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Owner/Coach @tcsc_naturalstrengthcrossfit
Head Age Group/Head Masters Coach @swimkamloops
Husband to @carleeait
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Good times hosting Ontarian friends on the #westcoastbestcoast !
First time boarding after a six year break!
Some summer fun!! @truenorthaxe
After three years, this past weekend was my last coaching in Markham. @carleeait and I are heading back West and we are excited for the next chapter of our lives. My goal as a coach is to make a lasting and positive impact on the athletes I work with - as competitors and personally. I met some great people that will be missed! Pretty awesome my group pitched in to hook me up with my first ever pair of Nike ID shoes - they know me well!
Happly 5th Wedding Anniversary @carleeait .. 9 years together total 汳會汳會汳會汳倪擘笶、笶、笶、笶、
Congrats to the most beautiful DC ever! Soon to be snappin' necks and cashin' cheques! 沽會汳ク笞
Happy Birthday to the best wife/friend/soulmate/partner on the planet #29andfine 沽昨沽夸沽
Double life as a swim coach and a strength coach... ~20-26 hours of weekly training time all need to be accounted for and programmed. My planning space is anywhere I can pop open a laptop!

#Plan2Win #ConsciousCoaching @TrainHeroic @Sorinex @Cal_Strength @PowerAthleteHQ @Plae_US @Coach_BrettB
汳 #honeymoonstage4lyfe @carleeait
After being cooped up inside all day I was very disappointed to realize it had been snowing. Had to change quickly and do some shoveling before heading to the gym ! Double tap this video and it will play in non-reverse!竢ェ竢ェ竢ェ #rewind #haterswillsayitsfake  #gainingfollowers #gainz #rewindnation #snapchat #yyz #ihatesnow #wintersucks
The GREATEST OF ALL TIME.  #patriots #tombrady #nfl
Brought in 2017 the right way - at a major sporting event of course! #centennialclassic #nhl #redwings