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With the passing of one of the world’s greatest quantum physicists, Stephen Hawking, it is of utmost importance that we carry on his legacy and passion for science. This, we are dedicating our upcoming KIDSORTED STEM Event on 20th May at @sciencemuseum to him, in hope that our future generation will carry on the good work that Hawking’s pioneered! Photo/quote taken from @stephen_hawking_
With KIDSORTED’s STEM event coming up on 20th May at the Science Museum my kids are getting more and more interested about STEM subjects . So we had a super excited future CIA (Children’s Intelligence Agency) Agent receiving her @detectivedot Top Secret Agent Package in the post. Ready to crack missions using code!
Would you know what to do when a child chokes? No? Then join @first_aid_stepbystep Friday 16th March at 9.30am at @saltloungewesthampstead for a 2-hour intense course covering all aspect of first aid with focus on kids.  BOOK tickets through:
Need a pep talk to start the week? I think you are amazing! I love the work your are doing! I wish you the greatest success, health and love. Need more encouragement? We are here for you:
We now introduced Marketing Monday’s on our local FB groups and IG. So go ahead and let us know how amazing your business for kids’ service and activities is! Write your comments here and tag other amazing businesses.
Quote of the day! @scribblercards . Have a great Sunday everyone!
Happy Mother’s Day. I hope that everyone will have a great time with their family today and that all the mums of the world will be treated extra special. Would love to hear what you are up to today or if you have any special ideas.
And we keep the inspiration coming today! #internationalwomensday
Happy International Women’s Day! We can do it and more!
Thank you @jennyscottmm and @mothersmeetings for putting together a fab and honest talk about healthy eating for babies & toddlers. Fantastic tips and we are loving the new Organix snack range and @cherryhealey listening to your tips was pretty entertaining
If you don’t succeed at first, try and try again. Wishing you all a successful week and like our stuntman here, learn from your mistakes, get up and try again until you succeed - Your KIDSORTED team
Oh yes... it’s Monday again! And after a literally slippery (see snow in London) week last week I am determined to make this week awesome! And so should you!!