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""In captivity, all male orcas have collapsed dorsal fins as adults, which is a sign of an unhealthy orca. SeaWorld claims that this condition is common and natural for all orcas. However, collapsed dorsal fins are caused by the unnatural environment of captivity and are rarely seen in the wild. Only 1 to 5 percent of male orcas in some populations (and none in others) have fully collapsed dorsal fins. Lincoln O'Barry of the Dolphin Project tells Billboard that Styles called out SeaWorld in support of the organization, which was featured in the Academy Award-winning film The Cove. According to an article on the Dolphin Project's website, Styles became passionate about dolphins and the issue of them being kept in captivity after seeing the film. In September 2012, Styles tweeted about The Cove, and two years later, he announced his support of the Dolphin Project on Twitter. Williams, who attended One Direction's San Diego concert, is also a supporter of the Dolphin Project.

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Orcas at SeaWorld spend most of their time floating listlessly at the surface of the water with little to no shade from the hot blistering sun. In the wild, orcas spend up to 95 percent of their time submerged and would find shade in the depths of the ocean, but at SeaWorld their tanks are far too shallow. Their deepest tank is 40 feet deep—not nearly deep enough to give them a reprieve from the harsh elements. Because of this, orcas have perpetual sunburns, which are shielded from the public eye with the help of black zinc oxide, which matches their skin. Although zinc oxide is also used as a sunblock, orcas almost always have sunburn before it is applied. #killerwhale"

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: "What an amazing encounter 😍
Too close for comfort? Definitely would’ve taken me by surprise 😜

@johnnyvanuck set out to see if he could find the whale that has been feeding in the area for the last few days. His heart started racing when he saw small fish swimming to the surface in a frenzy, he knew it was close. 🐋
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"Finally some action will be taken for Lolita. Thank you @mayorlevine!" Via @allaboutdolphins
From @369xvegan: "🌌🐋🙏🌌 Orcas are supposed to be wild and free in the ocean but, being held in captivity in a depressing tank and then exploited to entertain ignorant audiences !? How do even abuse a devine creature like that !? How sic and demented are people to profit from this !? Are you really fucking kidding me !? SeaWorld & all Sea Parks should be ashamed of themselves to treat beautiful earthlings like that !!! #fuckseaworld Fuc SeaWorld !!! #fuckthesystem #veganforlife #vegan4life #veganasfuck 😢😢😢💔💔💔😡😡😡 Ride in Paradise Beautiful Tilikum 🌌🌌🌌🙏❤🐋🌌🌌🌌 #riptilikum #tilikum #blackfish
behind the scenes (Frozen Planet)

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Take your time to watch this Beautiful photo from @slatermoorephotography
"The game is over for the seal. 
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Video from BBC"
Thank you so much Sønderjylland 
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And some pictures and videos from bird watching
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Dolphin calves are born after long gestation periods inside their mothers that range between 11 and 17 months.

Calves stay with their mothers for several years video by- @nuttynulty"
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This was Hugo's home for 2 years. He was captured in February, 1968 from a small bay in Puget Sound. A female captured with Hugo was shipped to a New York aquarium, where she died seven months later.

Hugo was about 23 feet long when captured, which means he was in his early teens, much older than most of the captives. He was placed in a tiny pool that is now the manatee pool at the Seaquarium while plans were made for construction of a larger pool about 100 yards away. Construction was completed about the time Lolita was captured and delivered to Miami in September, 1970.

For the first few weeks after Lolita was put in the new tank Hugo remained in the manatee tub for fear they would fight. But they were members of the same family and shared the same calls, so instead they called to each other repeatedly through the air all day, every day. Lolita was given her name because Hugo seemed to want to mate with Lolita.

Hugo and Lolita at Miami Seaquarium

Hugo and Lolita performed their daily routines, but on many occasions Hugo simply refused and acted aggressively, according to one of their first trainers in 1970. His dorsal fin soon flopped over. He repeatedly bashed his head against the wall and against the viewing windows. He broke several windows, once nearly severing the tip of his rostrum, which had to be sewn back on.
Clips from news and Miami seaquarium" 
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