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‪Me and @haileesteinfeld hangin’ at @nbcthevoice preparing for #BattleRounds 🥊 🙌‬
I Don't Think About You' is the moment you realize something has no power over you anymore. We all have people and/or situations in life that mold us and sometimes those situations can feel like they're about to break us, but this song is about that morning you wake up and you don't even think about it anymore. It holds no power, no weight in your world, and consumes your thoughts no longer. It's a song about freedom, honestly.
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“No, No, No, I Don’t Think About You”
“After all that I’ve been through, nothin’ left to prove” 3/20
”It used to bother me, thought I could never leave”
“It was hard to hold on days and nights I thought I'd never make it at all”
“I feel freedom where I stand now and I feel proud of who I am now”
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✨ “When you’re lost in the moment 
You can’t see where you’re going” ✨
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Minute + a Glass of Wine #4 is here y’all! It was quite the day on Monday! We started with the Today Show and ended on the couch watching the season premiere of @nbcthevoice
This time we don't get to day drink 🍷 Catch me performing my new single "I Don't Think About You” on @latenightseth. Styled by: @cdicelove13 Hair: @robertramoshair MU: @gloglomakeup Kelly is wearing: Jacket and Jewls: @viviennewestwood Dress: @dolcegabbana Shoes: @aliceandolivia Photo: @weisseubanks
I will be live on Facebook tonight watching the premiere of The Voice with you! Can't wait✨! @nbcthevoice #VoicePremeire