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Happy camper. Dreams of chasing the northern lights, seeing a baobab tree, and celebrating a white Christmas.

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Batch 2. 2019.
This year is all about self love and healing.

This Sagay Regenarating Ritual, Movenpick Resort and Spa Boracay's signature massage, is exactly what I need now.

The heated sagays (shells) relax and rejuvenate. Thank you, Movenpick!
Sunset watching in an uncrowded beach. That's the Movenpick life!
What's your Wednesday afternoon like?

Also showing off my new obsessions - crystals. For now, my charms are in hybernation.
Sad news is I have to leave the island already. Good news is I'll be back on Tuesday.

Love you, Movenpick!
Spent another Valentine's in Boracay. Thank you for the new moments and new friends (and old), @movenpickboracay

See you again next week!

#wemakemomente #movenpickboracay
Bee fie!

Quick tour of Balete, Batangas' Golden Clover, which has been producing honey for more than 15 years now.

Did you know that Balete is the honeybee farm capital of the country?
Sunset watching at @limaparkhotelph 's Manakah with friends from the media who attended the launch of Plum Restaurant.

Grateful and blessed.
Gulay is life for me now! So, am the happiest with this new AirAsia initiative - farm-to-air! You guys are really awesome!
At the #MMFF2018 Gabi ng Parangal.

Congratulations #AuroraTheMovie for winning Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Design, Best Cinematography, Best Child Performer, and 2nd Best Festival Picture.

Christmas party season has not yet started for me, but I already achieved my hangover quota. Or at least that is how I feel or have been feeling for the past few days. My UTI really made a comeback, and it really made its presence felt. Aside from that feeling of always wanting to vomit, I cannot eat. So, when I vomit, it is mostly liquid. But, am a lot better now. No more high fevers. The brief hospital stay did wonders for me.  So, sorry for all the unanswered messages and posts. I really appreciate all your birthday greetings. Sorry also to all friends of @trailstoempowerkids if I haven’t updated you with posts, pictures, and vids. I promise to do that after I finish all my work deadlines. :-) And dear clients, patawarin nyo po ako! 
Pic for attention only. Hahaha! Thanks, Baby James!
This is how it feels now. I am floating in happiness.

Thank you for all your birthday greetings. Even though I can't go out and party because my UTI is making a major comeback, I think (we didn't have CR in the school), I am joyful. Bawi ako! Sorry sa lahat ng nag invite. 
I had a quiet celebration at home with the family. Am just waiting for @_leu.jenn to greet me, then the celebration is complete.

This, btw, is Tanudan River, which submerged the school we helped months ago.

Thank you for the vid, Uncle Benjie and for lending your phone,  Baby James.