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Fiddler and knitter. Album of Week on Classic FM. Solo disc with London Symphony. Orch leader on @adele tour. Love my ukulele. LA/London

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Was fun playing this solo in Long Beach Arena yesterday, at the Final Fantasy Fan Festa! #videogames #finalfantasy #ffbe
Oh phew. I was in need of some guidance. And a good parable or two. And yes, that’s my screensaver. #jesuswithme
🌿In the Middle Ages students were encouraged to twine sprigs of rosemary through their hair to stimulate their brains👩‍🎓. Now modern science 🔭 has confirmed what Shakespeare knew: Rosemary really IS good for memory. Scientists found that sniffing rosemary can increase memory by 75% 🙌 “There's rosemary, that's for remembrance -- pray you, love, remember" (Ophelia in Hamlet)
Science geeks 👉Rosemary essential oil contains a compound called 1,8-cineole which may act in the same way as the drugs licensed to treat dementia, causing an increase in a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine👈

NHS doctor Robin Fawcett says that DoTERRA’s Rosemary essential oil:
🌿Supports healthy immune function, 🌿Supports the entire respiratory system 🌿She also cleans her kitchen and bathroom with it and adds it to her pasta sauces and hummus! 
I would also add:
Apothecaries sold it to remedy "affections of the head caused by wine" 🤣 Would you like me to send you some? I LOVE getting these DoTerra oils into people’s hands and witnessing the changes.

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The bathroom of the Sketch club in London. I enjoyed peeing in a pod. #sketch #london #peeinapod
Thanksgiving fiddle fun @essentialmedicina @harmoniousessentials #fiddle #devilsdream #violin
My new Great-Nephew, Reuben. My niece is having babies, which makes me....old 🤣
Current reading: “Every time a civilisation reaches its moment of crisis, it is capable of creating some higher type of man. It’s successful response to the crisis depends upon the creation of a higher type of man. Not necessarily the Nietzschean Superman, but some type of man with broader consciousness and a deeper sense of purpose than ever before. Civilisation cannot continue in its present muddling, short-sighted way, producing better and better refrigerators, wider and wider cinema screens, and steadily draining men of all sense of a life of the spirit. The Outsider is nature’s attempt to counterbalance this death of purpose. The challenge is immediate, and demands response from every one of us who is capable of understanding it.” Colin Wilson in Religion and the Rebel #philosopher #writer #religionandtherebel #superman #consciousness #theOutsider
Jam in the local pub . #cornwall #pub #letthemysterybe #jam #fiddle #guitar #slideguitar #bass #strings
Took a charanga (charango?!) down the local pub for a jam. And played some Bob Dylan. Never play an instrument you can’t spell #charanga #charango #peru #instrument #stringinstrument #jamsession #violinist #fiddler
Reading the books my uncle wrote. There’s 100 more... #philosophy #consciousness #theoccult #Jung #theoutsider #mysteries #novels  #nonfiction #music #adriftinsoho #sciencefiction #spiderworld #themindparasites #rudolfsteiner #colinwilson #religionandtherebel
Will someone please explain why they banned this for being “too political”. As far as I can see, NO political party is doing anything real to stop the production and sale of palm oil. So, sadly, this is not a political issue at all. 
For once we could have been shown something at Christmas that wasn’t entirely materialistic. Instead of turning Jesus’ birth day into a commodity, it could have been used as a moment to inspire us to change for the better. Whether you believe Jesus was real or imaginary, surely the whole point of his creation was to inspire us to escape our greed and laziness and make big and brave changes for the better? So this is exactly the kind of thing we should be watching at Christmas. 
Link in bio 👆
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My Granny’s favourite uncle was killed in action less than a month before the end of the First World War. She lovingly preserved his last few letters: 
12 October 1918 - "We had a very comfortable time in cattle truck with our rations for pillows...The Hun cleared out of this place about seventy-two hours ago and I guess he is still running as hard as he can go. I feel quite happy and you need have no fears about me. I am as safe as houses and looking forward to seeing you all. Hope you are keeping well and not worrying about “Ole Bill” Cheeri oh for the time. Your loving son, Bill”

13 October 1918 - "The Major himself is an absolutely fearless man. I do not believe he would let anybody else go where he would not go himself. I admire these men more than I can make you understand in words.” 15 October 1918 - "I am hoping to spend Christmas at home or in Kaiserland, in other words the war will soon be over." 16 October 1918 - "The great thing is I'm as fit as they "make 'em" and as cheerful as a Cheshire cat... It is pretty hard at times but we make the best of it. Tonight I am out on a job again, I've got to face the music, but before I do our guns are knocking the stuffing out of everything in front of us... I have no fear at all, and up to now I've come through quite a lot of hot stuff. I feel pretty honoured to think that the Major has selected me for the work. But you can rely on me not taking any unnecessary risk Dad. The work I am on has to be done and in a given time, and my duty must come before everything else … in less than 3 months from now I shall be home on leave, and my word we will have a good time." 22 October 1918 - Telegram from Colonel I/C R.E.Records, Chatham: "Regret to inform you 2nd Lt. W.F. Bennallack, 446 Field Coy R.E. killed in action 17th inst. Lord Milner expresses his sympathy." 7 November 1918 - Telegram from Keeper of the Privy Purse: "The King and Queen deeply regret the loss you and the army have sustained by the death of your son in the service of his Country. Their Majesties truly sympathise with you in your sorrow." 11 November 1918 - Armistice signed. 
#wewillrememberthem #peace #firstworldwar #soldier #frontline #ww1