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Legend. Icon. Queen of Soul. Rest In Peace Aretha Franklin! Your legacy lives on.
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60 never looked better. Happy Birthday, queen #AngelaBassett 👑!
Prayers for the Jackson family 🙏🏾
Come thru @goapele!! #YouBetta •
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At 40, I told myself I would do a swimsuit photo shoot on a tropical beach. I would embrace my body and my age, unapologetically. All my life I’ve been looking for reflections and examples I can relate to and I’ve had to find my own ways to define beauty. I accept myself as a work in progress, always striving to keep evolving.  It’s a journey: As a black woman, a mixed chic, daughter of immigrants, ‘round the way hippie who grew up in Oakland and Berkeley, roots still in Soweto, and descendant of German Jews. I’m a rebellious, loving spirit, a silly, sexy, moonchild, and an Artist who’s shy and courageous all at once. When I first started putting music out, although I was vulnerable in my lyrics, I wasn’t comfortable exposing myself in my imaging. I was concerned that if I let my guard down, I’d be objectified by men in the industry and judged by other women. Somehow I woke up the morning of this photo shoot feeling open. The Caribbean waves hit my legs and the sun warmed my shoulders and I was ready to mark this moment. Learning to love and accept myself as is, is an empowering and humbling adventure. #Livingmybestlife  #thisis40 #Allofme #seizethemoment #swimsuitissue #nofilter #puntacana #summerishere #shorthairdontcare
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Tuh-Night!!! Get your tix!
Did you see #SolarEclipse2017? 
C-Foxx got some #SunGazing in today! #Tulsa
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How's your team looking after the #NBADraft? 🏀 #TJMS is looking pretty good. We've got #ErnestThomas & #DanielleSpencer from What's Happening!! on Monday @8:50ET & they're joining us at the AllState Tom Joyner Family Reunion. See you on Monday, bc it'll be here in 20mins. #FlyJock
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Love you Boos @kymwhitley @sherrieshepherd - Tomorrow my man @damonwilliamscomedy is in the #TJMSFunnyChair & my girl @jacquereid goes #InsideHerStory at 8:16ET
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@damonwilliamscomedy got us in trouble today with @real_sharpton over that viral selfie. 😂 Find the full audio on the site. [Link in bio] #tjms
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Tell em' Syb - Tomorrow on the #TJMS my boos @sherrieshepherd @kymwhitley are back with #blackmomsmatter & the hilarious #jerrodcarmichael from @thecarmichaelshow joins us @8:50AM ET #nickiminajchallenge #nickiminaj #SybilWilkes