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Steel City Shootout 
Format:  Tournament
Caliber:  9mm only, 5” barrel maximum
Ammo: Frangible ammo required, purchased from Keystone Shooting Center
Provided:  Handguns, magazines, Food, Fun and Frivolity 
Cost:  VIPs & Corporate Members-FREE
Non Members-$59.99 
The inaugural Keystone Steel City Shootout is a tournament type format that will be held on Friday October 26th and Saturday October 27th. There will be 4 steel target stations to clear and a bonus target for everyone that clears all the targets. The 4 target stations require a minimum of 23 shots to clear all the targets. You must shoot from the designated area for each target station. Stop by anytime on Friday or Saturday for your 2 rounds, shooters will fire in the order they arrive. 
The winner will be the person with the lowest adjusted time. There will be a penalty adjustment for each uncleared target, so it will be possible to win without clearing all the targets. The maximum time limit is 2 minutes for shooting your 3 magazines of 50 rounds total. Timing will begin with the first shot and continue to the final shot. In the event of a jam we will compensate so that no one is penalized for one of our guns jamming.
You may shoot the course twice and we will take your best score. 
Keystone will provide 4 rental guns for use if you do not wish to use your own. A Glock 19x, Glock 17, Sig Sauer M17, and a Sig Sauer 320 will be available for use. You may only load 50 rounds in 3 magazines (17 rounds, 17rounds, and 16 rounds into the 3 mags). You may shoot your 3 magazines in any order. You may also bring your own handgun if you like, but you are not allowed to use higher capacity magazines that the aforementioned setup. We want to equalize the playing field as much as possible. 
We plan to have practice sessions all day Wednesday (October 24th) for shooters desiring to brush up a little. If you are a nonmember then your practice range time is included in the cost of the tournament. Stop by anytime on Wednesday for your practice round, shooters will fire in the order they arrive.
Keystone Shooting Center invites you to a bloody wedding. The zombie apocalypse has broken out at the brides reception and she’s turning into bridezilla. It’s your job to exterminate the diseased guests so the bride can live her happily ever after.....Or will she?
Ladies Night is tomorrow! Bring a friend and have some fun.
The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 packs a lot of firepower in a compact package! This Battleship Gray model is a pistol featuring an SB Tactical brace for supported shooting. We also have standard pistol and carbine versions in stock.  Stop in and check one out today!
Having a gun is important. Keeping it secure from unauthorized access is just as important.  The Hornady RAPiD Safe keeps your firearm safe but also quickly accessible through keypad and RFiD technology.  Now at KSC, all in-stock models are 25% off. While supplies last!
Ok Steel City! Are you ready to have some fun? Stay tuned and sign up for our indoor steel target tournament! This timed event will test your skills using the steel plate target rack, dueling trees, and the Texas Star among others! Competition will be a catered event and will include prizes for the top shots! Sign-ups will be open to both members and non-members but slots will be limited. Stay tuned as the sign-up period and event date will be released early next week. Please share!
BEWARE: Living Dead! It's your mission to eliminate the retched zombies, so join the extermination team today. REMEMBER: Kill shot to the head! $29.99  per 1/2 Hour $10 for each additional person or $49.99 per Hour $15 for each additional person. Premium members and Corporate members are free. Visit for more information or call 412-357-8000 for reservations. Walk-ins determined by availability.
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Hone your skills with games and challenges in out TI Simulator!  VIP and Corporate members are free. Call to reserve a spot or just walk-in for availability. #gameon #challengeafriend
Situational Comprehension, free to Realtors this month!
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