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Calisse 🌶😢
One shot and one line from my quick stop @sunsetparkperetol✌️🇦🇩
#andorra #henrikharlautsnowpark #gopro #goprohero6 #karmagrip #frenchpop
Couldn’t have started 2019 any better than this! Skiing @sunsetparkperetol with @coline_balletbaz and @hharlaut. The two happiest skiers I know 🙌🎿😁
#goodvibesonly #henrikharlautsnowpark
First night cruising @sunsetparkperetol  was soooo fun! Can’t wait for tomorrow! It’s a dream come true for me to ski here. YES IM A PARK RAT 👻😁✌️
#henrikharlautsnowpark #andorra #dreamcometrue #parkrat #skiing #gopro #goprohero6
In 2018 I realized my BIGGEST DREAM of going into SPACE 🚀🚀🚀
Oh well 2018 you were tough but I learned and I grew 🤷🏻‍♀️✨ Tackling 2019 smarter and stronger 😄🍾👊
#happynewyear #freshstart #unknown #gratitude #aslongasyoukeeplearning #tothemoon
🎉🎉GIVEAWAY TIME🎉🎉 let’s finish the year on a good note 💃🏻
I’ve teamed up with @rxbar to giveaway 3 variety pack!! These bars are my favorite go to snacks when I’m in the hill 🙌 Since I don’t like to break the flow of my skiing with a big lunch the RXbar is great at giving me the energy I need! It’s packed with great protein and good carbs. I LOVE THEM. Don’t miss out on your chance to get them for free! Here’s how:

1- Follow me and @rxbar
2- Tag a friend in the comments that’s would love these bars!

I will pick 3 random winners. Contest ends Jan 1st 8pm EST.

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Peace out @woodwardcopper ✌️☹️ I’m sad to leave I was having sooo much fun! Thanks for everything, I’m pumped on the seeds I’ve planted this week! Excited to nourish them. Can’t wait to be back 💃🏻😄🤙⚠️
#WoodwardCopper #allthefun #progression #rollerblade #woodward #coloRADo
I did not make finals @stubaiworldcup today 😔 I did two speed mistakes 🤦🏻‍♀️ run 1 on jump 1 and run 2 on jump 2. To many people me not making finals today probably seems like the same as the last couple years. For me it was totally different, everything about this week was different, my attitude, my positivity, my excitement, me not getting upset at the bad weather, not getting upset at the long and chaotic training line, not getting negative after not landing my first run. I really felt in the zone and I was super confident I was going to land my second run! I really saw myself in finals 😤 yes I am frustrated right now, I’m not going to lie! I do have lots to build on and couple things to learn from this week. To everyone that has been giving me their support, I really gave it my all this week! I was the Kim I hadn’t seen in a long time it’s a real bummer the result doesn’t reflect that ✌️💛
Thanks for this sick 📷@lauraobermeyer
French Canadian Sandwich 🇫🇷🇨🇦🇫🇷 #punintended
Day one of training started rock n roll in the wind but things cleared up and had lots of fun!! Starting to find my flow and looking forward to tomorrow! 😄💃🏻
Also, I learned a new French expression today, Ça caille = y fait frette (en bon québécois😜) = it’s freaking cold ❄️☃️
#lovefrance #stubaiworldcup #austria #allthefun #skiing #doyourbest #withasmile #maytheforcebewithyoualways
On my way to the first Slopestyle World Cup of the season! I’m excited to put the bib back on!
I do need to be honest with you all. Back in June, even if I had all the results needed, @freestylecanadaski decided to kick me out of their program for the second time of my career! The first time was in 2013 and their reasons were since I blew my ACL both in 2012 and 2013 well I had no results and my knees were done. This time around I’m too old and done. Not a podium contender anymore. If I had listen to them the first time I would have never experienced some of the biggest highs of my life! I got to be an Olympian, not once but twice and, in 2014, I got to bring a bronze medal back to Canada 🇨🇦❤️ If they thought I’d listen to them this time around they were living in a fantasy 😉 Can I promise things will end the same way this time around? No, I can’t. I’m heading into the unknown. What I can promise though is that I’ve been working just as hard if not harder this time around! The progression is crazy so my mind and heart really needed to have a chat.
It went like this:
Mind: Hey heart, I’m very confused with this one, how do you feel? What should we do next?
Heart: Hey mind 👋 happy you are checking in. Listen this what I think..
-If you succeed and get back on the podium! You’ll be over the moon 😁
-If you fail, an unfamiliar territory, yes it will be hard and you will be sad but I know you’ll get through it and you will learn a lot about yourself in the process.
-But if you don’t try and you have to live with “What if I had tried?” That question will haunt you for the rest of your life. It will “kill” you.
How does that sound?
Mind: Thank you heart, you’re always my best guide and you are right! I’d rather try and fail than simply give up!! Let’s give it our all! Let’s go out there and ski because it’s so fun and we love it ❤️⛷
That’s it ✌️
#letsdothis #doingitbecauseiloveit #zerosupport #itsrough #believeinyourself #olympian #teamcanada #skiing #listentoyourheart #myjourney #everythinghappensforareason
Heading back to Europe tomorrow!! Can’t wait to be back in those breath taking mountains!! 😱🏔😍
Thank you so much @m2performancenutrition! I love my new crop top 😄💃🏻 To celebrate nothing better than a pull-up PR 🎉 7 reps!! Or maybe 6.9 after review 🙈🤪
Either way I’m stoked! I’ve always been known for a weak upper body but last year I’ve put the intention that I was going to change that but then I broke my collarbone. From a broken collarbone a few months ago to a pull-up PR that’s something to be proud of! Also ever since I’ve started working with M2 I feel overall the strongest I’ve ever been and I’m loving it! I just wanna get stronger 💪😁
#m2performancenutrition #thankyou #eatlikeanathlete #bringinthecarbs #foodisfuel #coachesthatcare #shereallycares #loveyouKeags 💙