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Electronic music artist/producer/singer-songwriter-pianist. Expert in banging on pots and pans. Redhead.

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How beautiful is this?!?! Do want.
Baby’s first (second, technically) analog synth... and, quite possibly, the gateway to (modular) Narnia... 😻😻😻🎹🎧
Home away from home 🇮🇹😻
Staring into the ocean
How long before I’m taken by the undertow?
If you go to San Francisco and don't photograph the Golden Gate Bridge, did you even go to San Francisco?
I could go looking for the perfect shaker sample, or I could just make one using an every day household staple... ☕️
Welcome to my sanctuary. It's very modest, and there's no incredible gear (or mood lighting) in there yet, but never in my career have I produced a song (at least in part) more than 3 feet from my bed. So, this is basically one of the happiest days of my life. 😻🤘🏻
This is becoming an annual tradition. Not mad about it. My metal voice was weak in comparison to last year though. Need to work on that. 
#birthday #birthdaygirl #cardsagainsthumanity #metal #ps818
Practicing Chopin led to a new song idea. Oops? 😈
Btwz ICYMI my new jam is out on bandcamp. Link in bio. 🐣