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Before and after 2 sessions | microblading
See her healed results before her touch up session a few posts back 😊
Microblading + Shading
Swipe to see her before! 》
First session, microblading with shading for the most realistic look. Cant wait to see how she heals!
Healed microblading before a minor touch up 😍
#healedmicroblading #healedpermanentmakeup
Fresh powder brows. These will heal 30-50% lighter and softer 〰️
Healed microblading strokes after one session 💜👯‍♀️
#healedmicroblading #healedpermanentmakeup
First session of microblading for these blondies 🌼
Clean, crisp healed strokes. ✒
Healed powder brows with fresh full lash enhancement 🌹
Healed powder brows with some full lash enhancement eyeliner 🎉
Healed powder brows, only one session needed 👍
To book, email

#healedbrows #healedpermanentmakeup
Fresh full lash enhancement eyeliner ⚡