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For 29 years, Kazuma Surfboards Hawaii has been shaping custom surfboards for the best surfers in the world.
What would you do with a Magic board?

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Rail screening 201.  Video answer to one of this mornings questions.
Longest shape in history.... Well not really but this one took a full morning to do. Micro grom boards are much harder to shape than a full size board and I enjoyed my morning without any rush.  Factory is closed Sunday so I am shaping as my morning meditation. 5'3"x17.135"x2" Milkman Jr
I shape every single board that comes out of Kazuma Surfboards Hawaii.  If I don't stay late (and start early) it won't magically get done, luckily I love to shape.
This morning I had a few friends having hotcoating issues. I am thinking that it must be weather related, probably a change in temperature. Try thoroughly shaking your surfacing agent and see if that fixes the issues.
Fun morning shaping session.  High performance shortboards for a 100lb grom and a 200lb grom (all surfers are grom when surfing) 5'4"x17. 125"x2" Milkman Jr and a 6'4"x20"x2.75" Milkman
29L beach ball or 27L shortboard.  The volume of your board has less to do with it than you think. My comparison might seem ridiculous but extreme examples put things into perspective.
She had a hard day today but she is a young 37 years old and has many good years left.
EPS Sucks.... Literally. Ema explains it all.  This board is compartmentalized and will only suck water in a strip 4" from nose to tail but that is enough to gain a pound in one session.
Watching Chaz shape and on the final screening a big air bubble is exposed.  It's been a long time since I have seen one but every time I do I cringe. One in a thousand is about the amount I get them. Another one for the reject pile. (how else does a shaper get a new board?)
I respect the hierarchy of the shaping world above all else and to have one of the true grandmasters of my craft acknowledge my dedication to perfection is something special.  What people do not know is that @rustypreisendorfer was a huge influence in my shaping.  His boards would have all the important specifications written on the stringers and I would spend hours memorizing the numbers and would recreate those boards that traveled across the ocean to get to my little island of Maui. It was a special time in my shaping development because this is when I developed my ability to see in 3 dimensions based off a simple set of numbers.
What is the typical sales pitch of Cnc shaping? Usually "accuracy" and "duplication". If a shaper takes these simple steps, part of that sales advantage is eliminated. (similar steps on the other critical parts) I am not here to say handshaping is better than cnc or the opposite, I am just here to show that what the public is led to believe (cnc is superior) is not actually true.  I personally would prefer a handshaped board from an experienced shaper willing to give me this kind of accuracy and detail with that "magic" touch.
This is for those who don't care about my last shaping technical post.  A clean 8'0"x22"x2.625" Mini that I shaped for my showroom.  I designed this for someone 68 to 75 kilos that wants paddling, stability and a super easy surfing board but does NOT want a long board ride and feel.  This one has a high rocker, triple barrel shortboard concave and thin rails and very thin tail. Chaz did the cool grom art to match the performance attitude of this board.