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Violin. Sometimes sing too. Four Seasons disc was Album of Week on Classic FM. Disc with LSO no. 2 in Classical Charts. Orch leader on @Adele tour

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L O N D O N 🎄👉I have 2 spaces left!👈🎄 I am teaching some free one on one classes this Friday in Covent Garden. I will pass on what I have learned about the magnificent healing properties of essential oils. 
I know many of us are trying to find a more connected way of living, and these little plant medicines are an excellent tool in your belt. If we all learned a little more about the art of healing, and supporting our bodies, we could stop bothering those hard-working doctors so much. (And there would be less chemicals from the pharmaceutical industry collecting in our bodies and seeping into our soil).
You can try these oils, I can point you in the direction of good books and resources, and I get to pass on the joy of sharing an oil with a friend. No pressure to buy anything, just to learn 😁. I have spaces at 1.30 and 3.30. These oils are ethically sourced, beyond organic and from a company with a huge philanthropic heart. 
If you want to escape from the Christmas madness, come and sit with me by a candle and get reconnected with nature.
#HealerInEveryHome #essentialoils #doterra #ethicallysourced #tested #awardwinning #healing #sustainableliving #savethenhs #health #wellbeing #heart #connection
🌟Further thoughts on perfectionism🌟: 1) Only God is perfect 2) It is when  perfect becomes an "ism" that there are problems. Most words ending in "ism" are not good; (terrorism, sexism, rheumatism...) 3) The Latin word 'perfectus' came from 'perficere' which just means 'to finish' 4) Shakespeare used "perfect" to mean to have an inner knowledge or certainty; e.g. "I am perfect that the Pannonians are now in arms". 5) Perfection is not an absolute state. The phrase "more perfect" has been used for centuries, including in the US Constitution, suggesting 'perfect' can be improved upon; "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect union..."
(I hadn't prepared any Bach or Paganini for an encore, but I had just flown in from Scotland, so I played some simple Scottish tunes instead). #perfectionism #tofinish #innerknowledge #wethepeople #moreperfectunion
I think 👉P E R F E C T I O N I S M 👈 is trying to kill me. This sneaky aspect of the ego likes to keep a running commentary in my head telling me "you could have done that better, you shouldn't have done that, you should have done THIS". It can be so destructive. On stage it distracts me from playing from my heart ❤️ and tries to trip me up. It's ultimate goal is to make me give up. But I am not going to let it win! I am going to endeavor to stay centered and not listen to that critical voice. I performed the Sibelius Violin Concerto a couple of weeks ago in Vancouver. I was freaking out about a 10 second passage. But I decided HOWEVER BADLY I played it, I was going to share it on social media, instead of finding the best sounding passage. Because that was checkmate for perfectionism. However it turned out, I was still going to share it AND THAT WAS SO LIBERATING. And, guess what, I actually enjoyed that part and it turned out nowhere near as bad as I thought! #godisfunny #seektheheart #destoytheego 👆
🌿V E R I D I T A S 🌿 Some people have asked me recently why I have become equally passionate about using essential oils to heal mind and body, as I am about music. Well, I stand in good footsteps; those of Hildegard Von Bingen (1098-1179). I knew her as a composer,  and Christian mystic and visionary. But it turns out she wrote a book about plants with 200 chapters how to use them to heal mind, body and soul! She is my hero. She was so curious about diverse subjects and mysteries.  When she was my age she was made head of her convent. Although I am not quite ready for that yet (!), I am learning from her wise words. She used the word "veriditas" a lot, which is difficult to translate but it's root may be the two Latin words for "Green" and "Truth". One translation is 'the greening power of God", which she saw had to be cultivated in the land around us and also in our bodies and souls. When one consumes a healing plant, this divine power is transferred from the plant to the human and it becomes a moment of "viriditas". She talks about how frankincense, basil, myrrh, rosemary, oregano and clove oils, can heal different ailments ranging from toothache to lung problems. And now science has taught us the constituents of these plant oils, it shows she was totally right!. (I think we can disregard the part where she says earache should be treated by placing the heart of a weasel in one's ear.)
Isn't she marvellous?! Here is one of her songs sung by my friend Grace Davidson: 🌷
#hildegardvonbingen #green #truth #plantpower #healing #God #music #powerofnature
Remember my magic £200 violin? It was just a beginner's violin that came with a free bow and free case. I played several concertos on it and some people thought I had borrowed a Stradivari again. Everyone asked whether I had done something special to it, and I said no. Well, THAT'S NOT TRUE!! I had it blessed by this incredible lady. Doña María Apaza, aged 91 and the last living Incan High Priestess, of the Q'ero Nation in Peru. Part of her initiation was getting struck by lightning. TWICE. During a private healing session, she blessed my £200 violin. She calls upon the spirit of the mountains and the elements of nature. And of course this would have an effect on a musical instrument made FROM A TREE. (The blessing also involved hitting it with part of a dead goat.) Come and experience the blessings of this powerful lady at Day Of Inner Peace on Friday in Los Angeles! There will be breathwork meditation, prayers, music, and a gathering of the kindest people I know. 👈 #innerpeace #highpriestess #violin #blessings #lightning
Sibelius Concerto. West Coast Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Bujar Llapaj. #highnote #Vancouver
Playing the Sibelius Violin Concerto in Vancouver this evening. Get to do it again tomorrow in Christ Church Cathedral. @westcoastsymphony #ViolinConcerto
My thoughts on our current political situation are best expressed by the words of Paul Weller in 1985. "You don't have to take this crap.
You can actually try changing it. 
Governments crack and systems fall, 'cause unity is powerful. Things can change. 
WALLS COME TUMBLING DOWN!" #nomicrophone #givemeamegaphone
We thought this old phone box might be for time travel #phonebox #nophone #scotland
This old phone box seems perfectly Coal Porter-sized. Great reaction in Glasgow and now off to Strathpeffer #bluegrass #tour #Scotland
Olympics here I come #archery #nevertoolate #olympics
I just woke up in a 13th century castle in Wales! #coalporters #tour #Wales #violin #fiddle #music