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repost from our partners @campalandale Exposing the Lies
by: Jessica (JC Coordinator)
The name of the Junior Counselor  in this and all articles have been changed to protect their privacy
Dear friends,
Thank you all so much for your prayers for us here at Camp Alandale over these past few weeks! As I look back I am amazed at all the things that God has been doing in the lives of the campers and JCs.  As I've gotten to know/be a part of the junior counselors' (JCs) lives, I have been most aware of God exposing the lies of the enemy. 
One of my responsibilities as JC coordinator is serving as a mentor to a couple of the JCs and having one-on-one time with them throughout the week. One week I had Liana for one-on-one time. Liana is an outgoing, bold, no-nonsense kind of girl. She can be the total life of the party, yet underneath it all there are deep wounds which she was hiding in her heart. Liana struggles with her worth, and for some time has been believing the lie that she is unloved & unwanted, that her life isn't worth much, and that it would be better it she were dead. As she told me these lies with tears running down her cheeks, my heart broke and was angry at the enemy for feeding her these awful lies and using others (schoolmates/social media) to tell her that she should just kill herself. I reminded Liana of this enemy and that he was the source of these lies. I spoke God's truth of her worth and value to her and we prayed together at the close of out our one-on-one time. I continued to pray for her throughout the hours and days that followed.
God's response was beautiful and amazing. A couple days later, Liana shared with me God's answer. During her break Liana went to the river to spend some time with the Lord. The sky was overcast and gloomy when she arrived, but as she sat their pouring out her heart to Him and seeking Him in His Word and prayer, something beautiful happened - the clouds suddenly parted and light shone down on Liana and the river.  In that very moment she felt God telling her that He was with her and that she was loved. Liana's face was just beaming as she shared this experience with me, and my heart could only overflow with th
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