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For 30 years, Kazuma Surfboards Hawaii has been shaping custom surfboards for the best surfers in the world.
What would you do with a Magic board?

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Top secret tip that will change your shaping forever.  Well not really a secret but a great solution to a common problem.
11'3"D, might just be the best blank ever made. I have made magic single fin longboards from a stock blank like this one or magic Jaws Mega Guns using custom bent rockers and the centers cut out of them to make them narrower.  It would be easy to be afraid and overlook this monster blank but they are actually easy to shape. (if you have a shaping room big enough)
The most common thing I deal with when consulting shapers on creating a survivable surfboard business has to do with controlling  overhead. In many cases the biggest drain on profitability is paying for cnc services because that part of the process can be the make it or break it part of a smaller surfboard business.  There are a ton of factors involved that can justify cnc but let's start with what I was discussing this morning .  A shaper orders cnc cuts from me.  They usually drop off blanks, make the cad files, wait as long as it takes for me to get to milling them, they then come pick up the blanks and drive back to their shop.  The time lost in this process alone is one thing but think about how this kills your customer service?  Nothing is easier than just grabbing a blank and a planer and getting straight to work and making money.
I don't blow off my sanders.  Ever since I stopped trying to take care of my sanders by blowing them off, they stopped breaking down.  I believe that blowing them off with the high pressure air forces dust past the seals into places that dust shouldn't be.  Not a single trigger failure in 2 years when I once believed that triggers only lasted 3 months.  Anyone seeing the same ?
Testing materials is important so that I can be certain that my customers are getting the best product that I can make.  I don't cut corners or shop by price because in the end saving $10 per board is not worth the reputation of my product.  Here are some blank cutoffs that I am testing for UV stability.  You can see where I taped off part of it to see the difference after UV exposure.  Blank brand names have been hidden because it is not my intent to make one look bad over the other. There is actually another reason that I do this with materials that I regularly buy... Suppliers sometimes substitute products, have defects or flat out throw us known reject product and hope that we don't catch it.
Ema Kinoshita
Twin fin fishes. 5'8"x20.5"x2.3" 30L and a 6'4"x22.5"x2.7" 43L
When I am not shaping, I am dreaming of shaping.  Hard to believe that I feel this way after 30 years.
Present from a famous shaper, a spec sheet for my new board.... It is easy to perfectly handshape a board by numbers, in fact doing this is the final test for shapers training under me to reinforce the idea that we do not have to sacrifice accuracy when handshaping.  Freestyle shaping is fine but if we can't copy boards accurately then the cnc shapers have a strong sales advantage over us.  The handshaper should have no limits to what can be created and no problem recreating that magic over and over if needed.  What an awesome way to start off Father's Day (before the family wakes up)
A view of a fin box that you will never see.  I was helping a friend with fin box routing specifications and ended up with some beautiful pictures of surfboard building details that only a select few would appreciate.
For Hudson and for "Me" .  Small wave boards for 1 foot pavils lefts.. 4"5", 13.4L  and 6'2" 29L  The best part of shaping for micro groms is when I also get to coach them. When we are surfing together,  we are trading wave for wave and both of us are trying to achieve the same goal of maximizing the performance and consistency of our surfing.  The groms motivate me to keep my surfing skills sharp and my surfing motivates me to be the best shaper that I can be.
"Please show me how you get the finish of your eps scratch free"  This is the finish I get without any handsanding, nearly perfect.  Scratches in eps is not something that you need to accept as part of using this type of foam