our Friday since my hubby has a three day weekend and we cannot wait for him to be home!
The sun is out too and It’s suppose to be nice all weekend, so I’m happy! 🌸
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Sometimes when I look at her I get a glimpse of her future self, what she will look like and what she will be like and it makes my momma heart just explode. 💗 I hope she grows to love Jesus and to be kind, gentle, sweet, loving and always know where her true self worth comes from.
Tackling projects with a baby on my hip. 💁🏼.
It was apparent from the moment she was born that she loved to be held and carried. Mostly because she loved being one of the big kids and had a total case of FOMO. .
Any chance she gets to be up and about cooking and cleaning with mommy is a good day. She loves it and will let you know with adorable high pitch squeaks. We love our WildBird ❤️ #mywildbird
my • little • love 
My heart could burst about 15 times a day just looking at her. I am so lucky to be her mama 💗
I had a hard time getting her to look at the camera, little stink bug!