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Still not sure I want to post photos other than my feet @kelleyfeet

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Whoa hey, a regular Warriors starter actually played this game!
Let me remind you Thomas is listed as 5'9" and Iguodala is listed as 6'6"
Anytime something is self proclaiming "Pro" I assume it's amateur
Looks like Durant forgot to separate his whites when washing his shoes
Big Baller Brand
Kerr wants to know, "Have you got your tickets yet?" 💪
So Metta
Tony Robbins sat behind me and the whole game was saying things like "nice rebound", "alright guys", "great effort"... it's as though he can't NOT be encouraging.
Me when my husband comes home after working 72 hours straight. #LetMeLoveYou JK McGee kindly making sure he doesn't knock over Randle after the play
Tell me more about how little girls just like to play with dolls
With parents always on their mobile devices, guess what kids are going to do? How much do we miss experiencing life because we're too busy recording it and trying to share it with the world? (Irony not lost on me as I post this as you read it. I'm no better)