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Olympus Visionary @getolympus 📷
Photographing for @klcfotos and @usatodaysportsimages
I also take pictures of my feet @kelleyfeet 👣

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When the potential win -slips- away
Steelers fans were representing! Silhouette of terrible towels waving at the top of the stadium
Touchdown Raiders. I love that in the background can see Carr and teammates celebrating
Some sports photos at just the right angle, just the right moment, mean one player gets two two faces.
I wouldn't cover an entire game this wide but it does make for some fun mix-it-up photos with nice Cal logos and would be a perfect perspective if this was the game winning shot. Unfortunately it wasn't the game winning moment because they didn't win the game.
I could crop out the glow of Haas Pavilion lights in the background for a more "clean" and simple image, but I kinda like the way they frame the top of the photo and add a little interest without distracting from the action
Commissioner Larry Scott handing over the trophy after being audibly booed by fans of both teams.
Pick 6
When I was in college the cool kids "double fisted" beers not phones
You might see this and think "action photo" but what they are hoping you are subliminally thinking is: Raleys Raleys Raleys Raleys Raleys
Instead of big heads or thunder sticks, they gave fans pillows to distract Clippers at the free throw line. But if you give a group of adults pillows, they will pillow fight, because people are wonderful and silly.
You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out...