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For 30 years, Kazuma Surfboards Hawaii has been shaping custom surfboards for the best surfers in the world.
What would you do with a Magic board?

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The Kole model is my best selling board model.  The popularity of it is interesting to me because this is one of my non advertised models. In fact it is not even on my website so I know it sells because of the great word of mouth  and not some slick marketing / advertising sales pitch. 6'0'x19.75"x2.5" 32L for Kaipo.
Blue resin color is one that you can't go wrong with.  This answers today's question of which colors is the best. I think the real question was "Which color is easy to do and not get muddied up in the process"
Efficiency makes handshaping a possibility in a high volume operation.  Time-saving tricks like using a skill saw add up at the end of a day and definitely reduces wear and tear on the body.  How long does it take to cut out your outline?
Secret shaping tip #17.  Your feet control the planer.  What I mean is that you must adjust the planer feed rate according to the resistance of the cutter to the blank to control distortion and accuracy.  You can see that at around 30 seconds and 47 seconds of the clip I encounter resistance /drag that makes me have to slow down my fee rate. (done with slowing down my footsteps) I adjust in a few other ways but my feet at the main way to compensate.  I wish my cnc machines could adjust to the blank like this. Oh and my "old man" shoes do make a huge difference in the finesse and control of my planer.
Not your usual shape.  Explaining the details and concept will take too long..........
Resin colors really kills production and the going rate is way too low to compensate for the loss of productivity.  Thomas prepping his cutlaps before he grinds and hotcoats the bottom.
Fin box repair for a friend.  At $75 per repair this might be the best paying job in the shop and it seems that these failures are never ending.
This amazing glasser who has been building boards with me for over 20 years refuses to be a part of Instagram.  Secretly working through the night, your identity will remain an industry secret.
No reason why the "big boys" can't have high performance like use mere mortals.... Kole model 6'2"x20.6"x3" 41L.
Detail on my rail bands.  Instead of answering the messages about the detail, here is a video that is worth a hundred words.
5 defined rail bands is usually enough to get the rail that I want.  Too many bands makes it hard to do the same thing on each side so I usually go for minimal but exact bands that are easier to do.
I only "sponsor" people that I like. It does not matter to me how amazing someone surfs because if they are not a good representative for my brand, my morals and values, I won't work with them. Luckily I have a great group of surfers to work with that makes me  proud to support and help. Contest shapes for my European (from Guadeloupe) team rider Leo Etienne who is awesome.... And absolutely rips.