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Happy 4th of July from The Blackstock's!! Thank you @brandonblackstock  4 the fireworks show & @weisseubanks for the rad video!
Over a decade after meeting Jon Stewart for the first time, still the coolest dude ever. #warriorgames @dodwarriorgames
Best chai tea latte I've had in years!! Love this place! Thank you #BeanstalkCafe #sanfrancisco ....and the cragels are amazing 😊🎉👏
My new favorite thing in the world ....Gol Guppa 🎉🙌👏😊 #chauhaunaleandmasalahouse #ilovethisrestaurant #nashvillefood
Happy Birthday to our smart, witty, & beautiful girl, River Rose! She wished for "pink forever" on her birthday 😂 Thanks @weisseubanks 4 the amazing pics!
Last bit of recording for my record!! #2017 #youaintready 😜🎉
Nothing more adorable than a big brother reading to his little sister 😊 #Seth&River
We found little baby goats on our property!! Thank you to the farmers next door! So stinkin' adorable! Fresh out the oven baby goat goodness!!
Snoring and all, she's the coolest girl I've ever known 😊
I just fell in love with Salma Hayek all over again 😂 she salsa dances to depressing ballads and was jealous of Elsa the dialect  app #Elena #icantstoplaughing she is hilarious and so unbelievably hot that it's upsetting! #jimmyfallon
Remember 9 hours ago, before I caught up on the news, I posted this photo of this book and said y'all should read it ....yeah, could someone pass this along to Donald Trump and his advisors. Cool, thanks. #concernedcitizen
Great book I'm reading right now! Check it out!