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Wedding Bumps!!! Continued tradition from my in wedding 2012 😅

@tannerdstone @fatgab @chasedeggy
#hardttostone ... I'm not the only brother-in-law now!
Had fun last week when PEEIN Ian @ian_leitch came to visit the interior!
Worked out with my (80 years young) Grandpa today! 👊
Just under a year ago @carleeait and I were driving from Toronto back to Western Canada. We stopped in at a GoodLife in Brandon, Manitoba for a workout.
Did this:
5 Rounds:
14 Air Squats
1 Reverse Jump Squat onto Treadmill
200m Reverse Treadmill Walk/Run. .
Try it out and post your time to comments!
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June 4th 2008, Carlee's 20th Birthday! Still in the friend zone at this point (last few weeks 😉), hard to tell in the picture - maybe I was just pumped because the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup that night. Love you forever beautiful friend/wife ♥️♥️♥️! Happy Birthday!! Let me know what being in your 30's is like 😗😗😗
♥️ @carleeait
♥️ @tcsc_naturalstrengthcrossfit
Good times hosting Ontarian friends on the #westcoastbestcoast !
First time boarding after a six year break!
Some summer fun!! @truenorthaxe
After three years, this past weekend was my last coaching in Markham. @carleeait and I are heading back West and we are excited for the next chapter of our lives. My goal as a coach is to make a lasting and positive impact on the athletes I work with - as competitors and personally. I met some great people that will be missed! Pretty awesome my group pitched in to hook me up with my first ever pair of Nike ID shoes - they know me well!
Happly 5th Wedding Anniversary @carleeait .. 9 years together total 💘💘💘💘❤❤❤❤❤