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Today we worked on brightening everything up! She did have a bad band about 3” from her scalp which still is a pain in my butt lol but I did everything I could and we still have to work on it next time. BUT that being said, look at how beautiful the tones turned out and cut! Love it! Ps. Of course I forgot a before so I’m posting what I do have of it LOL 💋
Seize the day! 🖤🖤 #happyhumpday
Hey love bugs, 
I just wanted to share a part of my life that some of you may not know. This is my husband, Tim 🙏😌🙌🏼. I decided to make a post about this man of mine because I wouldn’t be where I was today without him. He accepted me, saw the fight in me, and showed me... ❤️❤️ Ps. We met on tinder LOL 
Top Left: colored at home 
Bottom Left : First session going lighter 
Right: Second session 👏🏼
Happy Friday Hair Friends 🥰 #fbf
Warm balayage •• first round 👊🏼
Dear anyone who may be worried they’re not in the right place,

I started my hair journey almost ten years ago. I was fired actually from my first hair job and that killed me a little inside.. I was new to the industry, trying to learn and bam got the phone call. I took a couple months off decided to go back to school then applied at Sportclips. I ended up working there for almost five years. I got burnt out of the day to day men’s cuts. I was burnt out having to sell a certain amount of this or that.. I quit hair all together. For 2 1/2 years I worked in an office as an account manager. I then switched to a different company which I almost lost my mind at. I learned quickly sales were not for me. That job made me think hair again. I started back up with hair in 2017, I assisted, I listened, I learned. Here I am a little over two years later, loving my career and I seriously have the best clients ever. 
So, if you’re questioning yourself... follow your path! ❤️❤️
Look back at it 😋 #humpday
Happy Monday ••• in love with this Lob and color 💙
F u n  C u t 😊
Dark Chocolate to Milk Chocolate 🤤🍫
Summa time baby! We added in some low lights and some bright pops of blonde 💛