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Mubarak mohd on overcrowded mwendokasi buses.. "An officer at the ‘mwendokasi’ station 
has to check the limit 
of people per bus 
and has to say no for passengers who are 
about to enter the bus 
while it is full. Entrance and exit points should 
be separated to make this 
activity easier.�
Jacquiline everest, mubarak mohd and salmin sayeed came up with the best solutions towards issue one's social problem.. ,' overcrowded mwendokasi buses'.. What did these readers say? You can read our magazine and discover more!!
"My name is Hassan abdallah from Area c dodoma, I do journalism and marketing, 
this transformation may bring 
more opportunities to me 
since the in-out flow of people 
will be high in Dodoma.�" Hassan speaking about sgr project and its impact in dodoma.. U can read more in our magazine.. Link in my bio
"This transformation will help me to transport my products with a cheap price to either of the cities involved ".. Abdullah speaking about tech and transformation in Dodoma that will be brought by Standard gauge railway  project.Read more in our magazine.. Link in my
'' This transformation is splendid, finally i will be able to go to Dar or Mwanza and return back to Dodoma in the same day. Vivy speaking about tech and transformation in Dodoma that will be brought by Standard gauge railway  project.'' Read more in our magazine.. Link in my bio
"I can give all the credits to hardworking, whts left is planning and hardworking after having a dream," .. @ben.breaker had his tips to help others on their ways to success.. Full story in our magazine.. Link in my bio
Hongera @nelly_kazikazi , hongera @official_lindasamson151
Superstitions have been a part of sports since the beginning. Play-ers and fans alike have their ways of avoiding bad luck. Its another season and we are continuing with the same mystery of sports superstition and believes done by different famous sportsmen and women in Africa and the world at large.  Read our magazine now to discover them... Read now!! Link in my bio..
You can challenge yourself in Kb mag with some challenging and entertaining word puzzles... Play and send us your answers.. Correct answers will be given in the next edition.. Visit now!! Link in my bio
What went  wrong with African teams in Russia worldcup? What are the reasons behind? Read comments from users and edito-rial content to discover about the mystery of african teams in russia world cup 2018. Visit the link in my bio and read our magazine.
Many artists have taken up carving after retirement and for some reasons they have found themselves stuck at some points in their early stages of carving due to lack of experience. That’s why we have decided to reveal few wood curving tips and tricks that will ultimately sharpen your curving skills. Do you desire to learn about this artwork? Read our magazine now... link in my bio