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@puma #IGNITE Limitless SR
Mad night at the @pumafootball future event with @squadrons__ All sorts going on! 
@kreptandkonan had man wearing studs in the mosh pit ffs 🚑
S/0 @pazzt1 getting megsd with his legs closed, @xander.77 s/o you too keep em closed 😂😂 #WhoWasTheNoNonsenseDefenderInTheMoshPit? #PumaFuture #NewLevels
Next round !!! #Tigers ⚽️🔶⬛️ #BarbersShoutMe
The New #PumaOnes! @puma @pumafootball #NewLevels #KS93 ⚽️💫
@phil.coutinho Best of luck in your new Chapter!! Its was inspiring playing with you ⚽️💫🔴
@squadrons__ Christmas special preview vid 🎄😂😂 Subscribe and stay tuned for tomorrows full episodes! Link in bio #Squadrons 🎥⚽️
Fun day with @squadrons__ & @hiddentalent004 ‘s @midomaintain aka ‘The Destroyer’ Stay tuned for the full episode to find out why 😂 #Squadrons 🎥⚽️ @pumafootball
@squadrons__ Preview Vid 3/3 🚨 😂
Go onto our YouTube channel to watch the full vid! Link in Bio
We’ll get better at intros I promise 😂😂
Full Episode out this Sunday! 🎥⚽️
#Squadrons #2017
One of @squadrons__ recording days to forget 🎥⚽️ I don’t know what sport @psince95 & @2_cees were playing 🤷🏽‍♂️ #ThomasCook ✈️ #LasVegas 😂😂
The @Squadrons__ are coming 🚨 Sneak-peak 2/3... Episode 1 is near. 
Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel & follow on all social media 🎥⚽️
Info in bio, we’ve got a lot to come! #Squadrons #2017 @forrestfilm
@squadrons__ Full episodes coming soon! Make sure you subscribe to our channel! Link in bio #Squadrons @forrestfilm
@Squadrons__ Me & my friends New YouTube channel launching soon... stay tuned! 🎥⚽⏳#Squadrons #2017