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You have freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now, and nothing can stand in your way.🌼

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My Phamily 💜
My Phamily is better than yours 💜 #MuPhiSing2018 #TMEA
I’m so excited to announce that I received another Little tonight! Not only that but Michelle also received one. I’m a G-Big y’all😭 WELCOME TO THE FAMILY @lyndsealou AND @dreaaa_denise !! I hope Mu Phi gives y’all everything that it has given me and more! 💜
“Bed head is the best because it’s the closest I’ll get get to no heat beach waves” I️ tell myself with just slightly tangled hair
We had always talked about getting a best friends tattoo, and last night Taylor finally got hers to match with me and Rio. They my ride or die B’s.
I got an obnoxiously cute little💜💜