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Fact finding #2. Je kuna ulazima wa kusoma masom ambayo hayaendani na cozi husika katka ngazi ya juu ya elimu?
Fact finding #1 for issue 3. Je ulianzaje biashara yako? Ulipataje mtaji wa kuanzia? Wasaidie vijana mbinu mbalimbali wanazoweza kuzitumia . Best comments will be inside our issu 03 . .
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Heri ya kuzaliwa Mh. Raisi Dr John Magufuli. Tunakutakia Kila la kheri katika safari ya uongozi wako.
Our issue two was completed with @goodluckgozbert 's song.. Shukurani... All lyrics in our mag. Stay tune 4 limitless 3, t will b a new beginning
Happy birthday to our cover girl.. @batuli.mohammed .. Grow wiser, live long . may your dreams come true Dr.
James tupatupa had his comment about the mysterious African football... Where and how dow fail? What do we lack? Full story in our magazine, link im my bio...
James Johnson on tricks and secrets behind her long and lasting relationship
"I am always trying to make her 
smile.�".. Find out more in our mag. Lonk in my bio
Dedith Moses on tricks and secrets behind her long and lasting relationship "I am always fulfilling my relationship responsibilities.
Sometimes i dont want to do the same thing 
as him all the time but i do anyways. That means doing things like chores, or errands,or going to his stupid work 
party just because I know it makes 
him happy; and as his partner I am 
obliged to do that�"
How to make your relationship last long? Readers had to reveal their simple and secrets tactics that propel their relationships to go a distance.. All tactics are in our magazine.. Read now, link in mya bio..
Salmin saeed on over crowded mwendokasi buses.. "This is requires buses transformation. A bus 
should have a barcode 
reader for scanning 
tickets at the door 
and have a limited 
number of tickets that 
can be accepted. Entry 
and exit points at the 
station should be sperated 
to ease this transformation"
Jacquiline everest on over crowded mwendokasi buses.. "This is the hardest 
soultion for it 
requires changes 
in infrastructures. 
Stations should 
be able to detect 
coming buses and 
seats available 
as well as provide 
tickets according to the 
information available."