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No, this is not an April Fools joke. We go way back like bad church directory pictures. Happy 56th birthday to my favorite girl. ❤️ ya, Cyn! #MOM #1993
Things we did — THAT...about 6 years ago. Happy birthday, Liam. 🖤 #MarvelUniverseLive #blackpanther (Pic by Kenji of @creative_concepts_photography)
Every day is an adventure with this guy. There is never a dull moment or any rest to be had. It’s been 6 years full of fantastic memories and we’re almost certain that there is room for a million more. For now, here are some 2018 moments leading up to today. Happy 6th birthday —Liam Brooks. You’re the piece of the puzzle that completes our world. 💙 🌎👦🏾 @li_i_am_
Kaden —along with 62 other junior students in AA County (private & public)— was a part of the Capital Gazette 2019 High School Most Outstanding Student Achievers. He was honored at Anne Arundel Community College for his scholarship, leadership and community service service, thanks to recommendations from his counselor, administration and staff at Southern High. 
Proud! (And I wasn’t ready for the pic 😂)
‪Happy birthday to my cousin/(god)sister — @rashajaymusic! I may miss a few beats every now & then, but she never does 🎵🎶. Go ahead and gift her a download of her latest single, ‘Red Coat’:‬ (link in bio)
✌🏾, 38. 👋🏾, 39! Happy birthday, Ian. Even though I’ve only known you for a short time, it seems like forever. Thanks for being a great Dad, awesome husband and matching my crazy. My gift to you is my presence; you’re welcome! Love you. 💙
Happy birthday to my BFF! We can talk every day or not for 2 weeks and still never miss a beat. You’re the sister I never had, but will always have. You’re the “check on your strong friends”, “you need anything” and “stop by if you want some food” type and for that, you’re a real one. Thanks for listening, laughing and loving. Enjoy your day, love. ❤️👸🏾 🎈 (I’ll have your “shangles” wrapped up for you when I see you 😂)
Been spending A LOT of time with this girl right here and she’s taught me so much. First, love yourself. Second, be yourself. Third, people change...and that’s okay. Lastly, everything will be okay. ❤️ #OldNewMeWhoDis
Science National Honor Society induction 🧪 🧫 🧬 👨🏾‍🔬👏🏾 #AACPSAWESOME #NSHS #studentathletes #StrengthHonorSucess
To “my boys”: Great season!
Thank you for making me forget the days the temperature was 90 degrees and the days it was freezing with rain. You played through it all with no complaints.
Thank you for providing me with entertainment by celebrating in the most creative ways, giving me something to laugh about. You deserve to be proud of your victories.
Thank you for keeping me on my toes (or off of them when I leaped for joy) with exciting and unpredictable outcomes during intense games. You somehow found a way to bring it.
Thank you for allowing me to capture just about every move you made this year, by video or picture. You deserved the shine that our small school sometimes never gets.
Thank you for showing me that soccer is, and has always been, a real sport. You endured pushes, being “cleated”, bruises, falls, sprains, scrapes, slaps, breaks, holds and all levels of physicality while still playing through it all.
Thank you for giving me confirmation that it’s not the size of the dog/school in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog/school. You held it down for Southern.
Thank you for allowing me to be, not only a spectator, but also a fan. You all made me proud. I’m honored to have been a part of your journey.
Best of luck, everyone!
❤️, your Social Media Mom @shsdawgssoccer 
#BLUEandGOALS forever 💙⚽️💛
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What a difference a year makes! 2017 vs. 2018