Mainly caters in CS-STEAM Activities i.e Robotics, Aircraft Making, Game Designing, Circuit Coding, 3D Printing, Stop Motion Animation.

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A time for celebration,
A time for victory of good over bad, 
A time when the world sees the example of the power of good. 
Let us continue the same ‘True’ spirit. 
Wishing you all a very Happy  Dussehra! 
#vijayadhasami #happydussehra
KTC team Trial&Error bagged 2nd position at the WRO 2018 MUMBAI REGIONAL.... National s here we come.... #wro2018 #kidstechieclub
#drone #dronecoading
This is a 3D printed object which is an optical illusion. From specific angles the same object spells out the words "YES" and "NO". Exciting and creative designs like these can be made easily and printed in our 3D printing club. #3d printing #kidstechieclub
Here is one of our drones.Students learn about the electrical elements, the aerodynamics and also flying in our drone designing club.They will understand the physics behind flying a drone and also learn about different uses a drone can be put to along with its advantages. #drone #kidstechieclub
This is one of our robots that has a variety of sensors like touch sensor, ultrasonic sensor and colour sensor attached to it. These sensors help the robot detect obstacles in their path or recognised different coloured objects and sort them. #robotics #kidstechieclub
This is a 3D printed Queen chess piece. Students get to design their own unique chess pieces in our 3D printing club. #3dprinting #summerworkshop #kidstechieclub
This is a 3D printed object printed designed using a modelling software. Students learn how to convert any 2D image into 3D and then simply print it. #3D #3dprinting #kidstechieclub #summerworkshop
This is Monkey model which uses gears to make the monkey's arms move so it can move across the rope.#wedoprogramming #robotics #kidstechieclub
Here we see the inside of a revolve model which uses gears and pulley systems to cause revolutionary motion using WeDo 2.0 programming for its motion. #wedoprogramming #robotics #kidstechieclub #summerworkshop