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For 29 years, Kazuma Surfboards Hawaii has been shaping custom surfboards for the best surfers in the world.
What would you do with a Magic board?

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Sunday afternoon shaping should be relaxing but today I am going for the difficult shape. 5'3"x17.5"x1.875" custom kiteboard.
I use a variety of fiberglass cloth combinations to get the results that I want.  There is a much more to building a board than meets the eye.
Ever wonder about the difference between Hawaiian outlines and California outlines?
Perspective is everything, what is right or important for one person might not be for another.  I am lucky to be able to work with shapers from all over the world and it is interesting to see the differences in shape details from region to region or even surf spot to surf spot.  A surfboard may be just a surfboard but there is definitely an individual identity in shapes if you look close enough.
Doing some training with shaper Ian Blackmore of IBE Surfboards.  Yesterday afternoon we had an awesome 2 hour question and answer session where Ian got to ask any and all questions he could think of.  Nothing beats getting your hands on the tools to bring out the really important technical questions so tomorrow Ian gets to guest shape for me.
Busy Saturday morning
"How do you stay motivated after all these years?" The question of the day that has a few answers that change day to day. Shaping is meditation for me and I do my best thinking when I am a couple hours into it and I really start getting into a rhythm.
Simple but cool color design.
For Ola Eleogram 5'9"x18.875"x2.25" Milkman model.  Ola got his first Milkman Jr way back in 1995 and has helped me refine it over the years to the magical design that it is today.
Scrappy's new shorty and not as shorty custom shapes are looking sweet.  Not sure what to call them as they are completely custom. 5'9"x21x2.625" 33.6L and 6'0"x21"x2.625" 35.6L
Little Ema gets to hang and surf with all the superstar surfer's.  When Eli Hanneman is world champion, Ema will be happy that I forced her to take this picture😊
5'2" for Mark Richards. (Not this @markrichardssurfboards )