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Monday mornings needn’t be stressful.
An X-ray, here used to examine the root of the cause @kendrickview
Monday ✅
Partner at the practice @drandrewmcdonnell
We may be Dental specialists and not meteorologists but this doesn’t feel a lot like June!
39 London Rd
Nothing quite like an organised start to the week @kendrickview
Easy like Sunday morning @kendrickview Just enough time to recover from the sports results last night before the week begins. Happy Sunday!
Minimalism @kendrickview
Back at it after the Bank Holiday. Hope everyone had a lovely time!
Nice little Invisalign & Whitening case. Swipe to see the rest. Drop us a DM or visit our website to get in touch and arrange a consultation.
“You don’t have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep.” Very sage advice @kendrickview