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20 years ago today, my mother gave birth to a fat baby and that fat baby was me. Since i’m stepping into adulthood, i’ve decided to post some pictures of me growing up instead of this year’s birthday cake.
Goodbye, teenage years. You’ve been fun. The things I’ve gone through during those years have taught me a lot of things; things that I can reflect to for me to become a better and wiser person. I’m thankful for everything that i have experienced. I’m thankful for everything i have. And i cant wait to check off more things from my bucket list.
2017’s last sunset. This year has been such a rollercoaster ride for me. Here’s hoping that 2018 will be good to me (and others. Everyone deserves a good year.)
What am I? A water-bender? Most probably. Who knows?
You know where that is
My expression when Snape is on the scene.
Udh lama kan ga photobox😂
Look at that identical hairdo tho. #tbt
The ones that make me laugh so hard. (Tidak full-team😭)
YOU GUYS!!!! Congratulations for everything, and thank you for everything. Hard work really do paid off. I'm so glad that I'm surrounded by the most amazing people. I remember those days when we would scream at one another and bring hell down to earth, but those screams and shouts and 'f*ck yous' are just the obstacles we have to get through to get to where we are right now.
"BEST PRODUCTION" is one well-received award for us. We deserve this. 'I earn this, everyday... I. Earn. This.'
"BEST FEMALE LEAD ACTOR" is for all of you.  This is not just mine, this is ours. This award is from our hard work, YOUR hard work. Thank you for trusting me. I am forever grateful!
2017 for 20-17A!🖤
And to the dream team. All casts and crews of this project. I am so very proud of our hard work. Those days, weeks, and months of preparations have paid off, and it paid off really well. The screams and shouts from one another were forgotten after the curtain closed. Thank you for the crews for making the process of the theater ran smoothly. Thank you for the casts for bringing Lise, Daimler, Commandant, the Guards and the prisoners&women to live and did it justice. Thank you for Intan, OUR director for the guidances to make us, ME, able to deliver the story. I'm very proud of us. 20-17A for 2017!
Never thought I'd love performing this much. The thrill before going on stage, my hand turned cold on stage, and after that first five minutes of performing, it turned to be an amazing feeling. Portraying a character from a script to live is surreal. It sure is the greatest experience I've had so far!
Thanks for watching me play pretend on stage. Also thank you for the flowers! My mom put them on a vase and they look so beautiful. I love you all so much, and thanks so much for all the support you gave me🖤