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Science National Honor Society induction 🧪 🧫 🧬 👨🏾‍🔬👏🏾 #AACPSAWESOME #NSHS #studentathletes #StrengthHonorSucess
To “my boys”: Great season!
Thank you for making me forget the days the temperature was 90 degrees and the days it was freezing with rain. You played through it all with no complaints.
Thank you for providing me with entertainment by celebrating in the most creative ways, giving me something to laugh about. You deserve to be proud of your victories.
Thank you for keeping me on my toes (or off of them when I leaped for joy) with exciting and unpredictable outcomes during intense games. You somehow found a way to bring it.
Thank you for allowing me to capture just about every move you made this year, by video or picture. You deserved the shine that our small school sometimes never gets.
Thank you for showing me that soccer is, and has always been, a real sport. You endured pushes, being “cleated”, bruises, falls, sprains, scrapes, slaps, breaks, holds and all levels of physicality while still playing through it all.
Thank you for giving me confirmation that it’s not the size of the dog/school in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog/school. You held it down for Southern.
Thank you for allowing me to be, not only a spectator, but also a fan. You all made me proud. I’m honored to have been a part of your journey.
Best of luck, everyone!
❤️, your Social Media Mom @shsdawgssoccer 
#BLUEandGOALS forever 💙⚽️💛
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#soccer #BulldawgPride #Bulldogs
What a difference a year makes! 2017 vs. 2018
3-0 win against #1 seed Patuxent. La Plata up tomorrow.
“Our game plan worked to a T or to a Kaden, who did a fantastic job of holding their star players to nothing but frustration tonite.” -Coach

My son is a great teammate. That’s all! 
Great job, @mr_kb1! #soccer #Bulldogs #playoffs #soccermom #teamwork #win #defense
We’ll both take our 15 minutes of fame...especially if that’s all you’re giving us 🤷🏽‍♀️ 😎 I LOVED Kaden’s effort tonight. #soccermom #soccer #paparazzi
First (conference) game of the season and look who got his first goal — my boy! Great win, @shsdawgssoccer. 💪🏾💙💛⚽️ #oneteamonemission #soccer #shsdawgssoccer
Happy birthday to my sister-cousin who I spent all my childhood summers with. Thanks for being a listening ear, sharing your wonderful parenting wisdom and having a heart as big as your crafting bin. You may not be awake past 9 PM (I’m sleep tho 😴), but you’re always available when needed.  Enjoy your day. Love you, always. ❤️
My mild child & my wild child. Complete opposites, but the same amount of #SONshine. Wishing my Junior and kindergartener a successful, exciting and memorable school year. ☀️🌎💙 #backtoschool #firstweek #firstday #AACPSAwesome
GIVEAWAY: Last week, a group of influencers and I gathered at the @verizon store located in Baltimore for some back-to-school tech talk. We agreed to “own the school year” by incorporating technology that was efficient & effective for our family’s needs. #brandpartner #AD

Now, it’s your chance to do the same. Verizon is giving away a GOOGLE HOME MINI and a MOPHIE BATTERY BOOSTER. Want a chance to win? Here’s what you need to do:
(1) Head on over to the original post on the Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom FB Page (link in bio) :
(2) LIKE IT 👍
(3) Leave a comment with a back-to-school tech tip (ex. restricted screen time, wi-if turned off, no phones pass certain time)
(4) Tag me (@Keonte) in your comment to let them know I sent you.

GOOD LUCK! {thanks for the opp. @dipaolamomma}

Open to US, age 18+. One winner per household. One winner per blog (that’s a great chance of you winning).
“BLOOM where you are planted.” 🌸
Happy Father’s Day, @iharvey80! We couldn’t do this thing called “life” without you. I love you...we love you!
🧔🏾👦🏾👶🏾👩🏾 #fathersday
Liam ran in his first track meet today (I wasn’t expecting it to be a comedy). He ran the 100m dash in the 5/6 year old group & the 200m dash in the 5/6/7/8 year old group. That 200m did him in. He said he’s done. But, he’ll be back. 🏃🏾‍♂️#trackandfield #LifewithLiam #running #recsandparks #FutureDawg