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Vegan Sioux chef, artist, writer, developer, PDX. I like to travel, cook, ride my bike, and make art.

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I feel restless in this cold, staring out into the bustling of the world spinning on, seeing the trees differently at this height -- at this age of being.

I came to be in a world
where no man will teach another man 
to fish, because we all buy our
fish at the supermarket,
While our women are out on the boats
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Eating candy on the MAX, how sweet.
Hacking away and watching Mr Robot. #runtimeerror
Took the command center to work. Now I've got a machine that can handle testing in three operating systems at the same time, and it will allow me to play the games with the coworkers. I feel so much better with the added real estate. #roomtoplay
This is what happens when you push a feature live to 6,000 concurrent users and you don't cache the query results on each request. The alpaca has a look of shame for me but all I can see is CUUUUUTE!!
Sometimes when life is going well - incredibly amazing even - I can feel a sense of fear that it isn't true. Sometimes when life unexpectedly becomes so enjoyable, I fear that it is unexpected because it cannot be trusted. Life has not been great to me on this planet, and those who were supposed to be there for me and share their love for me ended up failing me when I needed them the most. It's unfortunate for us all that my second thought about the wonder and beauty in this world is to believe that it must be a cruel joke, a lie. My deepest pain is then thinking that it must be a lie and that I deserve to be fooled, that I deserved to be abandoned as a child and I will once again be abandoned as an adult. I'm constantly afraid that just around the corner I will find out how much things are going to change in my life and who is turning their back on me. I worry that I will never figure out how to just enjoy this moment of love and peace.
Halloween is my favorite holiday season. Fall is so beautiful.
"The sight of the missiles nearly made her sick..." - /u/MelonKony
@unrealaltj played one of, if not THE, best show I've ever been to in Portland last night! @bishop._briggs opener was incredible!!! #wherethewildthingsgo #pleasedontgoiloveyouso
Waking up is hard to do sometimes when you can't see the love laid out before you. While expectation is the root of struggle, surprises are the carriers of hope. 🌹