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June 22, 2016.
This was the very first time @shantanu_shakahari_pujari and I did glove drills together. I have never felt more at peace training with anyone else. Being a peaceful warrior might sound paradoxical, but that is exactly what we strive to be. That is the way of the Martial Artist. And Shantanu is as much of one as you'll ever meet.
Fuckin Siuuuuuu. #CR7 #ForzaJuve
Technique of the week #1: The Pendulum Low Kick.

1. SPEED: One of the keys to this technique is being quick. Not just with the actual kick, but with the footwork before and after the kick. If you're too slow with your feet before the kick, your opponent might see it coming and ending up checking it. That will be painful. If you're too slow with your feet after the kick, you'll still be in your opponent's range and could quite easily get caught with a responding strike.
2. SETTING IT UP: I won't go into too much detail on how to set it up. This is because every fighter has different favoured tools and so what works for me might not work for someone else. My favourite way to set this kick up is behind the Cross (Rear Straight).
3. CONTACT POINT: When I throw this kick I generally contact with the foot. Not because I've misjudged the distance between my opponent and I. In fact, precisely the opposite. If you try to contact with the shin, especially in Open Stance (Orthodox v/s Southpaw), you risk being too close to your opponent at the time of impact. This could lead to you getting caught on your way in. Especially with a punch. Mainly because punches travel faster than kicks. DISCLAIMER: It is risky kicking with the foot, hence being quick is mandatory (Point #1).
4. WHERE TO CONTACT: Ideally you want to aim for your opponent's lead (front) leg. So, if you're in Closed Stance, you want to kick the outside of your opponent's lead leg. However, if you're in open stance, you want to aim for the inside of your opponent's lead leg.
I still have a few more points on this technique, but it's the size of a damn essay as it is. If you guys want any more information on this technique of the week, DM me. Have fun.
Celebrating Shri Anubis Talib's sixth birthday. I am blessed to have this boy in my life.
Along with being able to send you to the morgue, my legs are also useful as pillows for my youngest brother. #Anubis
He's back, baby. 
#Repost @badrhariofficial
Fight Tomorrow. 🔥
I'm not a Christian, so I don't rest on Sundays.
It's impossible to take a 60kg fighter and teach him/her to hit like an 80kg fighter. So, don't bother about trying to make yourself hit harder. There is only one Mike Tyson. Instead, focus on trying to make yourself hit cleaner. That is very much in your control. #BalanceMuayThai
I'd love to say I was working on a particular technique, or I was trying to play around with different ranges. But the truth is, I was working on sweet fuck all. #LessRunningMoreBagWork
Basic, yet complex.

BASIC: The simple bit is the combination itself. The Jab, Rear Low Kick is one of the easiest combinations to throw, as it does not require any explosion. This is because it's a lead to rear side combination. Now, for example, try throwing a Jab, Lead Low Kick (with power) combination. You'll find it's a lot harder to throw. 
COMPLEX: The tricky bit is finding range. What I mean by this, is it does not take much skill to simply land the low kick. What I am actively doing here is trying to land the low kick with my upper shin. Failing that, the lower shin. But never the foot. That's why legs break when kicks get checked. Because the fighter in question hasn't found his/her optimal range. Therefore landing with the foot. Be mindful of this when throwing low kicks with power. Essentially,

Upper Shin: Great
Lower Shin: Good
Foot: You're fucked.
My beautiful Amma and my extremely average looking brother, Khaim.
Testing out the new Wall Pad at BMT. It's a lot more tiring than I thought it would be. Was gassed at the end of 2 rounds. The only way is up.