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Wildflowers and epic views on the Pioneers Cabin hike today. 😍 #lifepoints
Friends in high places @abtsj @pickybars 
This is great! 🇮🇳🌎 #plasticfreejuly
The garden is working! Kale chips for dinner, and a blueberry basil kombucha in the works. 🤗😛
When you're pulling weeds and find an entire salad 🥗 #dandeliongreens #eatyourweeds
Didn't get many pics of this road trip weekend, but here's one! Back home in Oregon
So it's been 1 year today since this wonderful day! Love you Brodie, happy anniversary!
Happy #plasticfreejuly (yes that's a thing, check it out 🌎). Here's some almond pulp granola 😍
The breath freshening mint fruit salad ❤️ #twofer
4 years ago today I was riding a subway through Yishan Lu station in Shanghai, China. I saw a little fuzz ball running across the aisle, picked her up and brought her home. And then to America with the help of some very good people. Best decision ever. Happy 4-year anniversary my little buddy! ❤️🎉🍭