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designer of stamp and die line-Sincerely Yours. paper crafter. send love💌send cards.

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today’s play session with my new gouache paints. love the vibrance! I have a lot to learn, so many boo boo’s on this. but I am having fun!
I have news on my blog today. Change is never easy, nor is it a decision I make lightly. Wherever my path goes in this life, I always choose gratitude. I am forever grateful for every opportunity that I have been presented with. Each one has brought new skills and people into my life. All of which have made me part of who I am today. Here is to the next adventure, whatever it may be! 💗 Link in my profile if you want to know more.
illustrating tonight. enjoying a quiet evening at home. with the whole family. it’s really nice. nothing special, just together. it’s good.
First off, could these be any cuter?!?! Secondly, they mean so much to me because a friend of mine designed these! She is sweet and dear and so kind. We “met” a year ago during a challenge online. We were both new to our iPads and enjoying learning how to letter and illustrate. Her style and kindness caught my attention immediately and we clicked! She has taken a bold step and launched her own store! I could not be prouder of her! She has cards, paper pads, stickers, pins, and more. Follow @lovedanistudio to find out more. You will quickly see her heart and then love her products even more! Love you, friend! 💕
it’s only two weeks into the new year, but has anyone kept their resolution? pretty sure I failed mine day one! ha! tried to make the hand lettered word appear broken...not sure it works. but I am working on done over perfection. #hollydoodlejan #procreate
lightbulb for tonight’s #hollydoodlejan prompt. Why can I only hear Gru from Despicable Me saying that?! Lol! I am such a big kid when it comes to movies! What are your favorite types of movies?!
today’s #hollydoodlejan prompt was scarf. I drew a scarf and my son said, it looks like it is from a melted snowman. So, I went with that. Always things I like and things I do not like. Love the tassels. Love the plaid. Not loving the overall shape. Lots learned so it’s a win! 🧣#procreate #hollypixels
stamp, die cut, and emboss with the @wermemorykeepers Mini Evolution Advanced Bundle debuting on @hsn tomorrow! It’s the special of the day during their 24 hour craft day! Pretty clever! Pretty cute little machine too! shopping link in profile. #hsn #wermemorykeepers #minievolutionadvanced
drawing something when the prompt is the word “new?” well, I was stumped, so I made the word all fancy and stuff. #hollydoodlejan #procreate
illustrating a clock for the #hollydoodlejan challenge. thanks for being so supportive and liking my illustrations. it means a lot to me as I explore new skills! and I will share paper projects as they happen. most are a secret right now, which means good stuff is on the way! #procreate #handlettering
I hope that 2019 finds you following your dreams! #handlettering #procreate
I like this version muuuuch better. But why is the word “happy” so darned hard to letter well?!! Lol!