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Happy camper. Dreams of chasing the northern lights, seeing a baobab tree, and celebrating a white Christmas.

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This morning, I discovered not the fountain of youth but something close to it.

Tried our birthday girl's favorite soup, which is Bijin Nabe or “beauty hotpot". The soup contains collagen from 
the highly-prized Jidori chicken, which is at par with Wagyu beef and kurobuta pork.

The soup helps in replenishing the body’s collagen supply, hence the moniker “beauty hotpot" (This was part 1 of our birthday surprise for Ruby.)
And it was called "Yellow"

Just a preview of how we celebrated a milestone I am very happy to be a part of.

Planning was a success! Yey!
Sea to Summit. 
Looking forward to my next adventure.
Happy Sunday! 📷 by @marylove_siy
Til next, Panglao!
Hello again, Panglao!
📷 by @teamoutoftown
With the new Philippines AirAsia CEO Ricky Isla.
Selfie with Tony Fernandes, Group CEO and founder of AirAsia.
AirAsia celebrated ASEAN Day with the launch of a new livery, in partnership with host country Thailand.
All play! No work!

Look how happy that slide at the RedQ made me. 📷by David
Wifi by @flytpackph #flytpack
Guess who owns this collection
Hello from the Red Deck. It is my first time here. It got its own herb garden, mini pool, basketball and futsal court, coffee shop, and massage area.

Red Deck is at the RedQ, AirAsia's HQ.

Connection c/o @flytpackph #flytpack
New look for @tunehotels and it was easy for me to find my favorite spot. Well, this plus the new bar. Hhhmmm. Maybe also the breakfast place.

Thank you for the connection, @flytpackph #flytpack