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BLACKFISH (Never forget Tilikum)
When you look into their eyes, you know somebody is home.

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"Transient killer whale T02C breaches with her calf, T002C2.
Photography by Nick Templeman." Via: @orca_advocate
"Breathtaking footage of a killer whale breaching right in front of a boat in Costa Rica. Orcas and all other cetaceans beach for a number of different reasons. The most common is to inform others of a specific desire or simply, as a form of play. The animal will quickly pick up speed near the surface and leaps out of the water, exposing up to 90% of its body.
Video: Bailey Brown 
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Thanks for your information @brendonbissonnette: "J26 “Mike” has been catching fish non-stop on our last few sightings of him! It’s always fascinating to watch such incredible displays of power. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for his youngest sister, J50 “Scarlet.” Last night, she was a mile away from the others on her own (as is increasingly usual) and barely surfacing. At some point you have to ask why all that is being done to ‘save’ the Southern Residents revolves around everything except recovery of Chinook salmon..."
On February 13, 1996, Icelandic female Freya gave birth to her only living calf at Marineland Antibes in France; a male named Valentin sired by Kim II. Freya had previously had two stillbirths prior to Valentin’s birth, and proceeded to have two more stillbirths afterwards.
Valentin was very close with his mother and half-sister Shouka before Shouka was moved to America. He could often be seen performing with his mother, Freya, but didn’t seem to care for interacting with the public at the underwater viewing area.
As he grew, Valentin’s dorsal had remained somewhat straighter and more erect than other captive males, possibly due to Marineland Antibes large 11 million-gallon tank complex for the whales. He was also known for a strange marking on his chin. It is unclear what it was, but it had been present for many years and did not seem to get better or worse.
Valentin is also believed to be the father of Keijo, a calf born in 2013 to Valentin’s half-sister, Wikie; meaning that Valentin would be both Keijo’s uncle and his father. However, Keijo seems healthy and appears to be doing well.
On June 20, 2015, the park was dealt a heavy blow when Freya died suddenly after a long battle with an unknown illness. Since Freya was the matriarch of the Marineland France park, it was unclear how her death would affect the social structure of the remaining 5 Orca. The fact that Valentin had been closest to his mother was particularly worrying, as wild male Orca sometimes don’t fare well after their mothers death.
On October 3rd, massive flash-flooding devastated the south of France. It also wiped out nearly 90% of the filtration and electrical systems at Marineland, causing many of the parks animals to die and turning the Orca tanks a murky greenish-black color due to mud and various other debris, possibly including toxic chemicals and substances like gasoline. It was soon learned that Marineland, despite having been flooded and closed in the past, did not have any emergency plans.
Caption: 56-Blackfish
Video via @thealphafemale_
"Thank you earth 
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Clips from 
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"Who love white sharks? 🦈
Follow @savetheoceanwildlife for more 💙.
Video by @mikecoots" 
Via @savetheoceanwildlife:
"Maybe he just wanted a belly rub? Hope I didn’t hurt his feeling by calling him stinky but they acquired the nickname “stinky minke” for a reason. Viewed while aboard @newportcoastaladventure" 
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"Goodnight everyone 
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"Incredible audio and video footage from @taslishaw ・・・
Two things are featured in this video that are not typical of Bigg's killer whales: high-energy surface behaviours and vocalizing. These two things are infrequent in this population presumably because both would decrease their chances of successfully hunting (marine mammal such as seals have excellent hearing and are always on alert for killer whales). Although, with the incredible numbers of these whales in the region as of late, we have been witness to more socializing, surface active, and vocal Bigg's killer whales, possibly more than ever before in recent history. This video is living proof!
All footage shot within the last week.
The big belly flop at the beginning is T065A2, followed by T036A1, T049A, and the little firecracker that is T036A3 (who was vocalizing at the peak of every breach!!).
The recording is of a post-kill T036As and T099s

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"Video&caption found via @sharksneedlove Serious stuff, watch til the end... With over 53% of all living shark species living their entire lives more than 200 meters below the surface of the sea, there's in fact only a handful that are considered apex - White sharks, tigers, bulls, hammerheads, and makos (to name a few) are indeed top predators, and should be treated as such. We don't need to pretend their not dangerous, we don't need to act like they're not a threat and we certainly don't need to dominate a creature that was here long before us, almost attempting to rob them of the 'top predator' title, that they rightfully deserve.
These apex sharks are serious animals and guess what, that's ok! I'm no longer justifying their presence or motives. Seriously people, humans are not on the menu, I mean Jesus can you imagine if they were? 
Video: 📸
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Lovely moment 💙video by @dolphindronedom: "Moment after moment, memory after memory, the Blue Whales off the coast of San Diego continue to amaze. Here’s the video that almost never happened because my hands were shaking so much while filming the encounter! Love how this baby Blue Whale still dwarfs my 21 ft boat!"
We are in an exponential technological growth period right now with new gadgets popping up daily along with devices designed to make our lives easier, if not better. The latest tech to be given an overhaul in the past few years is holographic technology, something that has been visualised many times in movies, but not so much a reality.

When holographic stickers first came out, people marveled at the brilliance of something 2D suddenly visually transforming into 3D when tilted at just the right angle. Since those early days holographic technology hasn’t really progressed in the way we had hoped it could, eventually being put back on the shelf to collect dust. There are no decent R2-D2 type robots spewing out holograms of Princess Leia in the middle of your living room, and there are no business meetings taking place with holographic board members sitting around a table. However, those days might not be too far away thanks to awesome 7D hologram technology .

7D hologram tech is moving forward at a great speed and already entertaining crowds all around the world with some awesome digital displays. We’ve already brought people back from the dead and resurrected the likes of Tupac at Coachella, but maybe there's a better use for 7D holograms, and people are catching on.

For years people have been petitioning against capturing animals and locking them behind bars for human entertainment. Apart from petting zoo’s where you can get close to animals and stroke them, visiting a mainstream zoo is very limited viewing. You pay for your entry, you buy some snacks, and you can only look at the animals from a distance or behind a glass screen, you’re not going to be rubbing a lion’s belly anytime soon right!

So, what’s the difference between seeing a real animal at a distance and a holographic animal? Well actually today there’s not much difference at all! 
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