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🥊Martial Artist
🥊Owner/Head Coach at Balance Muay Thai & Kickboxing
🥊Kickboxer & Nak Muay
🥊Pro Record: 1-1 (Muay Thai)


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Along with being able to send you to the morgue, my legs are also useful as pillows for my youngest brother. #Anubis
He's back, baby. 
#Repost @badrhariofficial
Fight Tomorrow. 🔥
I'm not a Christian, so I don't rest on Sundays.
It's impossible to take a 60kg fighter and teach him/her to hit like an 80kg fighter. So, don't bother about trying to make yourself hit harder. There is only one Mike Tyson. Instead, focus on trying to make yourself hit cleaner. That is very much in your control. #BalanceMuayThai
I'd love to say I was working on a particular technique, or I was trying to play around with different ranges. But the truth is, I was working on sweet fuck all. #LessRunningMoreBagWork
Basic, yet complex.

BASIC: The simple bit is the combination itself. The Jab, Rear Low Kick is one of the easiest combinations to throw, as it does not require any explosion. This is because it's a lead to rear side combination. Now, for example, try throwing a Jab, Lead Low Kick (with power) combination. You'll find it's a lot harder to throw. 
COMPLEX: The tricky bit is finding range. What I mean by this, is it does not take much skill to simply land the low kick. What I am actively doing here is trying to land the low kick with my upper shin. Failing that, the lower shin. But never the foot. That's why legs break when kicks get checked. Because the fighter in question hasn't found his/her optimal range. Therefore landing with the foot. Be mindful of this when throwing low kicks with power. Essentially,

Upper Shin: Great
Lower Shin: Good
Foot: You're fucked.
My beautiful Amma and my extremely average looking brother, Khaim.
Testing out the new Wall Pad at BMT. It's a lot more tiring than I thought it would be. Was gassed at the end of 2 rounds. The only way is up.
When I grow up, I'm going to be like Bruce Lee. #Wataa
Looking after the wheels. #LonsdaleBoxing
Punch to Kick Block Coordination Drill: Part 2

Jab, Rear Block + Cross, Lead Block + Cross, Jab, Diagonal (Cross) Block.

Very similar to the first drill with respect to tempo, number of shots thrown & defended. 
The difference lies in the footwork and coordination. Due to that it may be tricky initially to go from Jab to Rear Block & Cross to Lead Block. Even trickier to go from Cross, Jab to Diagonal Block. Especially as most of us are more than comfortable throwing. Jab, Cross combination, but a lot less comfortable going the other way.

Once again, I have demonstrated it from both stances. Give this drill a whirl.

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Keeping it fresh. #JumpRope #NoDaysOff